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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th August 2022 Pihu leaves Preesha’s room saying she is going to college and asking her to take care of herself. Armaan asks Preesha how is she now. She says better, notices him tensed and asks reason.

Armaan says she humiliated him in front of everyone for the gardener and made him apologize the gardener. Preesha says he apologized for his mistake. Armaan says she is trusting the gardener more than him.

Preesha asks why he thinks the gardener is Rudra’s aide. Armaan says because Rudra can go to any extent to get Preesha back; he loves Preesha immensely and doesn’t want to lose her to Rudra again; he got worried since they shifted to Delhi and wants to return back to Mumbai with her.

Preesha assures that she will not let Rudra ruin their life. Armaan thinks nobody can separate Preesha from him, he will make sure gardener is out of his house as he is Rudra’s aide.

Raj and Pihu dance practice while Vidyuth watches them standing at a distance. Pihu praises Raj’s improvement. Vidyuth says luck is on their side Rudra is judge of the competition.

Raj gets happy hearing that and says he would be to perform in front of Rudra. Pihu gets tensed thinking she wanted to invite Preesha for the event and hopes her parents deny her permission to participate in the competition learning about Rudra’s presence.

Armaan visits a celebrity event manager and offers him bribe in exchange of video footages of Rudra’s old family functions. Manager gives him footage. Armaan watches Rudra and performing pooja of an idol which Prem gardener kept in Armaan’s house. He thinks he will prove that Prem is Rudra’s aide who replaced the idol to revive Preesha’s memory.

Roohi and Saransh notices Prem/Rudra happy and ask if Preesha proposed him. Rudra says he heard Preesha telling Pihu that she got flashback of the past event, it means Preesha’s memory is returning slowly.

They all 3 rejoice and dance together. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Kanchan notices them dancing and asks what is happening here. She scolds Prem for dancing instead of working.

Prem nervously blabbers. Roohi says papa was working and she asked him to dance as she was missing mamma. Saransh says gardener uncle was refusing to dance, but he convinced him for Roohi’s sake. Kanchan says she has ordered orchid flower plant from Mauritius and asks him to nurture it well. Prem asks him not to worry at all. Kanchan leaves. Rudra relaxes.

Armaan shows video footage to Divijay. Digvijay says it’s the same idol Prem replaced, so they should show this footage to Preesha and expose Prem. Armaan sys he can’t do that as Preesha thinks the flashback she got with Rudra were true. Digvijay asks if he will not retaliate then. Armaan says he will make sure Prem is out of the house soon.

Pihu returns home and reveals that Rudra is the chief guest of her dance and singing competition, so she doesn’t want Preesha to attend it. Preesha says she need not worry as she didn’t get a panic attack seeing Rudra last time, so she will manage. Pihu says Armaan will not let her attend competition of he learns about Rudra’s presence.

Prem offers leaves bouquet to Preesha. Preesha asks how does he know that she is allergic to flowers. Prem says he is well experienced and knows about her allergy. She feels elated seeing his kind gesture. He says he is elated by the love she showers on him and wants to be part of her family.

She says even she is elated to make him part of her family and accepts his bouquet. Armaan with Digvijay watches it and says its proved that Prem is Rudra’s aide, he will prove it now. He calls panditji home for pooja. Panditji tells Kanchan its a different idol than which he established. Kanchan says someone gifted this idol. Panditji asks who. Prem slips and falls on a wet floor and shouts in pain, gaining everyone’s attention.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Armaan and Preesha’s car meets with an accident outside Rudra’s house. Sharda invites them in. Armaan notices idol and tells Preesha its the same idol which Prem replaced, calls Digvijay to check if the idol is at its place.

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Telecast Date:24th August 2022
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