Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 3rd November 2021 Episode starts with Angad coming and seeing Amrita. Kabir asks him to come soon. Angad thanks Amrita. Kabir, Angad and Pritam have their drinks. Kabir says Pritam is like an elder brother, it looks like we are with Karan. Pritam says I m not anyone’s brother, don’t get senti.

Kabir says yes, you got Amrita to the hospital on time. Pritam says thanks has tired me up. They laugh. He asks them not to thank him now. Rathi’s goons come there and see Pritam. Angad asks Pritam to tell about himself. Pritam jokes and tells them. He asks what do you want to know about me, I m not a suspense novel, even Amrita wants to know about me. Angad asks where is your family. Kabir asks why didn’t you marry, your kid would be going to school by now. Pritam gets up. He asks did we come here for this.

Angad says we won’t ask. Kabir asks is it any love story, one sided love. Angad says so you are an angry Devdas. Pritam sees Rathi’s men. Angad asks him to sit and drink now. Pritam says one has to drink lesser and enjoy. Rathi’s goon keeps his gun there. Dada ji asks Guneet to hear a joke. The men also drink at home.

Soni sees them and goes to tell the women. Nimmo and Biji recall the day and argue. Amrita laughs. Soni asks them to have a quarter today. Nimmo says no, I want to hug my Karan. Amrita says this Karan is mine. Soni goes to check the door. Dada ji does shayari. Mansoor comes home. He also does shayari. Dada ji asks him to come. He says I have become a great grandpa. Mansoor says I have become that, Guneet has become Dada. Kuljeet says I have become Nana.

Baljeet says this way, you have lived a lot. Dada ji asks him to shut up. Baljeet greets Mansoor. Mansoor says sit, don’t go, drink. Dada ji says he doesn’t drink, but asks me to drink. Mansoor says he used to order kababs with wine, he used to drink and I used to eat kababs. They laugh. Mansoor asks for Amrita. Dadi asks him to come and meet Amrita. He says congrats. Amrita greets Mansoor. He says congrats, I m very happy today.

He sees the baby and blesses him. Dadi asks what did you get for the baby. He jokes that she got old. He says I got a gift for my great grandson. He gives a 100rs note and says it belongs to him, I had Karan’s 100rs note with me once, I was waiting for this day to return it. He cries seeing Karan’s pic. He asks Amrita is she happy. She nods. He asks do you have any problem with Pritam. She signs no. He says I scolded him a lot, he didn’t spare Santo/Dadi also. Dadi says we have forgotten it. He says call him, I will explain him again. Amrita says he went out with Kabir and Angad to party. Soni asks party?

Pritam drinks a lot. He asks for the baby’s pic. He says show it to me, this party is for him. Kabir shows the pic. Goon stares at Pritam. Pritam smiles seeing the baby’s pic. Soni asks Amrita to see Dada ji and Mansoor’s shayari competition. Amrita puts the baby to sleep. She says I m feeling Karan’s Ansh. Pritam says Rahul. Angad asks who is Rahul. Pritam says I just said it. Kabir takes the phone. The video call connects to Amrita by mistake. Soni answers. Amrita and Soni hear the conversation of Pritam, Angad and Kabir. Angad asks why are you so happy.

Pritam says you know how it feels to take a baby in arms, like a cotton ball, like hugging a part of cloud. Kabir asks how do you know. Pritam recalls Rahul. Amrita says Pritam has given words to this feeling. Angad asks how do you know about it. Pritam says I drink and say anything, we can drink one more and then go home.

He orders three child beers. Angad says very smart. Pritam says don’t complain to your Bhabhi. Kabir asks are you scared of her. Pritam says no, she always shouts on me, she said I didn’t say sorry to her, did she say thanks to me, no. Amrita hears them. Soni says its right, you didn’t thank him. Amrita ends the video call and dials back. Pritam says she is spying, she will ask what are we doing, how much did you drink, what am I doing. Amrita asks Kabir to get Pritam in frame. Kabir asks what happened. Pritam says I m drunk. He takes the call. She asks what did you say. He says nothing.

She says you said I m spying on you, you are making my Devars against me by getting them drunk. Pritam says no. Angad and Kabir smile. Pritam says you are making it an issue. Amrita says don’t feed them more. Pritam says they aren’t kids, I didn’t get them to get polio drops, we came to party. They laugh. Amrita says I made a mistake, I will say it now, thank you. She ends call. Pritam says what was this. The goon aims at Pritam’s leg. Pritam moves his leg. The jug gets shot. Pritam turns and sees the goon.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pritam fights the goon and asks who has sent you. The goons beat up Pritam. Angad and Kabir hold Pritam. The goons flee.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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