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Vidrohi 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 12th October 2021 Episode starts with Kalyani getting scared. The britishers shoot in the air. The british officer Fletcher greets Maharaja and asks can I talk to you in private. Maharaja says its my son’s Rajya Abhishek now. Fletcher smiles and says Maharaja should survive for that. They go for a talk. Fletcher threatens him about his huge army and possible attack. Kalyani hides and looks on.

He asks Mohan to shoot him with the gun. He scares Mohan. He says you want to battle with East India company, if you don’t then I will think you accepted our rule with peace. He shows the sand clock and asks Maharaja to think well and decide, his time starts now. Kalyani signs no to Maharaja. Fletcher leaves. Kalyani runs and hugs Mohan. The people praise Jagabandhu for always fulfilling their needs.

The man says but you can run out of your resources. Jagabandhu says we all are one family, until I m alive, we are one family and share joy and sorrow. A couple looks on. The people chant his name. The lady says Jagabandhu is spending so much on the people, I m your wife, who will tell you the truth, your share is also going in this. Gagadhar thinks.

Fletcher talks to his seniors about Badamba. His senior taunts him for being half indian. Fletcher says Badamba will give up. Senior says everyone laughs on you in our company, officers think that your Indian blood will sympathize with Indians. Fletcher gets angry and controls himself. He says East India company isn’t just to do business, you need people like me to rule, my British blood has hatred for Indians,

I will prove it. He says your indian roots are pulling you. Fletcher says I have read Mahabharat and Ramayana also to understand Indian minds, to divide them and rule. Senior says to prove yourself as British, you have to show us what you did, you don’t make the old mistake again,

this office will be yours from now, I m sure that you know something about Puri. Fletcher says Puri’s Jagannath temple is famous, Maharaj is worshipped, we have captured both the temple and their king. Officer says you have to snatch the king’s powers, you have to do this.

Gagadhar argues with Maa. He says I m preparing myself for the time when there will be nothing left here. Maa says you would be not hurt if you understood your responsibility well. Jagabandhu says I won’t let my brother stay hungry ever, you trust me right. He goes to feed Gagadhar. Gagadhar’s wife says its not about food, you and Radha don’t have to think about your child, but we have to think.

Radha says its imp that values we are giving to the coming generation, we have to give hope to the people and keep the hope alive. Gagadhar says rebellion won’t happen, we don’t know where is our king captive. A man comes and says news is spread that Maharaj is released. Jagabandhu asks what, are you telling the truth. The man says yes, I heard it, they are releasing Maharaj and asked everyone to come.

Maa blesses Jagabandhu. He goes to pray to his ancestors. Radha smiles. Fletcher says you won’t question my decisions and trust me, only when I will be taking my decisions. Kalyani says Mohan is tensed that he will be captured. Maharaj says this britishers are looters, they are fraud. Fletcher says I will take Maharaja in front of his peace and then show his final farewell. He smiles.

Kalyani says someone has to give them an answer. Jagabandhan keeps his hand on the fire and swears that he will take revenge for the injustice and insult, he will make their land free from the britishers. He gets ready. He goes to welcome Maharaj back. He tells the people that the battle to get their lost respect starts now, Maharaj will be freed, this will change the coming tomorrow. Fletcher sees the people coming. He smiles and says we will make Maharaj ready for Shobha yatra. Kalyani gets ready in her palace. Fletcher brings Maharaj there in a bad state, chained up. Jagabandhu and the people get angered seeing his state.


Vidrohi 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maharaj says I want you to get married and go away. Maa says we have to ask help from other Rajyas. Maharaj says don’t know, who will fight with these britishers and support us. Maa says there is one Rajya. Jagabandhu says Badamba. He arrives in Badamba.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
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