Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 5th May 2022 Episode starts with Diya saying I m still here, puja will start. She calls Palki. Sudha says Diya has an off today, she might be sleeping. Madhu says these girls are so delicate. She asks her to send a herbal soap, shampoo and towel for her. She scolds Ramkali.

She asks Sudha to go and get her bahu. Sudha asks her to take a bath in Krish’s bathroom. She goes to wake up Diya. Armaan says Sudha doesn’t know we are together. Diya says I m awake, the door is locked. Sudha opens the door and gets in. She says you both together, where is Palki. Madhu shouts and calls Sudha. She asks who is this girl, what is se doing in Krish’s room. Krish says Palki is Diya’s sister.

Madhu creates a scene. Sudha asks what’s all this. Madhu says Diya trapped Armaan and did love marriage and Palki is in Krish’s room, what’s this dirtiness, is there any shame or not. Sudha asks Diya what’s all this, when I said Palki will sleep in your room, I think of your comfort and you insult me. Diya looks at Armaan. Palki cries.

Sudha tells Bhavna about the big drama. Bhavna says Madhu has come, she will trouble Diya now, Diya had taken you lightly. Sudha says I m scared that Madhu will taunt me for years.

Diya does the aarti. Madhu says I m your Bua Saas, you know my position in the house. Armaan asks Diya to touch her feet. Madhu steps back. She says Diya and Palki won’t get forgiven, such shameless thing, I won’t bless Diya. Armaan says it was Krish’s mistake, he locked the door.

Madhu says Palki didn’t get any room to sleep. Krish says its not Palki’s mistake. Madhu stops him. Armaan says I told you, its Krish’s mistake. Sudha asks him not to misbehave with Bua. Madhu says you have encouraged them to answer me, I have no respect, focus on the house.

Diya says I can understand your anger, Palki is innocent, she would have not thought much, her heart is clean, I m sorry, forgive us and bless me. Madhu says Palki should apologize.

Armaan says make Krish apologize. Madhu says he is a kid, he is immature. Armaan says they are of same age, you are biasing because of their gender, you want Palki to apologize and you don’t want to say anything to Krish. Madhu says Palki should apologize to me, or else I will go back to Lucknow. Sudha says I will explain them. Armaan says I m more stubborn than you, Palki won’t apologize. Palki says no, I will apologize.

She says I know you both love me a lot, I also love you equally, I won’t let Diya hear such things, Bua is elder, its good to touch elders’ feet. She apologizes to Madhu and touches her feet. She also touches Sudha’s feet. Armaan and Krish go angrily. Madhu asks Sudha to keep her stuff in her room.

Bhavna says you have to apologize when you do a mistake, like I apologized on your wedding day, don’t feel bad. Sudha says Diya doesn’t feel bad, she told me on haldi day that no one becomes little on apologizing. Diya and Palki go. Sudha says Diya was upset and crying, she will deal with Madhu now.

Palki says I will go now, I forgot my camera at home, I have to make an imp video, you can come home and we can have a talk there, I m conscious here. Diya says you are a big liar, I catch your lies. She cries. She says I couldn’t protect you, sorry. Palki says Armaan fought for you today. Diya says I m lucky that Armaan is with me.

Armaan comes and apologizes to Palki. He says you should have not apologized. She says it would be a problem for Diya, its okay, kids get scolded for mistakes. Krish says it was my mistake, sorry Palki. She jokes and says its okay, I m happy today, Armaan you fulfilled my promise, Armaan will always protect Diya. He says always. Diya hugs Palki. Palki leaves. Armaan hugs Diya.


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Telecast Date:5th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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