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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th October 2021 Episode starts with Sirat saying I have to fight Mukesh and win before the match. Manish asks what happened , Kartik. He shouts to call the doctor. Doctor asks nurse to take Kartik for the tests immediately. Manish asks what happened. Doctor asks him to wait. The federation officer asks Mukesh what’s all this. Sirat shows Mukesh’s video.

She says Mukesh has hurt my husband badly, he was in pain all night, you can ask my old coach. Mukesh says she is lying, she went against federation and took private training, I told all this to scare her. She says he is lying, I took personal training, he didn’t train me, he made me do work, he didn’t enter the ring. Mukesh says I also want our state to win Asian championship, you can ask the girls. She asks the girls to say. Mukesh says Sirat is lying. Kartik says I m fine. Manish says shut up,

I m your dad, I know it, don’t lie, you are in pain. Doctor comes and says its a severe internal injury, we have to do the operation right away. Sirat says the girls are scared to speak against him, I won’t be quiet, boxing is worship for me, our career gets ruined for a small mistake, why does such people get freed, you didn’t listen to me and made Mukesh my coach, everyone should have own coach, Mukesh has come to make me lose, its fine if you don’t want to take action.

The officials ask the girls to tell them the truth, their career won’t be harmed. Kartik asks doctor to give medicines. Doctor says avoiding the operation will be risky. Kartik says sorry Papa, I lied that I m fine, I m not fine, its hurting a lot, I will get fine, I have many responsibilities. Manish says I know, you will get fine, I have to go on a world tour with your mum, you have to handle everything. Kartik smiles. Manish says I will inform everyone and come. Kartik says don’t tell Sirat.

Sirat asks the girls to please say. The girls tell Mukesh’s truth. Mukesh asks why are you lying. The official scolds him. He says you won’t train anyone till the enquiry completes, Sirat will get trained by her old coach. Sirat thanks the girls. The girl says we should thank you for encouraging us to stand for truth. Sirat thinks to give the two good news to Kartik, of her selection and Mukesh’s defeat. Manish calls Suwarna. He tells about Kartik’s operation. He asks her to come fast, he needs her.

He asks her not to tell Sirat, Kartik asked them not to tell her. Suwarna and Dadi worry. Arvind asks Sirat to win the match. Sirat says yes, I have to win the match for Kartik and my country. Mukesh gets a call. Sirat recalls Kartik. She gets punched. Arvind asks where is your focus. Kartik writes a letter and hides it. Everyone comes to see him. Dadi says Lord won’t let anything happen to you. Kartik says we will leave it to Lord and not worry, its a small injury. He pacifies Kairav and asks him not to worry, he will come back soon. Kairav asks really. Kartik says yes. Arvind says you played well.

Sirat asks did anyone call me. He says no, we can’t attend it, focus on the match. Kairav says when Akshu gave the black thread to Aarohi, Aarohi got fine. He prays and ties a black thread to Kartik’s hand. Kairav asks Akshu not to worry, he will take care of Papa. Akshu says Papa. Kartik laughs and says Akshu, you just said Papa, say it again. Akshu says Papa. Everyone smiles.

Kartik says now I have to get fine and come back. Mukesh asks where is my son, Sonu. The man says he was flying a kite, he slipped and fell down, we got him here. Mukesh asks the doctor how is Sonu. Doctor says he is fine, you can meet him after sometime, he is sleeping. Mukesh thanks him. He hears Kartik and Dadi’s talks. He hides. Kartik asks Dadi not to tell Sirat, they will go to meet her after the match. Arvind gets a call. Mukesh says I want to tell Sirat that her husband Kartik is unwell, his operation is happening. Mukesh ends call and says I will see it now, how you will win the qualifying match now. Arvind asks Sirat to focus.

She says I m thinking of Kartik. He thinks shall I tell him. She says I will cover it in the last round. He says Kartik and our hardwork will go waste if you lose. He wishes her all the best. He says sorry Sirat, I know this win will be for the country. Sirat plays the last round. Kartik asks doctor to give the letter to Sirat if anything happens to him. Doctor says sure, but please be positive. Kartik says I m positive.

Doctor treats him. Aarohi and Akshu cry. Suwarna and Gayu worry that the kids are not getting quiet. Doctor says bleeding isn’t stopping. He goes out and says we need to arrange blood for Kartik, his blood group isn’t available, if anyone from the family can donate the blood. Kairav says I will give it. Doctor says you are too young. Manish asks Kairav not to worry, he will arrange the blood.

Mukesh looks on and thinks Sirat didn’t come, the coach didn’t tell her. He calls again. Sirat falls over the ring rope. Arvind has her phone. The phone falls down by her jerk. The call gets answered. She hears Mukesh saying Kartik’s operation has started, he needs blood, didn’t you tell Sirat about his state, send her as soon as possible. She gets shocked.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th October 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik asks how was the match, did you win. Sirat cries. He says you worked hard for it, you left the championship and came.

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Telecast Date:9th October 2021
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