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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 29th October 2021  Episode starts with everyone looking for Amrita and baby. Nitin says no woman and new born baby went out of the hospital. Pritam says it means they are here, Rathi would have sent us a video by now. Nurse calls Jogi and says Amrita is sleeping, if baby cries, then we will get caught. Dada ji and Dadi light the diyas in the house. They get happy and hug. Baljeet and Pammi smile.

Pritam says family shouldn’t know anything. Rathi calls him. Pritam asks where are there. Rathi threatens him. Kuljeet and Saroj come home. They ask why are the diyas lighting here. Dada ji says guess it, you have become Nani. Dadi says you became Nani. Kuljeet and Saroj hug happily. Dada ji says Karan had to come here, you wanted to take Amrita. Baljeet says they went in a big private hospital. Dadi says Amrita is safe. They all do bhaangra. Guneet says someone kidnapped Amrita, you don’t know. Doctor says its a misunderstanding, let me check.

Nimmo asks her to do something. Meera says we should check cctv footage once. Kabir says yes. Rathi says you double crossed me, you have to pay a price now. Pritam says I did this to earn money, I have no connection with the police, I admit I changed the rdx. Angad says we will check cctv. Pritam says please leave Amrita and the baby, I will do as you say, she is a widow, this baby is her hope. Rathi says give me rdx then. Pritam says I m not carrying it in my pocket.

Rathi says you just have 1 hour, then I will kill that woman and that baby. Pritam worries. He asks Monty to arrange rdx in an hour, Rathi wants that, Amrita and baby are in danger, Rathi’s men are spread here. Nitin asks will you kill many lives for two lives. Pritam says I just want to save that baby now, look at the family. Monty says don’t get emotional, we can take this risk. Pritam says the new born baby is innocent, I don’t want to fail again, I want rdx right now. Nitin says calm down, we will save everyone, Monty get the rdx, we will try to locate Amrita. Jogi looks on.

Guneet says we should complain in the police. Nimmo asks why. He asks what shall we do. He gets Kuljeet’s call. He answers. Kuljeet says we got the good news, congrats. Guneet says congrats. Kuljeet says we are coming to the hospital. Nimmo says no, stop him from coming. Guneet says don’t call now, its a private hospital, come tomorrow, visitors aren’t allowed. Kuljeet says okay. Saroj says we want to visit now.

Kuljeet says we will come for some time and then leave. Guneet says just don’t come. He asks him to give call to Dada ji. He says we didn’t see the baby till now, don’t let Kuljeet and Saroj come here. Dada ji asks but why, they want to come. Guneet tells him everything. Dada ji gets shocked. Kuljeet asks what happened. Dada ji says nothing, Amrita is fine, we will go there in the morning.

Angad scolds the man and asks about the cctv footage. The man says sorry, we are trying our best. Kabir and Meera also scold the man. The man says this happened for the first time, ask your family members. Angad says your ward boy and nurse took Amrita and baby away. He gets angry and hurts the man. Meera says leave him. The man coughs. Angad leaves him. He says look, I beg you, find them.

He cries. Meera says calm down, we will find Amrita. Angad gets away and says I don’t want your sympathy. She cries and says don’t I want Amrita to get found. Kabir consoles her. Krishnakant calls her. She rejects the call. Angad comes to everyone and signs no. They all cry. Pritam looks on. Nitin comes and says rdx is ready, Monty is waiting in the parking. Pritam calls Rathi and says I m coming. He says give me one hour, I will find Amrita and the baby, I promise. He leaves.

He asks Nitin and Monty to stay here and take care of them. Nitin asks will you go alone to Rathi. Pritam says yes. Dadi talks to Guneet on call and cries. Dada asks what will happen when Kuljeet and Saroj know this. They see Kuljeet. Kuljeet asks what happened to our Amrita, tell me. Dada ji says don’t worry. Kuljeet says you are hiding something, please tell me, we will go to hospital right away.

Baljeet says don’t worry, I will take you. Dada ji shouts and stops them. Saroj asks what’s the matter, Amrita is our daughter. Kuljeet says something happened there, tell me, I m your son, don’t hide it, please tell me. Dada ji sits. He says Amrita and her baby, someone kidnapped them. They all get shocked. Saroj faints. Kuljeet holds her and asks her to get up. He says if anything happens to Amrita and her baby, then I will not leave you all. Amrita thinks of the family. She wakes up and hears the baby’s cry. The nurse faints her down.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pritam gives the bag and asks Rathi to call his men, ask them to leave Amrita and baby. Rathi asks Jogi to kill that woman and the baby. Jogi attempts to kill Amrita. Pritam gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:29th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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