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Vidrohi 27th October 2021 Episode starts with Jagabandhu and Kalyani fighting the soldiers. He asks the doctor to come with him, he has to save someone’s life. Kalyani folds hands. Doctor goes with them. The guard goes to Fletcher and says camp got attacked. Fletcher leaves in anger. Jagabandhu asks the doctor to treat Maharaj.

Gadadhar asks how shall we trust him, he can do anything wrong. Doctor says my duty is to save the patient, without seeing if he is a friend or an enemy. Everyone stands outside. Doctor says Radha had treated Maharaj until I came, she made my work easy. Kalyani hugs Radha and cries.

Jagabandhu says I have cleaned the wound, but the king is not out of danger. Fletcher asks who had come. Guard says two people came and took Dr. Thomas with them. Fletcher says find out who were they. Maharaj gets fine. Everyone meets them. Jagabandhu thanks the doctor and says sorry to get you in that way. Kalyani says I can’t forget your favor, thanks for saving my dad, and sorry.

Doctor says I didn’t see anyone so brave like your wife. He sees Kalyani. He says I was shocked seeing your perfect coordination in the fight, you both are perfect husband and wife. Gadadhar and Radha laugh. He says Kalyani is Badamba’s princess, Radha is Jagabandhu’s wife. Doctor apologizes and leaves.

Maa says we are glad that you are fine. Maharaj says Baxi didn’t call me here, I wanted to meet him, our Rajya has money and army, but not a Senapati like him to handle the army. He thanks Radha for taking care of him as a daughter. Radha asks him not to thank her. Maharaj Mukund comes to meet Badamba Maharaj. Radha does Mukund’s aarti. Maa introduces Kalyani to him. Mukund asks how is Maharaj. She says he got treated, but he needs rest. He says I wish him a quick recovery, can I meet him. He goes and meets Maharaj.

Maharaj greets Mukund and says I can’t stand up and greet you in this state. Mukund holds his hand. Maharaj says I don’t know how long will I live, but you have a long time to live, your decision to fight the britishers will connect the Odisha people. Mukund says I can’t collaborate with anyone after signing the contract with the company, I don’t want to go to the jail again.

Maharaj says you can either run away from the past wound, or learn from it. Mukund says I want to choose the path of peace. Maharaj says this peace is of fear, we have to do our duty. Mukund says I m not able to explain Baxi that I m helpless. Maharaj says the chains which don’t appear are more dangerous. Mukund leaves.

Jagabandhu says you should have stayed here for some days. Maharaj says I should return to my kingdom now. Kalyani greets Maa. She hugs Radha and says our hearts got connected now, you did a lot for my dad, I can never forget this. Radha says your dad regarded me a daughter, you regard me a sister.

Kalyani thanks Jagabandhu. She says I scolded you, sorry, I wish that you achieve your goals. They leave. Jagabandhu comes to Gadadhar and finds him drinking. He says so many people got killed, Badamba Naresh got shot, you didn’t keep the responsibility, what was the reason for this. Gadadhar says Fletcher was insulting me a lot.

Jagabandhu says Fletcher provoked me, we can’t lose people. Gadadhar argues with him. He says I will always protect my name and rights, being the real heir of this house. Everyone looks on. Jagabandhu says we protect our name and respect by our deeds, you fell into Fletcher’s trap, the people died. Gadadhar says they were meant to die, I have no regret if more of them die to save my respect. Maa slaps him. She says this is the reason why you didn’t become Baxi, why Jagabandhu is the Senapati.

She scolds Gadadhar. She says you have to go to the families who lost their people and take care of them, its my command. Fletcher says I don’t think that they kidnapped you. Doctor says yes, but they were good people, they wanted me to save someone. Fletcher asks did Badamba Naresh get saved. Doctor says he was not in a good condition, I treated him, its my duty. Fletcher says you did wrong to decide it yourself. He shoots the doctor. Charan gets shocked. Fletcher says message Mukund that I want to meet him.

Kalyani says we have to take decisions until dad gets fine, Fletcher wants a war. The minister says let us decide, there is much respect already, we have to prepare for the war in a better way. He calls her decisions wrong. She says I take the responsibility of my decisions. He asks her to get married and leave if she wants the Badamba’s betterment, its Maharaj’s wish as well.


Vidrohi 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kalyani asks why does everyone stop me from deciding. Maharaj says its a men dominated society, you can take the decisions if Mohan gets the rights and the thinking is yours. She smiles.

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Telecast Date:27th October 2021
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