Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 2nd May 2022 Episode starts with Diya saying I didn’t know. Kajal says I didn’t tell you, I m trying to forget all this, I didn’t know I will meet Armaan as my best friend’s husband. He says Diya is my wife, we got married.

Kajal says yes, you both make such a great pair, Diya, congrats again, I m very happy for you, Armaan will keep you happy, he will be proved a perfect husband, he is perfect he was perfect for me also, I couldn’t become a good wife. Armaan says we should go Diya. Kajal says we should celebrate, wait.

Diya says I don’t drink, you know. Kajal says yes, I know Armaan drinks. Armaan says I quit, I don’t drink. Kajal says you changed. He says you are still the same, your nature won’t change.

Kajal says I will make coffee for you two. She goes. Diya asks Armaan not to get rude. Armaan gets angry. He says we should leave. Kajal says sorry, coffee got over, so I made green tea. He says we should leave, try to understand. Diya asks him to have the tea.

Bhavna shows Armaan and Kajal’s pic and says I got this in storeroom, I went there to do cleaning. Sudha scolds her. She says I m understanding what you are trying to do, if you hurt Diya by using Kajal, then Armaan will also get affected, he was broken after his divorce, I won’t let Kajal’s memories come back.

She throws the pic frame and breaks it. Kajal drinks and says cheers for your married life. Diya asks her not to drink more. Armaan says I can’t tolerate this drama more, I m leaving, you stay here if you want, I will wait. Kajal asks Diya to go and not waste her time. She says Armaan hates me, it was our decision to get separated, but I never spoke bad about him.

Diya says he never did wrong with him, I know everything what you did with him, he told me everything, I didn’t know you are his ex wife. Kajal says you know it now. Diya says yes, trust is most imp between husband and wife, you broke it. Kajal says I know, it was my mistake.

Diya says Armaan has bitterness for you, his wounds have turned fresh, I can lessen his bitterness with time, let the past be past, meet him as my friend, not as his ex wife, don’t provoke him, its in your hands now. She leaves. Kajal throws the glass in anger. Ramkali cleans the glass pieces. Bhavna says fine, I won’t take Kajal’s name, would you leave Diya just like that, you fell sick to get Armaan’s sympathy, but she got the praise. Ramkali says I have made the food. Sudha asks her to go. She asks Bhavna to go to her Sasural.

Mathurs are out for dinner. They reach the dosa stall and order the food. They miss Diya. Jhanvi says I don’t like spicy dosa, but chutney. Krish comes there. Palki and Krish argue. Everyone laughs hearing their banter. He says I went to drop Bhavna and was going back home. Anju asks will you have dosa. He says why not.

Armaan and Diya come home. Sudha says you have come. She cooks the food in front of them. She asks them to freshen up and come. He asks why are you cooking, where is Ramkali. Sudha says she went on off. Diya says she didn’t tell me, where is Bhavna. Sudha says she is a housewife, she had to go to keep her responsibilities. Armaan says I will handle it, take rest. Sudha acts dizzy. Diya asks what happened. Armaan scolds her.

Sudha says I have asked her to go to office. Armaan says she was just passing time with her friends. He takes Sudha to take rest. Palki asks how did you come here. Krish says I missed your eyes and lost my way, so I reached here. She smiles and says I understand everything, you don’t flirt with me. He says I know it, I can try. She asks him to dream. He says I wish I also have someone loving and innocent, someone like Diya’s shadow. Palki goes. He smiles.

Armaan and Diya argue in their room. He says I feel ashamed of myself, you should have known that Ramkali is on leave. Diya says its not about kitchen and Sudha, its about Kajal. He says don’t talk to me about Kajal.

She says I didn’t know. He says you don’t care for my feelings. She says I do care. He says then break the friendship with her, don’t see her again. She says she works in my office. He says leave the job, change it. She says you know I worked hard to get this job. He says I won’t pressurize, I understand, you don’t understand my feelings, don’t pretending that you care for me. He goes to sleep.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sudha says we can make Diya emotional and control her. She says I have called Palki here, it will be good if you both spend time. Bhavna says Palki is Diya’s weakness, we can control Diya using her.

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Telecast Date:2nd May 2022
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