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Udariyaan 9th May 2022 Episode starts with Tejo saying Fateh tried to kill me. Angad says try to forget everything, start afresh. Amrik says Angad is dangerous, we have to think well. Jasmin says Angad won’t try to kill her, because he got her, he would be happy that she hates all of us. Angad says leave everything to me, I will take care of everything, go and sleep, you will feel better. Tejo goes.

Amrik says we have to make Tejo believe that Angad did this, not you both. Tejo calls someone. She says I think I have reached close, I feel scared, but I will do it, okay, bye. Jasmin says Tejo should be at her apartment, Amrik has gone to her café, he will call her if he sees her. Fateh says she will come to get her stuff. She says yes, she should come. Fateh says I m worried for Tejo,

did Angad think of killing her again. He recalls the car number and says Angad has taken that car on rent, we can find his address from the car agency, we can know his address now. Angad talks to someone on call and says Tejo is with me, I had ignited the fire, right, its imp that Tejo dies, else it will be risky for me, this time, I will kill of them. He gets shocked seeing Tejo. She asks can you drop me home for sometime.

He asks why. She says I feel restless. He says of course, Fateh and Jasmin can trouble you, I thought of something for your safety, take some rest then I will drop you. She thanks him and goes. Angad thinks thank God, she didn’t listen to anything, I have to end her story, bullet will be shot.

Jasmin says Tejo met Fateh and went back to Angad, you know Amrik, I hate Angad. Amrik smiles and says you have changed a lot. She asks what happened to you. He says you aren’t old Jasmin now, who used to think of herself, you are working hard to unite Fateh and Tejo, you used to love Fateh before, but now you love me,

I love you Jasmin. He hugs her. She says its not time to get emotional, we have to focus on them, go to Fateh, its risky to leave him alone. He says you changed a lot. He leaves. Jasmin looks at herself in the mirror and asks did I really change, I m still the same, but didn’t get a chance to fight.

Jasmin goes to Tejo’s house and knocks. She calls Fateh. She says did Fateh go to Angad’s house. Tejo says I have to go to café. Angad says you should not go there, we will go for a walk, you will feel better. Fateh looks at them.

Jasmin worries and says I will call Amrik. Amrik calls Gurpreet. She cries. She says since you left, Fateh also left, where are you, are you in Canada. He says Jasmin and I are fine, you can scold me as much as you want, are you angry on me.

She says no, I m happy when you are happy. He says I have called to inform you, Fateh is with me here, I asked him not to inform you. She says come back, else I will tell your dad. He asks her to hear the good news first, Tejo is alive. She gets shocked and cries happily.

Jasmin says who is Amrik talking to, I told him to call me when he sees Tejo. Gurpreet asks is Tejo alive, make me talk to her. Amrik says she is in London but not with us. She asks how did she reach there. He says we will get her back, nothing is fine here, don’t tell anyone, don’t worry, we will come back together,

I promise, I will get Tejo back, you looked worried so I told you this good news, I love you, I m missing you a lot, I want to come back to you and lie in your lap, I m missing everyone. He says pray that everything gets fine and we come back to India, love you. she says love you. She thanks Lord.

Angad thinks it’s a good place, crowded, it will look like an accident. He asks Tejo not to get scared, she knows karate also, Tejo as Tanya is best, fearless Tanya, but you have to forget Tanya, Tejo is back. She smiles. He says I love you more than anything in the world, I want to see you smiling. Fateh looks on. Angad thinks everyone will think you are happy with me, then I will plan to kill you.

Fateh thinks Tejo you have to listen to me. Angad and Tejo watch a street show. They also dance. Tejo goes. Amrik comes to Jasmin. She asks where were you. He says I was at café, Tejo has an off today, I was talking to mum. She asks did you say we are in London, did you say Fateh is with us. He nods. She asks Tejo? He says I told her that Tejo is alive, mum was very happy. She says you didn’t think of our peace, Tejo doesn’t want to see our face, she doesn’t believe Fateh. Fateh goes to Tejo.

He holds her hand and says listen to me, I have to talk about Angad, I came here for your safety. Tejo says you tried to kill me. He says your life is in danger. Angad thinks where did she go suddenly, did Fateh come again.

He throws the icecream. Fateh asks Tejo to believe him. Jasmin says you should have waited for some time. Amrik says I came here and Fateh also came here, mum was so worried. She says I will not go back to India. Amrik says I promised that I will get Tejo home, I will take her, we started a new life,

we don’t need to run away, Tejo will help us. Tejo says you just loved Jasmin. Fateh says we don’t have much time, Angad ignited the fire that night, he wants to kill you. Tejo asks what nonsense, he had no problem with me. He says he had a problem with your baby, Angad loves you a lot, he can go to any extent for you, when he learnt that you can’t be of him, then he tried to kill you, did you tell him that you are pregnant. She nods.

He says he couldn’t have stopped you, so he did this, you think I m responsible, maybe he heard Jasmin talking on phone, he had ignited the fire, you are still with her. Angad looks on. Fateh says maybe he wants to kill you here, you are with him. She cries.

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