Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2021 Episode starts with Suwarna saying you should have told me to feed Akshu, see your clothes got spoiled. She cleans the dress. Kairav comes to call her. He compliments her. Suwarna asks how will we remove this stain. Kairav says I have an idea. Manish gets Kartik for the marriage. Dadi says I sent Kairav to get Sirat, Suwarna is already there, don’t know what’s happening. Suwarna and Kairav get Sirat. Kartik and everyone see her. Kartik smiles. Bandhan aise banjate hai…..plays….

Kirti asks what’s this badge. Suwarna says Sirat’s dupatta got a stain, so Kairav made a badge, Goenka rocks. Sirat asks does it look good. Kartik says yes, Kairav you should make the badge for everyone, we will help you, pandit is still on the way. They go to make the badges. Kartik says badge is cute, you are more cute. Dadi says pandit’s phone is off. Sheela comes and says its good he didn’t come. Dadi asks who gave you this address. Sheela says I went your home and got to know you are here, Kartik and Sirat are getting married, you don’t care for her mum. Suwarna scolds her. Sheela says Mukesh didn’t let me come, I have come to see Sirat. She calls out Sirat. Dadi asks her to leave. Sheela says once I hug Sirat and bless her, I will go, till then I will talk to Manish. Manish says I don’t want to talk. She says its for your benefit, I have solved your problems when I was here, even Riya helped you. Surekha says listen to her once. Sheela says you talk to me before this good time changes into bad one. Surekha and Manish go with her.

Sheela asks Manish to help her, her son is ill, she wants money. Manish asks can we trust you. Sheela says when everyone knows about lie, what will you tell, I will tell them that you and Riya wanted to break Kartik and Sirat’s marriage. Manish says you think I m scared of anyone, you are threatening me, go and tell them. She says fine. Surekha says she will break Kartik and your relation by saying nonsense. She asks how much money do you want. Sheela says 50 lakhs. Surekha says we can’t give you money. Manish says we will get her son treated, but not give her money. Sheela says I will go out and tell everyone. Manish asks her to come and tell them. Suwarna asks what did she say. Manish says she wants money, she wants a price for her daughter. Sirat looks on. Manish says Sheela came here to get the money, think of her blood, family, values and upbringing, there is still time, we are going to make Sirat our bahu. Sheela says I m not a good mum, you aren’t a good dad, give me money else… Manish asks will you tell them, that I against Kartik and Sirat’s marriage, I m still against, I agreed for Kartik’s love, I m not ready for this marriage, I m scared that Sirat will also threaten us for money. Suwarna says Sirat isn’t such. Surekha says she is also greedy. Manish says Sirat also has the bad blood, she won’t become Naira if her face matches, she has bad values, I will never be ready to accept that girl as my bahu. Sirat gets shocked. The pots fall. Everyone sees Sirat.

Kartik comes and asks what happened, did anyone say anything. Sirat cries and runs. Kartik goes to Sirat. Kids also go. Dadi says Kartik will get upset. Surekha says Sirat will fill Kartik’s ears against Manish, she has Sheela’s blood. Sheela says I will take money some way. Surekha says if Kartik leaves the house then… she will take the kids also. Manish says its not in my hands. Kartik and Sirat come back. Kartik says I got much angry, but at least we should have a day of happiness, I don’t want to spoil my mood. He sees Sheela. He scolds her. He says Sirat told me, you asked money from my dad, why would he pay, don’t say anything, you have given sorrow to my family and Sirat, its your lucky day, I would have not let you step inside the house, I don’t want to upset you, tell me how much money do you want. Sirat says no Kartik, no need to give her money. Sheela says Mukesh said you changed, you changed a lot. Sirat asks her to leave and not do any drama. Sheela says I m just asking help. Kartik says she will get money, but she will have to do whatever I say, she will just have to bless Sirat. He says I will not tolerate if you do anything against Sirat. Sheela says I want my daughter to stay happy in her family, I bless her. Sirat makes her hand away. She scolds Sheela.

Sheela says you got this family and left your mum, wow. Sirat says I will forget you are Maudi’s daughter, understood. Kartik says calm down Sirat, such people don’t deserve our anger, we should just pity them and give what they wan. He asks Sheela to bless Sirat and have food, take her shagun also. Pandit comes. He asks are arrangements made. Akhilesh says yes, come. Kartik goes to call the kids. Dadi says Sirat didn’t say a word against Manish to Kartik, someone else is provoking. Manish sees Surekha.


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Telecast Date:1st September 2021
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