Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2022 Episode starts with Akshu saying no, we came together, he will come. Lady says think again, give a chance to your relation. Akshu says no, you are misunderstanding. Lady says I m giving you another date, I m doing my work, maybe your mind changes till then.

Akshu leaves. Harsh asks do you think this is happening right, I don’t find this right. Manish asks him to go and get his checkup done. Harsh says don’t taunt me now, I mean divorce shouldn’t happen this way, Manjiri and my relation wasn’t strong, still it wasn’t easy for us to get separated,

Abhi and Akshu love each other. Manish asks who are you, did you have a heart transplant. They both argue. Manish says liar, you have sent Kairav and me to hospital. Harsh says we had lost our hospital and Anand’s medical license, don’t play a victim card. They fight and sit. They think for the children’s betterment.

Lawyer says I asked you not to make any mistake in front of the counsellor. Akshu thinks where did he go suddenly. She sees Abhi sleeping. She says really…

She says maybe he had surgeries at night, he got tired, so he is sleeping. He falls in front. She holds his hand and saves him. jaaniye….plays… He says sorry, I fell asleep. She says you know we get date by difficulty, you disappeared, counsellor said that you don’t want divorce. He says we will clear the misunderstanding.

She says we got another date now. Lawyers say you wasted the date, you think well and decide. Akshu and Abhi say we are sure. Lawyer says fine, I will get another date fixed. Akshu says we will meet again. Abhi says we will meet on the hearing date, see you. They see Manish and Harsh and ask all good. Akshu says all good. She goes with Manish. Harsh says I got the bike fixed, I will get it.

Abhi sees Akshu’s earring and says madam always leaves a sign behind, she didn’t know when her earring fell down. Manish asks are you really okay. Akshu says yes, I will go with you. She says my earring is gone, but it was my fav. Abhi says I won’t pick the earring. He sees someone stepping on it and picks it. She thinks I hope someone picks it and doesn’t throw.

Manish and Akshu come home. He says Abhi came there, but fell asleep, they got a new hearing. Kairav says maybe he doesn’t want the divorce. She says no. She recalls Abhi. She says we both want divorce. She asks for tea. Kairav says I have made ginger tea ready for you. She says life is set.

Vansh says the music composer is calling, I had sent your video. He answers. The man scolds him for sending Maaya’s voice as sample. He calls Akshu fraud. She says my voice isn’t mine now.

She recalls Maaya. Parth says this girl’s voice isn’t bad for music therapy. Abhi says it wasn’t good, try someone else. Parth says you are finding her voice in them, let me decide. Abhi says its your wish. Harsh comes and asks Abhi to check Manjiri’s latest reports. He asks any improvement. Abhi says no. Parth says we have to do something. Manish says calm down.

Vansh says we will tell everyone about Maaya. Suwarna says this will bring more loss for us, Akshu should sing and show who is the real. Akshu says I won’t lose my voice and identity, I have lost a lot, my voice is my identity, I will not lose it. They all clap. Anand says I got ruined, what’s this paperwork, I m a surgeon,

I want to do surgeries. She asks him to relax. She says I will get you everything back, its my promise. He goes. She gets angry on Akshu. Akshu checks vacancies and sees Birla hospital ad vacancy for music therapist. She sees the singer vacancy in Garba event. She says it will be my first performance at Matarani event. She calls and says you need a singer at the Garba event, yes…

Abhi asks why Dandiya. Nishta says our family is so low, I know Manjiri is in hospital, but the entire family is split, everyone is busy, where is the family. He says sorry, I didn’t think of your happiness, we missed Anisha and ignored you, sorry, stop crying, smile now, we will do as you say. She says yes. He hugs her.


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Telecast Date:7th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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