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Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th October 2021 episode starts with Narkasoor challenges to Mata saying did she thought he’ll back off but no because he’ll begin his work immediately & he brings lot of images same like him to help him build the temple while Nandi says to Ganeshji Mata had warned him to not to use powers & he is using it so Ganeshji also says he is ignoring Mata’s warning it seems & Mata is also shocked.

Narkasoor quickly begins building temple which gets ready very soon & intimates Mata temple is built & now steps will also get ready soon while Mata is stunned with his quick work. Mushak says to Ganeshji he’ll do this work very soon it seems & Mata will be helpless then but Ganeshji says there has to be some kind of disturbance to bring in his work it seems & he goes to tell Mata he is doing all this misusing his powers but Mata says his work is on completion then how can he be stopped now & Ganeshji says he can be disturbed with only one way ie.

hen & Mata asks how so he says he’ll bring hen in front of him which will bark with it’s loud voice intimating him of sunrise resulting disturbing his work while he tells Mata to use her powers to bring sunrise light making him feel sunrise happened hence Mata appreciates his brains praising him & he executes his work.

Narkasoor is busy doing work telling Mata little work is only left to complete while Ganeshji uses his powers making a hen fly around Narkasoor & Narkasoor gets disturbed feeling how this hen is flying near him but hen sits on a big stone crying loudly which stops while bright light emerges hence Narkasoor‘s all images vanish & he stops working thinking sun has risen but he only had little work left & how this has happened so early.

Later on hen keeps barking while Mata uses her powers to bring sun from other side until bright light remains & Narkasoor is shocked sun has risen from here then how come this light & after rising of actual sun the light also vanishes & Ganeshji also vanish holding the bright light unseen by Narkasoor. Hen keeps barking while Narkasoor gets wild saying this is all happened due this hen & runs to attack him but Hen jumps warning him he’ll face his killer one day.

Narkasoor returns to his palace in anger saying he can’t be killed by anybody in this world while his mother wonders asking him what happened & he tells her in anger that Mata has squeezed his security power & also rejected his proposal of marriage & she is shocked to hear this.

Mata Kamyaksha in her temple is explaining Ganeshji how Narkasoor achieved all these powers but misused later creating evil behaviour in him that’s why all this has happened but Ganeshji asks her what the way towards his killing is.

A Sudarshan Chakra is roaming around Narkasoor who is defending himself but his mother Bhudevi wonders asking what has happened to him & why he is behaving this way & he is shouting he can’t be killed anyhow because his death will be eternal.

Mata Kamyaksha tells Ganeshji he is gifted by Prabhu Narayan about his eternal death which he wished to die only by Prabhu Narayan’s normal wife who will should not be goddess.

Narkasoor says to his mother that’s why Prabhu Narayan gave him such a boon due to which he will always be guarded because Goddess Laxmi won’t come to kill him & Bhudevi says to him he has developed so much of an evil behaviour that he isn’t aware at what level he has fallen down.

Mata tells Ganeshji that’s why he can only be killed by Prabhu Narayan’s ie. is Shri Krishna’s eight Avatar’s wife Devi Satyabhama.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganeshji asks Mata how he can be killed by such a simple woman & Mata says Devi Satyabhama takes rebirth devoting herself to Shri Krishna.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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