Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2022 Episode starts with Aarohi saying you ruined my career, you got the food to show you are so good, get lost, take the junk with you to burn your incomplete dream. Akshu picks her things.

Dilon ko bandha tha…plays… Aarohi pushes her out of the door and shuts it. Akshu cries. Everyone comes and looks on. Manish asks what did Aarohi say that Akshu got hurt. Kairav says I asked her not to go to Aarohi, her mood is bad. Dadi says Aarohi always hurts Akshu’s heart. Abhi sees Anand performing a surgery.

Manjiri says I can do anything by my wish now. Akshu comes home and cries. Manjiri hugs her. She thinks Aarohi might have told her something that has hurt her so much. She sings for Akshu…. Jahaan saanson ne… Akshu also sings.

She cries recalling Aarohi’s words. Manjiri says I know Aarohi has worked hard, I have seen Mahima and Abhi’s hardwork, we may not understand, what happened. Akshu gets a call. Manjiri says I will make tea for us and come. She goes. Akshu answers Abhi’s call.

Abhi asks what happened. She says nothing. He says Aarohi said something, right. She says she is my sister, I won’t feel bad of her words, she is upset. He says so she made you upset. She asks did you have any surgery. He says no, I miss you, come to the hospital soon. She says I miss you, I will come. They think how to tell what happened.

Rohan comes to call Abhi and says we need you, come fast. Abhi goes. Manish and Suwarna talk about Aarohi. He says she scolded Akshu also. She says Kairav is also angry on her. He asks will their fight end or not. She says they both aren’t happy, how can we stay happy. He says talk to Aarohi, try to find out what’s in her heart. Rohan meets the patient Mr. Singh.

The man says I want you to do my operation, the case is complicated, I heard you make everything fine. Rohan says relax, Abhi will do it. Abhi says I can’t do it, Dr. Anand will do it. The man asks why won’t you do it, I will give your fees and wait if you say, please don’t say this. Anand comes and says Abhi is going for a conference.

Abhi says I won’t be here for a week, you get Anand’s help, he is good. The man says I will wait, promise me, you will do it. Abhi goes and says my hand will get fine in a week. Anand comes and asks how, sorry I had to lie in front of the patient, you have a big name, I m so proud of it, we can’t tell anyone about your condition,

impact will be on your career, people may lose faith on us if anything happens. Abhi says I will be back on track soon. Anand says yes my son, you will be fine. He hugs Abhi. He says we men think we are strong, we don’t say many things to our partners, its their right to know, we don’t know what matter hits us,

Akshu is so understanding and supportive, you should tell her about your hand, this is the right time, she will be hurt if she knows from someone else, like Aarohi should have told us in time, we should talk directly. Akshu says patient would be waiting, sorry Abhi, I will finish this work and come.

Abhi thinks Anand is right, I should tell Akshu. He asks Anand to read the papers and sign it. Anand says Harsh was good at this work, I m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I mean I didn’t like the files. Abhi says I know there is much pressure on you,

we don’t know anything than our profession, tell me if I can help, I feel useless. Anand says don’t say this, we don’t know the exact condition of our case, don’t take mental stress, take care, everything will be fine. He gets a message.

He says come, I will give you some work, you have to give a recommendation letter to Harsh, do a favor for me. He goes. Abhi says I will talk to Akshu and maybe my pain gets less. Akshu is singing for the patients.

A man praises her voice. He says I came here to make a fitness edu, I had to come here and hear your song, I had no idea about music therapy, do you perform on stage also. She says no. He asks didn’t you have such ambition. She says no. He says you have a beautiful voice, you should find a big platform.

She says I m happy here helping people. He says you can do this on a large scale also, I m impressed by your talent, so I m pushing you, you can do well. He gives her a visiting card. He says our unit has come to hunt for India’s magical voice, you can send the audio clip,

you have it in me, you are born to become a star. He goes. She says I have it in me, no, I used to panic on stage, Aarohi is right, I have no passion, I will do this for myself, Abhi will handle me if I get panic attacks.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akshu says I have sent my audition clip for India’s magical voice, shall I go there for the second round. Akshu cuts a cake. She sees Abhi.

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Telecast Date:16th July 2022
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