Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2021 Episode starts with Sirat seeing Naira’s pic. Kartik comes. She says I was fixing it properly. He says thanks, videographer asked if he can come for shoot at this time. She says but practice. He says you can practice, he will do his work, go and get ready, tell me if anything is troubling you, we promised each other to solve the problem. She says no, shall I go and change now. He asks her to go. Sirat comes to Gayu and asks what happened. Gayu says nothing, Samarth and my relation was like this always, my wedding lahenga also got spoiled, I could have not thrown this, but now I have to throw it, I will get saved from that pain. Sirat says I need to talk to you, does Vansh misses his dad. Gayu says yes, he also explained his heart. Sirat says you would feel lonely. Gayu says when someone’s company hurts you, then loneliness is better.

Sirat says Dadi and Suwarna were saying… Akshu cries. Sirat says I will talk later. She goes. She says its tough, how did Naira handle these things. She tries to quieten Akshu. Kairav and Vansh also try. Kartik comes and asks what happened, why is she crying. Sirat says she isn’t drinking the milk, sit with her, I will go and make khichdi for her. Kartik says as you say, remember, we will share the responsibilities. She goes. Kartik talks to Akshu. Kairav says I will show her some video on tv. They see Naira’s dance video. Akshu gets silent. Kairav says she got silent seeing mumma. Sirat comes. She sees them watching Naira’s video. She recalls Sheela’s words. Kairav and Vansh go. Sirat says Naira danced so well. Kartik says dance was her passion, she took her dance academy to great heights, I like it when a girl pursues her dreams, if such a girl becomes like life partner, then life becomes perfect. She thinks I will try to become like Naira and make you proud. He feeds the khichdi to Akshu. He says Suwarna told me about Gayu’s alliance, will you talk to her or shall I help. She says I will go. He thanks her. She thinks I will try it myself.

Sirat and Gayu are cooking. She tries to explain Gayu. Gayu says you mean to say about me, why did you come to explain me. Sirat says its not easy, but not impossible, Kartik and I gave a second chance to each other. Gayu says this was my second chance which ruined my life, not everyone is lucky like you, I can’t take this risk for the third time. Sirat says everyone wants to see you happy here, please just meet that guy’s family once, Suwarna said that guy is really nice, he will keep you happy. Gayu says no, I want to focus on my children upbringing, I have no other wish. Sirat says I will not leave thinking about you, please for my sake, you always showed me the right path, you will be very happy, Dadi and Suwarna have much hopes from this relation. Gayu sees Dadi and Suwarna. She thinks I will go with my children to get rid of this. Sirat asks Gayu to say yes. Gayu says fine, I agree if it has everyone’s happiness, but I need some time. Sirat says sure. Dadi says great, I knew you will handle things as Naira, Gayu will agree for marriage also, I will call them tomorrow. Suwarna says let few weeks pass. Dadi says I m not fixing the alliance. Suwarna asks Sirat not to worry. Sirat goes. Manish says don’t trust Sirat, matter can get worse. Sirat hears this. Dadi says I see Naira in Sirat. Sirat says you will see Naira completely in me, I wish Gayu likes this alliance. Manish says there is a big difference between Naira and Sirat. Sirat thinks I have thought of something. She goes to kids.

Vansh asks what, you want to learn English. She says yes. Kairav says no need, I know you felt bad. She says no, I want to learn it well, when Akshu grows up and asks me something, I should know it, teach me. They say okay. They go to get the board and books. She smiles. They teach her. Kartik is coming. She hears him. Kairav says we will take test now. Vansh says talk to Kairav in english. They go away and wish her good luck. Kartik comes. Kairav says ask dad about his meeting. Sirat asks how was your meeting. Kartik says fine. Vansh says ask will you have tea. She asks you want some tea or coffee or some snacks, are you feeling hungry. Kartik says I didn’t realize you are asking me everything in English. She says yes, I will talk in English from today. He says alright, so tell me, how was your day. She says it was wonderful. Kairav says I will help her. Vansh and Kairav argue. Kartik asks did you miss me. Sirat nods. She hears Vansh and says you nutcase. Kartik asks why are you calling me mad. She asks what. He says I m not talking to you. She says I didn’t mean it. Kairav and Vansh come.

Kairav says sorry. She says they are teaching me English. Kairav says she heard nutcase from us and repeated it. Kartik says Sirat, these English lessons, is it by your own wish or not. She says yes. He says very good, I m happy that you are happy, I m very proud of the kids, tell me about nutcase. They run away. Kartik says I m liking it, you are trying new things. She says I m doing this for myself. He says I heard Dadi and Suwarna saying how you convinced Gayu. Sirat says she didn’t say yes yet. He says I want Gayu to meet the guy away from here, there should be no pressure. She says I understood. He thanks her. She says I learnt this from you, how to keep responsibility.


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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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