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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th October 2022 Sharda confronts Preesha and says Preesha married Armaan immediately after Rudra’s death, hence Roohi and Sharda’s hatred is valid on her. Preesha thinks Sharda’s anger is valid, but she doesn’t know why she married Armaan. She recalls meeting Armaan and requesting him to reveal where her lost son is as she already lost Rudra.

Armaan demands to marry him again, take back all the charges against him, and get him out of jail if she wants to know where her son is. Preesha slaps him. Armaan says her son would be in trouble because of her act. He says with Rudra’s death, it doesn’t matter if she marries anyone, so she should marry him and get back Rudra’s son.

Preesha says he is a monster who just wants her and it doesn’t matter if she loves him or not. Armaan says it doesn’t matter at all, he just wants her at any cost and asks her to think one more time. Preesha says she would never marry him and walks away.

Preesha returns home and imagines Rudra’s soul talking to her and suggesting her to marry Armaan for the sake of their baby as he is already gone and he wants her to be with their gift of love. Preesha says she can’t think of staying with a monster Armaan. Rudra suggests her to marry Armaan and once she gets their baby divorce him. Preesha says only he can get such ideas and agrees to marry Armaan.

She visits Armaan again and says she will marry him and immediately after marriage, he will take her to her baby and if he doesn’t, he should sign a document that all the cases against him will be reopened and he will be sent to jail again. Armaan agrees with a condition that she will not reveal about their deal to anyone. She agrees.

Sharda checks financial papers. Raj says they are bankrupt after Rudra’s death and finally finished. Sharda says still there are loans left, what shall she do now. Raj says there is only one option left, to sell this house. Sharda refuses and says she will talk to Preesha who will find some solution. Just then, Preesha walks in with Armaan wearing garlands and reveals that she married Armaan.

Sharda and kids are shocked to hear that. Sharda asks if Armaan blackmailed her. Preesha says she willingly married Armaan. Sharda says it can’t be true. Preesha says this is the only way to get out of poverty as Armaan has lots of money. Sharda gives her a tight slap and says she would rather die than accepting money from an evil Armaan, its not even 4 days since Rudra passed away and she married Armaan. She says Preesha betrayed them and asks her to get out of her house as she is dead for them now.

Roohi questions Preesha why did she betrayed them, she hurt papa and even them. Preesha tries to comfort her. Roohi warns to stay away from her and runs to her room. Saransh thinks he can never hate Preesha as he knows she married Armaan with a reason and he would wait till then. Creditors demand money from Sharda and threatens to file police complaint. Sharda’s brother enters and agrees to pay creditors’ money.

He apologizes Sharda for being late and offers her money cheque. Sharda asks how did he arrange such a big amount. Brother says he liquidated all his investments as he knows the value of this house for his sister. He tells creditors that they will get their money tomorrow and walks away. Roohi notices him leaving his mobile. Sharda goes out to return his mobile and finds him talking to Preesha. Brother reveals that Preesha gave him money to give it to Sharda.

Sharda says she didn’t want any burden on Sharda and children. Sharda says she will not accept her money and would leave this house immediately. Preesha says she can’t leave the house until she repays money as per contract. Sharda says she will file a case against Preesha and walks away.

Preesha asks her lawyer to delay a case as she wants Sharda and children to be in front of her eyes. Out of flashback, Preesha thinks she will tolerate Sharda’s hatred for the sake of her baby and would maintain silence until she gets back her baby. Saransh says let us celebrate Preesha’s birthday.

Sharda says all their problems are because of Preesha and hence she will not let them celebrate Preesha’s birthday. She draws a partition line and divides house. She says they both will not cross their line. Preesha says as she wishes. Roohi says Preesha is a cheater who cheated on papa and them by marrying Armaan, she will call her Mrs Armaan Thakur from hereon and would never cross a line or speak to her.

Saransh says line doesn’t matter to him and would always support her as he knows she doesn’t do anything without any reason. Preesha requests him to take care of Roohi. Out of flashback, Sharda says they will not celebrate Preesha’s birthday and Preesha will pay for her sins.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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