Vidrohi 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 20th November 2021  Episode starts with Kalyani saying I was following that internal enemy, then you have seen me. Jagabandhu asks were you following someone here. She says yes. Gadadhar asks who was he. She says you trust me or not, your trust on your people is proved wrong, someone came to my room again, I have two people talking, someone is here who doesn’t want Rodang’s happiness, who doesn’t know the price of your belief. Maa says this can’t happen. Kalyani says time will show it, I will believe what I have seen.

Maa says you are wrong, Rodang’s every person is our family, we know each other, we don’t need any outsider to show that we are closer. Kalyani says its not good to be so close that you can’t see things well, I m from outside, so I can see what you can’t see, the evil person is still here in Rodang. Jagabandhu asks her to stop it.

He says I won’t hear a word against Rodang people, everyone is my family here, everyone can die for each other. Radha tries to say. He says no one will doubt each other, we trust each other, one has to make own place in the house by trust. She says you are right, I m not able to understand because I m not a part of this family. She leaves. Maa says these rituals don’t matter to Kalyani, but it matters to us, we know what we lost, Kalyani is an outsider.

Jagabandhu says she understands, she has sympathy for Radha. Maa says then she would have not done this, she always doubts us, she doesn’t respect us, we should send her to Badamba Naresh. He says it won’t be right to send her back, we will explain her that everything is fine here. Maa gets angry and says explain her not to insult us. Radha says she can’t be wrong, maybe she has seen or heard someone,

she would be feeling unsafe here, maybe she got scared, her intention isn’t wrong. Maa says her behavior is wrong, she has no right to interfere in our matters. Radha says I know you got angry. Maa says my patience limits can also break. Radha says she is good hearted, I will talk to her. He says Radha is right. She says we should talk and end this matter here, we took her responsibility, can we go and talk to her.

Jagabandhu nods. Radha and Maa come to meet Kalyani. Radha asks why are you packing my bags. Kalyani says you think I will go for this little thing, it can get solved by talks. Radha calms Maa. Radha asks why is your things like this. Kalyani says I m keeping it in a way that I know if anyone touches my cupboard. Radha says forget it, I want you to be with me in the puja tomorrow, you can’t refuse. Maa says we should not trouble Kalyani, its a small puja with family members, she can come later for food. Radha says its imp puja, I want Kalyani to do my shringhaar. Kalyani nods. They go. Kalyani thinks I can never hurt Radha’s heart.

Its morning, Maa does the arrangements. Kalyani praises Radha and does her shringhaar. Amba looks on. She goes. Jagabandhu comes. Radha asks her to see, she is lucky, a princess is doing her Shringhaar. He smiles. Radha asks Kalyani to tie her hair. Kalyani says I don’t know that. Radha asks him to teach Kalyani.

He ties Radha’s hair. Radha says I asked you to teach her, not make it. He unties her hair and then ties back to show Kalyani. Radha smiles seeing them. Radha says you warriors have made my hair a battle ground, you will be punished. She questions them about the war. They answer the questions. Radha asks them to bond well, its better that they collaborate, else she will get it done in writing, she will take their hand prints also. Kalyani recalls her marriage. Radha says its a new day, forget it, you smile a bit for my sake. They smile.


Vidrohi 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amba adds something in the food. Kalyani sees her and asks what are you mixing in it. She takes Amba outside. She asks Amba to drink it and prove it. Jagabandhu scolds Kalyani.


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