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Vidrohi 3rd March 2022  Episode starts with Jagabandhu saying we will use the gorilla tactics and distract the britishers. Baahu says but we have no weapons. Jagabandhu says don’t worry, I know how to do it.

Maa and Manthara try to wake up Kalyani and save Radha. Maa asks her to move the chair back and burn the rope by the candle. Manthara tries and burns the rope. She gets freed. She opens the ropes and frees Maa. Maa says try to bring Kalyani to consciousness, I will keep an eye on the guard. Radha starts coughing by the smoke. Manthara gets the water and sprinkles on Kalyani.

She gets her conscious. She says Warren wants to kill Radha, do something, save her. guard catches them. Guards tell Warren about someone attacking them with stones. Warren says it means Baxi has come with Paikas, rush and stop him. Kalyani takes the gun from the guard. Manthara ties him.

Kalyani goes to find Radha. Guard says no one can save Radha, Gadadhar filled the room with the poisonous smoke. Jagabandhu comes to Maa. He asks are you fine. Maa says yes, Warren wants to kill Radha. Manthara says Gadadhar has filled poisonous smoke. He says we will check all the rooms. Gadadhar sits relaxed and thinks who will save Radha. Radha shouts for help. Kalyani comes there.

She blows off the candle. Radha says I m feeling suffocated. Gadadhar hears a sound and says we will find out who saves whom, this will be their last night. Kalyani frees Radha from the ropes. Gadadhar comes and points gun at them. He says I will kill both of you now. Kalyani says you trust yourself a lot. He says it will be good if Radha dies, Baxi will be just yours. Kalyani scolds him.

Kalyani says Baxi is the head of the family, and Radha is the heartbeat of the family, I can risk my life many times to save her. He says fine then. He shoots. Kalyani bends down. She pushes Gadadhar. She takes the gun. She asks Radha to go. Radha refuses. Kalyani asks her to go and save the baby, he is Rodang’s future. She says tell Baxi that I love him a lot. Radha nods and leaves.

Gadadhar and Kalyani fight. She gets dizzy. She shoots around. He runs outside. She falls down. Maa says we couldn’t find Kalyani and Radha. Manthara says save her. jagabandhu says I couldn’t find them. Radha comes there in dizzy state. She hides. They go inside the room. Radha smiles seeing them. They see Radha.

They ask Radha is she fine. Radha says yes, Kalyani is in that room, Gadadhar will kill her. Warren and guards come. Warren says we didn’t lose, Kalyani might have died by now, you all will go to jail. Jagabandhu says if anything happens to Kalyani, then you all won’t get saved. Maharaj comes. Paikas come and catch the guards. Maharaj says I don’t think you will get saved from Paikas’ anger, leave my family. Paikas scold Warren.

Jagabandhu says take Warren and his guards away. He asks Maharaj to take the family, he has to save Kalyani. Radha says I won’t go until you save Kalyani. Maharaj says I will take your mum and Manthara. Jagabandhu and Radha see Kalyani fallen unconscious. They sprinkle water and wake her up. Radha says I m fine just because of you. He says I was afraid. Kalyani says I m not so weak. Baahu says Warren and Gadadhar have run away. Radha asks Jagabandhu to go, she is with Kalyani.

Jagabandhu and Baahu leave. Radha takes care of Kayani. Radha says I have seen your fearless side when you faced Gadadhar, then I understood why Baxi fell for you, you are brave, smart and have a selfless heart, I could see your truth today, I have no problem with you and Baxi, I also want to support you in the rebellion. Kalyani says thanks, you have to go to Kund and stay there. Radha says I will go but on one condition.


Vidrohi 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jagabandhu and Kalyani find the britishers. Warren catches them and threatens to kill. Radha goes into labour.

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Telecast Date:3rd March 2022
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