Udariyaan 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 6th November 2021 Episode starts with Tejo asking what are you saying. Khushbeer says person can’t move on when a thorn is stuck in the feet, make Fateh out of your life. She says I understand, you want to see me happy, my divorce just happened, I can’t even think such a thing, is a woman so weak that she can’t live in the world without a husband and marriage, no, I m not weak.

He says I know you are brave, but I m feeling weak as a father, so much happened with you and I couldn’t do anything. She says maybe it was in fate. He says I m wrong, being Fateh’s dad, he is getting married, you are fighting problems alone, no, I will never tolerate this. She says you all are with me.

He says we can’t be with you always, life is long, think about it. She says please, don’t force me, my heart and soul have a deep wound, until this wound heals, I can’t even think of a new relation, please… She cries and runs to her room. Rupy says I understand your pain, Tejo is saying right, its not good to force her, we should understand her wish and happiness.

Gurpreet says Tejo went in pain, you increased her pain. Khushbeer asks what can I do, I feel Fateh has something in his heart for Tejo, he tells that he loves Jasmin, but he values Tejo more, he matters to Tejo also, if Tejo does this marriage, then Fateh will try to stop it and realize what he lost. She says yes, its too late now.

He says I m not putting pressure on her, I hope everything will get fine, Fateh will get ruined in Jasmin’s love. She cries. Door bell rings. He says maybe Tejo has come. They rush to see. They see Fateh drunk. Jasmin says door is open. Fateh says yes. They get inside. Fateh says welcome us home.

Fateh says I m really happy, see, did you see my happiness, didn’t you, you don’t see me also. Jasmin signs him to stop. Fateh says I love you Papa. Everyone comes. Gurpreet asks him to remember respecting elders. Fateh says we shall celebrate, you won’t come in our marriage, Jasmin couldn’t party here so she went out, Tejo has left, now we aren’t insulting anyone. Khushbeer gets angry. Dada ji says he isn’t in senses. Fateh says lets party all night, I love Jasmin a lot, I m going to marry her.

Jasmin asks did you just say we will get married, really. He says yes. Fateh says come, we will celebrate. Khushbeer says Jasmin will ruin him, only Tejo can handle him. Gurpreet says but he doesn’t deserve Tejo. Fateh cries and says sorry Papa, I had to do this. Tejo thinks of Fateh. Sacchi mohabbat….plays…

Fateh comes to his room. He sits on the bed. He recalls Tejo. He makes a pillow wall. Simran comes. He wipes tears. He asks can you hear it. She asks what. He says something broke inside me. He asks her to sit, its his room, Tejo snatched it for some days, now she left, its his bed now, he will sleep well now. She says I pity you a lot, you are making the same mistake in love which I did. He says love is such a thing. He hugs her and cries. She asks are you fine. He says yes. He falls down. He says I wished to cry in my happiness. She says you know, no one cries in happiness, I know you miss Tejo. He says I didn’t deny it, don’t know how is she, she will be good without me. He sleeps. She gives him a pillow.

Its morning, Tejo comes to the academy. Jasmin sees her and says why do I see Tejo here, why will she come here. Tejo asks where is Fateh. Jasmin asks what are you doing here. Tejo says I want Fateh and Angad’s signs on the imp papers, get it signed by Fateh. Jasmin says you take it, I m not his personal secretary, he won’t come today, read his message. She reads the message, I won’t come to the academy, because I m planning a surprise for my would be wife. She says go to that irritating investor.

Tejo leaves. She asks Rajat where is Angad. He says he isn’t here. She says I want his signs on some imp papers, where is he, please tell me. He shows Angad talking to the villagers. She steps in the dirty mud. He says you can’t go there. She says he also went there, I need his signs. He says there is a way, tractor is there, just Angad can drive it. She asks for keys. He asks will you drive.

She says yes, I m a farmer’s daughter, we also have fields, how I won’t driving a tractor. She drives the tractor. Angad gets surprised seeing her. He says madam knows to drive a tractor also, what other talents did she hide, nice. He smiles. The tractor tyre gets stuck. He goes to help Tejo. He says welcome Tejo ji, amazing. He does shayari. She asks him to help her. He says you pull the starter. She says you don’t want to become hero today, fine, I will help myself. She gets down and falls. He holds her in arms.


Udariyaan 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo washes her hands. Angad splashes water on her. Fateh comes home. He sees Tejo with Angad.

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Telecast Date:6th November 2021
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