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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th August 2022 Rudra/Prem expects that Preesha will apply balm to his back, but gets disappointed when the servants applies it instead. Another servant brings Armaan’s dry cleaned suit. Preesha asks him to keep it in Armaan’s room and not hers.

Rudra feels happy thinking Preesha preserved her character even after losing her memory. At college, Pihu and Raj practice a song for the intercollege competition. Pihu looks sad. Raj says she sang well and has improved a lot from before.

She thanks him. He says they should continue practice. Pihu says she feels something is missing and they should add something in their song to improve their performance. Vidyut walks in and says he will tell what they can do.

Rudra returns to his room feeling backache. He hers door knock and asks who is it. Roohi says its her. Rudra excitedly hugs her and gets her in and asks how did she come here, he was missing her a lot. He assures that Preesha will be with them soon for sure. Roohi say she is with him and is sure he will succeed in his plan.

Vidyut suggests Raj and Pihu to dance along with singing as it would improve their performance. Pihu likes his idea and tells Raj that they should also dance. Raj says he doesn’t know to dance.

She says she will teach him dance and will choreograph a few moves at home. Once she leaves, Raj asks Vidyut what is he up to. Vidyut says he just wants to see Rudra happy if Raj wins the competition as Raj is Rudra’s student. Raj says at last he realized what is right.

Rudra shows his bruised hands to Roohi. Roohi apologizes him that he is suffering because of her. Rudra says she gave him a chance to be with Preesha and he is very happy. She offers him home cooked food and says knows he missed it. He kisses her happily. She asks him to have it soon before someone comes and feeds him.

Serial’s title track plays in the background. Armaan returns home with Digvijay and notices Rudra’s car outside his house. He questions guard who informs that Roohi has come. Digvijay says Rudra is sending his daughter here repeatedly when he cannot come and is surely conspiring something big again, so Armaan should end this issue soon. Armaan says he is right and searches fo Roohi.

Preesha asks why he came early nd what is he searching. Armaan says Roohi has come here as her car is outside. Preesha says she didn’t meet Roohi. Armaan orders servants to search for Roohi in the whole house. Servants search and says Roohi is not here. Armaan says Roohi is in outhouse then. Preesha says Prem stays here.

Armaan says they will know right now and walks towards outhouse. Rudra finishes food and thanks Roohi. Armaan knocks door and asks if he is inside. Rudra gets tensed. Pihu says their plan will be ruined if Armaan finds her here. Digvijay tells Armaan that he is sure that Roohi is inside and asks him to break the door. Armaan kicks the door. Rudra opens it after disguising himself as Prem.

Armaan asks where is she. Rudra jumps on Armaan asking if the rat came in again. Armaan says he is talking about a kid and holds his collar. Rudra warns him to dare not hold his collar and respect his age.

Digvijay asks where is Roohi, a small girl. Rudra says he didn’t see any girl. Armaan asks why did he take time to open the door. Rudra says he fell asleep due to old age and opened it as soon as he heard door knock. Armaan searches room. Rudra asks if a girl is missing. Armaan leaves thinking where did Rooohi go then.

Preesha feels worried for Roohi. She notices Roohi running away and calls her, but Roohi doesn’t listen to her. Armaan thiks where did Roohi disappeared. Rudra thinks Armaan will not find Roohi and recalls how Roohi got out of the room via window.

Preesha runs behind Roohi. Armaan notices that and runs to catch Roohi. Rudra thinks he needs to save Roohi.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Roohi collapses after hitting her head to a stone while running. Pihu notices gardener Prem having a costly phone. Roohi gets conscious and calls Prem as papa. Armaan thinks why Roohi is calling a gardener as papa.

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Telecast Date:9th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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