Vidrohi 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 1st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gadadhar lying to the family. Kalyani says I had seen some shadows and reached the storeroom. Gadadhar thinks she can tell about me and Amba. She says some attackers caught me, they ran away when Gadadhar came. He asks why are you lying, tell the truth, Baxi never does injustice.

The guards bring a man there. The man says Kalyani is saying the truth, someone had come to attack her. Jagabandhu asks how do you know all this. The man says because I was that attacker. Jagabandhu scolds him and asks who told you to do this.

The man says Kalyani. Gadadhar smiles seeing Kalyani. Jagabandhu says she asked you to attack her. The man says yes, she gave this price also. The man gives the jewellery. He asks Kalyani to prove herself right, else she has to pay a price for this lie.

Kalyani says I don’t know his motive, he has my belongings as the proof, I don’t know how he got it, it is used against me, I m shocked and regret that you are believing him, not me, you are asking me to prove your innocent, can you deny your faith on me, do you just know me this much.

He says no, I know you, but I have to do justice, my faith isn’t enough, Kalyani will come here after 7 days to defend herself, if she fails to do this, then she will be declared a culprit, then she will be sent to the jail. Kalyani cries.

Jagabandhu says this man will be sent to the jail. The man apologizes. Jagabandhu leaves. Amba goes to meet the man. He asks about his child and family. Amba says your family is fine, your wife has sent the food for you. He asks why are you doing this. She says you got a chance to get free from your loans. She goes. Amba and Gadadhar look on. The man eats the food. He dies by the poison.

They smile. Kalyani recalls Jagabandhu’s words. She says I want Baxi’s permission to go out and find evidence. Radha says you trusted Kalyani a lot, but her truth broke her trust, you gave her time to prove it. He says I can’t decide anything without thinking, such big decisions can’t be taken in haste. She says I wish you thought of this before marrying Kalyani, it changed my life. He says I want you to understand the matter. Kalyani comes. She turns to go. Radha scolds her.

She says this is our room, I will decide this, its my right. She asks Kalyani to change her habit. Kalyani says I came to ask something, maybe time isn’t right. She turns. The diya falls down and breaks. Radha taunts her. She asks Kalyani to clean it. He asks Radha to call any maid and get it cleaned. Radha says good, you didn’t need to do any work.

Kalyani leaves. Radha says you don’t see, she is trying to use your goodness, she is acting helpless. He says if she is wrong, then she will be punished, you punish her, I will obey the rules of justice and Dharm. He goes. Gadadhar stops Kalyani and taunts her. Kalyani says I m very thankful to you, I have to expose your game. He claps for her. He says your wound will ache after some time, till then it will be too late. She thinks I have to find out before it gets late.

The guard says Kalyani has gone to meet that man’s family, that man is dead. Jagabandhu is shocked. Amba says Kalyani didn’t take the permission and went there. Kalyani talks to the man’s wife.


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