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Udariyaan 8th October 2021 Episode starts with Tejo asking Jasmin did you get scared, what happened, now listen to me, if you tell anything about Simran and Candy, then I will tell the entire truth to Fateh, you will leave from his heart and life, I don’t think you want this, so take care. She turns to go. Jasmin says you think Fateh will trust you, no way, he loves me a lot, he can’t think of living without me.

Tejo says I know Fateh more well than you, if he knows that you had the second innings of this relation on the basis of lies, you don’t know what he will do, let him find out, he won’t forgive you because he loves you. Jasmin says my lie is to make a mum close to her daughter, while your son is to make a son away from his mum, a lie that helps others can bigger than a thousand truth, I m lying to give happiness, unlike you, you lied to break someone’s marriage. She leaves.

Jasmin comes home. Fateh asks what happened, where did you go from the academy. She murmurs. He asks what happened. She says Tejo won’t let me live easily, I still decided to move on, any other girl in my place would have hanged herself. He asks are you mad, what are you saying. She says Tejo is telling everyone that I m a Chudail,

I have trapped you. He says you are mistaken. She says when I go to canteen, everyone makes fun of me. He hugs her and says I will go and talk to her. Jasmin asks are you mad, she will think I have sent you, I have told you to not hide anything, a good relation is known by this, our relation should be clear like a mirror, if Tejo tells anything, then don’t believe her, please. He hugs her. She thinks he won’t listen to Tejo. He thinks can Tejo do this, my heart isn’t believing this.

Tejo and everyone play with Candy. Jasmin recalls Simran. Tejo goes to her. She says before acting clever, remember I have dad’s passport. She gets Simran’s call. Simran asks did Jasmin do anything. Tejo says no. Simran says Candy will be living there tonight. Tejo says there won’t be any problem.

Simran says I also got hopeful now. Tejo sees Jasmin and says I will talk later, some people have more interests in hearing my talks. Jasmin thinks once I get that passport, I will see her. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet to make Candy’s fav food. Candy says I want pizza, burger, french fries. Jasmin enters Tejo’s room. She checks the cupboards, drawers, and other things. She says where did she keep the passport. She thinks she would have kept the passports in safe locker. Tejo says I have to go to the college for paper related work, but Candy. Biji says we will look after him.

Candy asks why are you taking my tension. Jasmin says the key is in Tejo’s bag. Tejo takes her bag and leaves. Jasmin goes to Fateh and asks do you have academy contract papers, I spoke to Khanna for funding, he wants the papers. He says Tejo has it in the locker. She asks why does Tejo have everything, go and get the locker keys from her. Fateh goes to stop Tejo. He says I got an investor for the academy, you have the contract papers, right. She says yes, I have it in the locker, I m getting late. He says give me the keys, I will get it. She gives the keys. She recalls their moments. She drives off.

Jasmin breaks a tap. She sees Fateh. She says our room’s tap broke, go and see fast, else the room will become a swimming pool. He says I will see. She asks him to give keys. She asks the password. He gives the keys and tells the code. He goes and sees the water leakage. Jasmin opens the locker. She looks for the passport. Fateh comes and says don’t know how that happened, I fixed it now, but we have to call the plumber, did you get the papers. She says no, I m finding it. He says these are the papers.

She sees the passports inside it. He gets a call. She takes the papers. She says you lock it, I will go. She smiles and leaves. Tejo recalls Fateh’s words. She holds her head, recalling she kept the passports in the locker. She says Fateh can see the passport. She comes home. He asks did you forget anything. She asks did you get the papers. He says yes, take the keys. She thanks him. He goes. She thinks it means he didn’t see the passport.

Jasmin says she was threatening me about the passports, she thinks her lie won’t be caught, I will tell her secret then she will be out from the house. Sweety says don’t forget that you burnt your dad’s passport, he knows it, if Tejo tells this to Fateh, then Fateh will go and ask Rupy, Rupy will tell the truth, you are taking a big risk. She goes. Jasmin says no, I have to think of something else now, her relation with Khushbeer is getting strong, I have to weaken it and break.

Tejo takes care of everyone at home. Biji asks Gurpreet to see Tejo, she takes care of everyone. Jasmin smiles and thinks see how helpless I turn you now. Candy asks who made so much food with magic. Khushbeer says we have a fairy, she makes all this by her magic, her name is Tejo. He asks for tea. Jasmin asks shall I make tea for you. Khushbeer says let it be. Nimmo says let her also do some work, why shall Tejo do all the work. He says fine. Jasmin goes and makes the tea. She gets a capsule and recalls Tejo keeping the medicine in the saucer.

FB shows Jasmin checking the prescription. She thinks uncle takes one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening, but if uncle takes two tablets instead one, then… FB ends. Jasmin says your health won’t get too affected. Tejo gets medicines. Gurpreet asks did you check the prescription well. Tejo says yes, I checked it, I will make tea. Jasmin says I got the tea. He asks Tejo to get the tea. He takes the medicines and drinks tea. Jasmin smiles.

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