Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th November 2021 Episode starts with Kuljeet and Saroj talking about Amrita and Sakhuja family. She says I m also worried, but Amrita is our daughter, she is the most imp for us. He says yes, I met Yuvraj, he is a nice guy. She asks shall we make Amrita meet him.

He says no, Guneet asked us to give them time. Everyone is cleaning the house. Pritam jokes. Dadi asks Pritam to clean his house also. Dada ji jokes on her. They laugh. Amrita asks Pritam to clean the house, its festival coming, happiness comes home. Pritam says I will do. Amrita goes. Pritam also goes. Guneet says Pritam agreed, he is scared of Amrita. Dadi asks them to work.

Soni goes upstairs to clean. Pritam cleans the house. He says I m an IPS officer, I catch big drug peddlers, I m cleaning the spider webs, what days have come, but its right, happiness comes home when house is clean at festival time, I wish Rahul comes to me. Soni comes and says I also have a broom. He asks did you knock to say this. She says no, shall I clean your room. He says no thanks, you can clean outside.

Nimmo calls her downstairs. Dadi says Pritam will clean the terrace. Pritam asks what’s this, I will clean the house, not the terrace. Amrita says talk slowly, Ansh is sleeping. Pritam says sorry, I will clean everything. Angad says he is really scared of Amrita. Pritam comes downstairs and says I have cleaned the house well. Dadi says Laxmi ji will come home. Dada ji asks him to have food.

Soni gets the parathas. Pritam eats and says its good. She asks are you saying it from the heart. Pritam gives the right review. Guneet says you are saying as if you are some chef. Amrita says maybe, he is a carrom champion. She asks Soni not to worry, anyone can comment, but its hard to tough. He says I just told what I feel about the paratha when she asked me. Amrita says you can’t even make a paratha yourself. He asks are you challenging me. She says yes. He says challenge accepted. He says I will make parathas and feed everyone. Guneet says let it be.

Pritam says no, its a challenge. Amrita says let me see what he does. He asks Kamli to boil vegetables, he will make it for everyone. Dada ji says we will get Pritam’s handmade parathas. Pritam cooks the parathas. Everyone waits. Pritam says I will show Amrita that I can make good parathas. Nimmo says don’t ruin my Atta and potato. Angad says else mummy will add it in rent.

Pritam asks Ansh to tell his family that they will be eating their life’s best paratha, and Amrita will lose the challenge. Amrita jokes on Pritam. He asks her to go out and sit. She says I will not leave my kitchen for you, I m not disturbing you. He says you want to know my secret recipe. She laughs. Guneet says don’t get yourself insulted. Dada ji jokes. Pritam says you are on my side, right. Dada ji says yes.

Pritam picks a hot potato. He says wait, I m fine. Soni asks him to put the potato in the cool water. He says I know. He cooks. Everyone waits for the parathas and laugh. He says first Paratha is ready. Guneet says I think its fail. He asks who will try this. Dada ji says Guneet will eat. Guneet asks why me. Kabir says you said you will have it first. Pritam says have the world’s best paratha, eat it and tell me.

Guneet says I m eating. Pritam says eat it and tell your bahu, how is it. Guneet is scared to eat. He takes a bite. Nimmo asks are you fine. He likes it a lot. He says wow, what taste, I never had such paratha in my life. Amrita says no, you are saying this to keep his heart, right. Guneet says no, its the best.

Dada ji says I will also try. Nimmo says don’t lie, let me taste. She also eats and says wow, its the best. Soni takes the plate and eats. She says its so nice. Angad and Kabir also take some and eat. They also praise Pritam. Dada ji and Dadi say we didn’t eat. Pritam says I will make it for you. He makes parathas for everyone. Everyone likes it. Amrita asks won’t you give it to me, I will also taste. Pritam says no, you challenged me, one who trusts me will get it. They ask him to get more parathas.

Pritam says I just took a challenge to make parathas, you all are eating so much, its not good for Dada ji to eat much. Dada ji says don’t eye my breakfast. Nimmo says make one for me. He says sure. He makes more parathas. He gives one to Amrita. She asks why are you giving me now. He says I got this for Ansh’s mummy, then it will reach Ansh. She smiles.

Everyone finishes the food. Dadi asks Pritam to have it also. He says yes. They all go. Pritam asks Amrita to have it. He goes to the kitchen. She asks isn’t it there left for you.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amrita shares the parathas. She eats it and likes it. She sees the Diwali diyas and talks to Ansh. Pritam hears her. Pritam asks her to be careful of the diya. She also asks him to move his hand away from the diya. He thanks her.

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Telecast Date:15th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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