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Vidrohi 28th October 2021 Episode starts with the minister asking Kalyani to get married and go away, else Fletcher will harm their kingdom more. Radha consoles Jagabandhu. Tulokma comes and argues with him. Radha says I know you are upset. Tulokma says no, I got broken seeing my husband getting slapped in front of everyone, I don’t want to stay here, how can Maa ask him to go and serve the Paika.

Jagabandhu goes to Gadadhar and says I m more hurt than you. Gadadhar says you had questioned me, so mum had slapped me. Jagabandhu says you have seen her anger, not her love, she will believe you, come with me. He takes him to Maa. Maa asks what is he doing here, he should be in the village serving the people.

Gadadhar gets angry. Jagabandhu says he wants to say sorry, how will he become better if we don’t forgive him. Gadadhar apologizes to Maa and falls in her feet. Maa says your words have no value, I will believe you when I see regret in your actions. Maharaj Mukund is called by Fletcher. His wife asks him to make a choice today. He says I always lost something.

She says you decided right, you have to keep good terms with company, we have nothing to lose now. Jagabandhu talks to Paikas. Charan comes there and gives Fletcher’s message. Jagabandhu reads… Doctor had to pay a price for saving Badamba Naresh. He sees Dr. Thomas dead. Charan says we all are slaves to the britishers, I know none can win over them, I m trying to maintain peace.

Jagabandhu says nothing will happen if we kill this puppet, come with me. They go to meet Fletcher. Maharaj Mukund comes there. He asks what are you doing here. He says you decided to rebel again. He scolds Jagabandhu.

They argue. Maharaj says go and become the rebel, kill me and go. Jagabandhu gets shocked. Maharaj says your stubbornness will become a reason for my death, you would have understood this if you took birth in Baxi family.

Jagabandhu cries. He says you are right, I failed in protecting you and the temple, it was just the family which got me this respect, I lost your faith today, I know that I have lost your trust and now I should resign as the Senapati. He says I swear on Jagannath and give away my position of the king’s commander. Paikas shout and ask him not to say this. They all beg Jagabandhu.

Maharaj feels sad. Jagabandhu cries. Fletcher comes there to make fun of them. He says you left the commander’s position, very sad, I had given you the offer before, I can hire the Paikas as guards, I give you the same offer. Paikas get angry. Jagabandhu stops them. Jagabandhu greets Maharaj Mukund, and leaves with his Paikas. Kalyani asks why does everyone stop me from deciding.

Maharaj says you don’t lose your confidence in front of their doubt, its a men dominated society and thinking, your struggle got tough, don’t decide such that your people get against you, you can decide, but not sit on the throne, Mohan has no experience, he can sit on the throne, but can’t decide anything, you can still have your thinking at work by making Mohan have the rights. Kalyani smiles.

Baahu comes home and tells everything. Everyone is shocked. Baahu says sorry, I wanted to tell this to you before Baxi came here. The people cry and beg Jagabandhu not to go. Jagabandhu comes home and sit with tears in his eyes.


Vidrohi 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Fletcher comes to Kalyani and proposes her for marriage. She refuses to him.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2021
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