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Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2022 Pihu returns home lost in thoughts. Kanchan asks her what is she thinking. Pihu say she is confused as Armaan informed them how Rudra used to torture SIL/Preesha, but when Rudra met Preesha,

it looked like he genuinely loves Preesha. Digvijay overhears her and scolds her for falling in Rudra’s trap and distrusting her brother. He says he doesn’t expect her to distrust her brother and support Rudra and orders Kanchan to explain it to her daughter.

Rudra takes Roohi and Saransh to Armaan’s neighbor house and thanking the owner offers her cheque of double the amount she quoted to sell the house. Lady says she is happy that she could help him and says she will sign the contract after shifting her goods.

Rudra then shows Preesha getting ready in her room to his kids and reveals that he bought this house to keep an eye on Preesha. They both rejoice hearing that. Roohi says she cannot see mamma properly. Rudra shows her binocular. Roohi feels more excited. Saransh takes her to check the house.

Rudra looks at Preesha via binoculars and recalls the quality moments spent with her. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He thinks he will get her back by making her realize their love and will not let her separate from him again. Armaan enters and snatches his binocular. Rudra si shocked to see him.

Armaan recalls noticing Rudra watching Preesha from a neighboring house and questions its owner who informs that she sold her house to rockstar Rudra. Out of flashback, he asks Rudra if he thinks he will easily barge into a neighbor’s house and spy on Preesha. Rudra asks what will he do.

Armaan drags Rudra to the living room. House owner asks Armaan what is he doing. Armaan says Rudra was spying on his wife while she was changing after a bathe. Rudra says Preesha is his wife.

Armaan convinces house owner not to sell her house to a creep who is eyeing on other’s wife. Lady refuses to sell her house to Rudra and asks him to leave. Rudra tries to explain, but lady threatens to call police.

Rudra leaves helplessly. Armaan stops Rudra and says he knows what he is up to and warns him to stay away from Preesha or else he will take Preesha far away permanently. Rudra returns home and asks Saransh not to worry as he will find some other way out to get Preesha back in their lives.

Saransh blames him for losing Preesha and says Armaan is more smarter than him who easily defeats his every move. Rudra angrily tries to slap him, but stops and feels helpless.

Armaan informs Digvijay about Rudra’s plan. Digvijay says he should take Preesha from Delhi or else Rudra will continue to bother them. Armaan says he tried, but Preesha walked out of airport; says he already tried to take Preesha out, but she walked out of airport;

he cannot force Preesha as she is not a kid and will not easily agree. Pihu walks in and asks what will Preesha not agree. Armaan likes that he wants to take Preesha to Shimla for a change after all the recent events, but she will not agree. Pihu says she will convince Preesha and in fact whole family will go on a vacation.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra and Saransh find Roohi missing. Roohi hides in Preesha’s car. Preesha reaches Shimila and demands 2 rooms from Armaan. Armaan says they are husband and wife, but fails to convince her. Rudra learns about Preesha’s Shimla trip and decides to go to Shimla.

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Telecast Date:25th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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