Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2022 Episode starts with Akshu saying I can’t leave hope, I heard that Kunal is coming there, you are taking the medicines, I went to pray, sorry, my intention wasn’t wrong, I didn’t want to give any hope to anyone before meeting him, its not my mistake to try.

Mahima says it’s a mistake, you didn’t tell us and went to meet him, will you convince him for Abhi’s surgery when we all couldn’t, don’t we want his hand to get fine. Akshu says no. Kairav says you could have told me.

She says I wasn’t sure that he will come or not, I couldn’t meet, I will keep trying. Abhi says I respect your faith, my hand will stop working in some days, I will accept this. She says there is still hope. She gets a phone. He says someone would be calling to wish birthday. She answers.

She cries and drops the phone. Abhi asks whose call was it, tell me. She says Dr. Kunal Khera. Everyone is shocked. She says I told you that my prayers are in my hands, Dr. Kunal Khera called me. Aarohi asks how. Akshu says I left my number and message for him, he came back to get the chaddar for his sister, he got my message, he said he is ready to meet Abhi. Everyone smiles.

Abhi asks are you sure, he doesn’t meet anyone. Akshu says yes, he will agree for the surgery, everything will be fine. They hug. Everyone claps. Manjiri asks Anand to inform Harsh, he will be glad to know this.

Anand messages Harsh. Harsh smiles and thanks God. He wishes Dr. Kunal agrees for the surgery and Abhi’s hand gets fine. Kairav takes Abhi and Akshu’s pic. He says I have made your painting for the birthday gift, I will make another painting of this photo. Parth says digital printing is also an option.

Kairav says no, oil painting stays good forever, I will make this perfect. They see Anisha. Abhi and Akshu go to Anisha. Akshu sees Kairav upset. Abhi says you should have told us. Akshu hugs her and thanks her for coming. She says it’s a day of surprises today.

Anisha greets everyone and Kairav. She says sorry, I couldn’t reply to your calls and messages. He says you would be busy. She says I m sorry, I know so much happened here and I didn’t come, trust me, I didn’t get time.

Mahima says we understand, you can’t come even if you want. Anisha asks Akshu can I steal some limelight. Akshu says sure. Anisha says I have a big surprise for you all, I don’t know how you all will react. She apologizes to Kairav. She goes on her knees and proposes him for marriage.

Everyone is shocked. Anisha asks Kairav to say something. Dadi asks what’s this joke, you come and disappear whenever you want, you are proposing him, you didn’t talk to him since many days, you didn’t reply to his messages, you can run away from the marriage mandap. Suwarna asks Dadi to calm down.

Manish says mum isn’t saying wrong, why didn’t you reply to Kairav’s messages, you didn’t wish to stay in touch. Dadi says we were going to call and ask you, Kairav stopped us, he didn’t wish you to get troubled. Manish says it won’t happen as you want. Dadi says you are very clever or foolish.

Kairav says don’t say this. Dadi asks Mahima doesn’t she have any answer. Mahima says ask me directly, what shall I answer, I don’t know anything, nobody knows what she does, we have no control on her. Anand says we are also clueless, you ask Anisha. Dadi says Anisha should answer, or wait for Kairav’s answer,

Kairav should think well and answer. Akshu and Abhi ask Dadi to calm down, Kairav and Anisha can talk to each other first. Manish says fine, we will wait, but this time, it will be clear, marriage is happening or not.

Anisha asks Kairav to say something. Abhi says don’t pressurize him. Akshu says maybe he needs time. Anisha asks why, if he wanted time, then why did he called and messaged me, no one is asking about me, did anyone ask why did I come, Kairav’s calls and messaged forced me to come here. Mahima says stop acting helpless.

Anisha says I m helpless, everyone has a problem with me, I had gone there to set my career, I didn’t want any distraction, but I truly love Kairav, I left everything and came back, I think I should leave. She goes.

Abhi and Manjiri apologize on Anisha’s behalf. Akshu says give some time to Kairav and Anisha. Akhilesh says she is right, we should go home and ask Kairav his decision. Dadi says Anisha doesn’t understand and value relations. She scolds Mahima.

Mahima asks did we say anything to Akshu, Abhi is also troubled because of her. Abhi asks what are you saying, this isn’t fair. Mahima says you didn’t interrupt when she told about Anisha. Abhi says yes, its her mistake, she did wrong with Kairav, she means a lot to me, its not Akshu’s mistake, I m responsible for my hand.

Akshu cries. Abhi says don’t say this again, take rest, remember the good things, Akshu’s birthday is a special day, forget the unpleasant things. He says Dadi cares for Kairav, and Mahima loves Anisha, lets wait, let Kairav and Anisha decide, I will be with them, I hope you all are also with them. Akshu nods.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akshu says once we get the surgery date, then you will get busy. Abhi says yes, it will take much time. Akshu hears Anisha talking to someone and sending him away.

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Telecast Date:3rd August 2022
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