Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2022 Episode starts with Abhi helping Akshu. She says I could have done this. They both argue. He says sorry and leaves. He asks Nishta to go and help Akshu. Manjiri asks why did he send Nishta to help Akshu, is everything fine. Shefali says yes, he is always in hurry.

Nishta says I also like music, I want to do this in my life. Akshu asks her to open her bag. She gives the enrolment form of Akshara dance and music academy. She says if you learn with good intention, it will be a different experience, take everyone’s permission and join the academy. Nishta hugs her and thanks.

Akshu says I had many relations in this house, Manjiri, Neil and Nishta, true relations get stronger in tough times. Anand says I will talk to Neil. Neil comes. Anand says a proposal has come for you. Neil is shocked. Abhi looks at him. Aarohi calls Neil. He answers by mistake. Anand and Parth ask Neil to say, if there is someone in his life, does he like anyone. Neil says no one. Akshu looks on. Neil goes. Aarohi cries.

Manjiri thinks of Abhi and Akshu. She says something is different. Mahima says everyone changes, when the change is bad, then it should change. Manjiri worries. Neil says Aarohi will get upset if she knows about the alliance. He calls her. She says you look happy, your relation is getting fixed.

He says sorry, I was going to tell you. She asks how can you hide this. He says you think I will marry someone else. She says it will get complicated, just tell them that you love me and want to marry me, my family wants to meet my BF this week. He says there are new issues in family. She says think of it, I can’t hide about you. He says give me some time. She scolds him and says forget me.

She ends call. He says what shall I do now. Mahima says don’t know what Nishta wants to do ahead, I can’t ignore her. She sees Nishta filling some form and smiles. Akshu says Neil said, extra medicine will be in Mahima’s room, I will go in. Mahima gets shocked seeing the form and scolds Nishta.

She asks who gave this form to you. Akshu looks for medicines. She is busy on call. She gets the email. Abhi’s shirt and note falls down. Mahima comes and thinks no, if she gets Kairav’s proof then… She hides it from Akshu. She asks what are you doing in my room. Akshu says I came to get medicines. Mahima says shut up, how did you come into my room, you aren’t our bahu,

how dare you give career advice to Nishta and give this form. Akshu says she said she has interest in music. Mahima says Nishta is a Birla, birlas are achievers, we all are doctors, not useless singers, just stay away from my daughter. Akshu says sorry, you are forcing your dreams on Nishta, ask her what she wants to do, sometimes, things get easy when done by choice, else a small thing looks huge.

Mahima says I will handle it, no need to interfere in our matter. Akshu asks why isn’t she sharing the matter with you, no one wants to listen to others, if we had heard Anisha then she would have not taken that step. Abhi comes and scolds Akshu. He asks her to say sorry. Akshu argues and says ask Mahima if she is ready to apologize to me, I know her pain, but I m not sorry that I said,

there is no problem if Nishta wants to learn music and dance, already there is someone who left his wish and he is unhappy, music gives a motive to live to many people, how can it be wrong, Kanha’s flute, Mahadev’s Dumroo, it also has music. She tells that music is in everything. She says music should get some respect.

Akshu and Abhi leave. Mahima picks the shirt and paper. She says what you said, its not music, but noise, I can’t let you stay in this house, its enough. Manish calls Akshu and says she isn’t answering. Suwarna says she would be busy, she always messages. He says I don’t her to fall in any problem.

Akshu messages Manish… I m busy in workshop, I will call later. Abhi comes. She says I don’t want to drag the matter, did you finish the deo bottle, I got to know you have come by this smell. They sit to talk. He says thanks, you are doing a lot for mum, but now… She says I m not a part of this family.

He says it wasn’t right to give tip to Mahima about Anisha. She says it wasn’t right to send Kairav and Manish to jail. He says you came here for mum, balance things out. She says you don’t talk of balance, you sent the divorce papers, how will balance happen now. They argue. She says I don’t want your lecture always.

He asks her to go back. He says I feel confident, my family is better without you. She says I also realize that I should have not lied to my family and come here for your family’s sake. He asks her to leave. She says I m going now. He asks what. She says I m going right away. She leaves.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akshu says I have come home, but I m getting tangled, Manjiri thinks I will keep the Karwachauth fast, but Abhi cleared that our relation is over, what shall I do.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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