Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 9th November 2021 Episode starts with Kabir and Soni asking Amrita to spend time in the penthouse, Pritam is already downstairs. Angad says it won’t be right. Kabir says we can at least do this for Amrita, Pritam is also family now. Angad says done, take Amrita upstairs, I will get few things. Amrita says let me go inside and see once. Angad says 5 mins, you will like to live in the penthouse.

She recalls Karan. She says your brothers are also mad like you. Angad and Kabir come and take Amrita to the penthouse. They see the same candle light table arrangements. She recalls Karan. She smiles seeing the decorations. She asks why did you keep wine bottle here, I can’t drink. Angad says its fruit wine. She says smart boy. He asks her to live her life and feel the old moments. He says we will stay outside. They go out. Amrita smiles and thinks of Karan.

Soni sees Pritam sleeping. She sits near him. She recalls how he saved her. She covers him with blanket. He wakes up and holds her. He asks what were you doing. She says I saw the blanket slipped, you were shivering, so thought to cover you. He asks her to go, he can take care. She goes smiling. He says I m fine in my penthouse. Angad and Kabir see Amrita talking to Karan.

She says congrats, you have become a dad, our baby just looks like you. They smile hearing her. Pritam comes upstairs. He sees Angad and Kabir. He says why are they looking inside my room. He asks what are you looking inside. Angad says stop. Pritam says its my room, why can’t I go. Kabir says stop for some time. Angad says Amrita is inside. Pritam asks what is she doing inside. He sees Amrita talking to imaginary Karan and celebrating. Amrita says I m very happy and wanted to celebrate this moment with you in this penthouse, Kabir and Angad fulfilled my wish.

Angad says Karan and Amrita used to come here, its their personal space, she was missing him a lot, so we got her. Kabir says we wanted to ask you, but you were sleeping. Amrita says everyone is so happy, even the tenant, his name is Pritam, everyone thinks life has come back home, can you feel our happiness, I m upset, you stay much away from me, you don’t appear, are you annoyed with me, don’t be, you are the support of my loneliness, I miss you a lot. Pritam, Angad and Kabir look on and cry.

She sees Pritam at the door. She comes out. Pritam stops her and says don’t go, you can sit there, I will go. She says no, sorry, I should have not come in your room, I had my memories here so I had come, forgive me. He says don’t go, you can sit here as long as you want. She says no. He says past should be lived if its beautiful, you are lucky that your memories are so beautiful and sweet. She asks isn’t your past beautiful.

He says past has sweet and bitter memories, I have more of bitter memories. Angad asks why are you saying so. He says yes, memories are bitter. Pritam says no, some sweet memories are also there, but faded, forget it, you live your moments. Amrita says I have lived it, thanks. She asks Angad and Kabir to come. Kabir asks Pritam to sleep downstairs today. Amrita says yes, don’t take risk today, you need support. Pritam thinks you love your past so much, what are you, I didn’t see anyone like you. She thinks you hate your past so much, what are you. He slips on the stairs. She holds his hand and shouts careful. He says I m fine. Angad asks her to go to the room, they will get Pritam. She goes. Pritam looks on.

Its morning, the goon sees Amrita and the baby. Guneet gets fruits. Angad says this is puja items. Guneet says pandit will come at 11am. Nimmo says ask Amrita to get ready. Amrita says I have to change, Soni is with the baby. Kabir comes. She asks why do you look in tension. Guneet says he would have something on his mind. Angad asks Kabir the matter. Kabir says nothing. He thinks Shetty didn’t call me, shall I call him, no. Pritam says I m going for a bath, its baby’s Naamkaran today.

Kabir asks how will you take a bath. Dada ji says come, I will give you a bath. Pritam says no need, I will take a bath myself. Soni goes to see them talking. Everyone smiles. Dada ji says if you are ashamed of me, then Angad and Kabir will give you a bath. Angad says I won’t. Kabir says I will help. Pritam says no need, I will take a bath. He goes for a bath. Dada ji asks him not to apply soap to his foot, else he will slip. Angad asks him to leave Pritam on his own. Dada ji says he is already injured. Pritam looks for his underwear. He says did it fall outside. He calls out Angad, and asks did my underwear fall outside. Goon sees the baby.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amrita says my baby’s name will be Ansh. Pritam says congrats, your life will be successful if you become half like Karan and Amrita. He gives a toy to the baby.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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