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Udariyaan 4th October 2021 Episode starts with Tejo coming to her room. She says my laptop. Jasmin’s pendrive is fallen there. Tejo looks around. She checks and says question papers are open, battery is draining. She goes to get the charger. Jasmin runs outside. Tejo says its 5pm, I have to drop Candy home. Gurpreet asks will you come tomorrow. Candy says if you make pinniyaan for me. She says sure and hugs. Everyone smiles. Tejo takes Candy with her. Gurpreet cries.

Nimmo asks what happened. Gurpreet says no, if everything was fine with Simran, then she would have had a child of his age, we would be really Nana and Nani. Candy comes with family pic and says I saw all of them. Simran sends him. She says Tejo, he identified everyone, you are taking a big risk, if he tells something. Tejo says I know, if Khushbeer gets love for him, then he will forgive you. Jasmin comes to Sweety’s house. Sweety asks what are you doing, don’t you have a laptop.

Jasmin says wait for some time, I m doing an imp work. Tejo talks to the principal. She says all preparations are done, students missed the classes, so I set the paper easy. The lady says I know, students like you, you got the Punjab’s best teacher award. Tejo says thanks, I like teaching. Jasmin says students were tensed about the paper, now they will have no tension, I have put it on the internet. Sweety says what, you have leaked accountancy paper. The lady says you are a brave girl, I heard what Jasmin did, how can she do this. Sweety says what did you do, what will happen if you get caught.

Jasmin says I have asked my friend about it, no one can catch me. Tejo says I want to forget everything and focus on my work. The lady says I love your sincerity, you took the right decision, we need teachers like you, I m proud of you. Tejo thanks her. Jasmin says Tejo madam, you have taught a lot, its time you will get beaten up, you will get viral and famous, Tejo, you will go and lose respect also, you will lose the house and college also.

Jasmin comes to the academy. She takes Fateh aside. He asks what are you doing, imp meeting was going on. She talks sweetly and asks for his time. She gets shy. He asks what’s the matter, why are you smiling, which fort did you conquer. She thinks I shouldn’t tell anything now. She says I got you, I don’t want to conquer anything. He asks really, think well. She says take me for shopping. He says dad said I will get salary, we can’t waste it, we have to go to Canada also, come with me and work.

She says its Soni’s engagement after two days, I don’t have good clothes, fine if you don’t have money for my new dress. Fateh says wait, take this card, be careful, I m not a king of any fort. She says so what, you are a king of heart, I will do work and go. She hears the students talking… someone leaked the accountancy papers, if principal knows, then paper will get cancelled. Jasmin says yes, everyone will know, it will be fun now.

Tejo gets a call. She asks is there anything urgent. The lady says yes, come right now. Tejo says okay, I m coming. She goes to the college and meets the principal. The lady says its about college reputation, this mistake won’t be forgiven. Tejo says trust me, I didn’t leak the papers. The lady says you had set the papers, documents are with you, who will do this. Tejo says I don’t know about it. The lady says you used to give tuition to students, some of them would be rich, how much money did you take from the students.

Tejo says you are blaming me for something I didn’t go, don’t point a finger at my integrity and sincerity. The lady says you will get blacklisted, your deed will get us defamed, do you realize this. Tejo says I didn’t do this, I have no idea. The lady says prove it, I give you 12 hours, go and resolve this, I don’t care how you do this, if you want to save your respect, then save this college’s respect, understand.

Jasmin says I m so happy, I wish to party and celebrate, are you coming with me for shopping, Fateh gave me the credit card. Sweety says yes. Jasmin says I will go home and prepare to bake a cake. Tejo walks on the road. She recalls her career dreams. She recalls the principal and Khushbeer’s words. Jasmin says I will make such a cake that Fateh and entire family gets happy. She holds her head. She sits down aside. Jasmin says I m happy, Tejo will fall in Khushbeer’s eyes, then she will go away from Fateh and my life. Tejo cries. She falls there. Nimmo says Jasmin looks happy, when she is happy, there is a big problem in the house, when Fateh got the award, we got insulted, this time our family can come in national news. Gurpreet says Lord, protect us from this girl.

Fateh stops the car seeing someone fallen. He goes to help. He turns Tejo and gets shocked. He asks what happened Tejo, are you okay. He gets water for her. He hugs her and says its okay, calm down, breathe…. Jasmin comes to everyone and says I have made a chocolate cake for all of you, I know you all hate me, I respect you all, so I try to win your hearts. Tejo says everything is over, Fateh. He asks how much time do we have. She says 11 hours. He says we will do something, trust me. She says everything is over. He says do as I say, set the papers again. She says it will take 4-5 hours. He says we have to do this. She says even if that’s done, how will we get it printed and distributed in colleges.

He says I will see all that, you just set the papers, I trust you, you have always fought the battles, you will win this battle also. Jasmin asks Gurpreet to cut the cake. Gurpreet says we will cut it after Fateh comes, don’t know why didn’t Tejo come. Mahi says its exam tomorrow, she might have gone to college. Fateh says I trust you, you can’t lose. Tejo asks by what right are you holding my hand now, our relation is just till the court.

She gets up to go. He holds her hands. He says Tejo, I have hurt dad and ashamed him, he regards you his daughter, his pride, please let me help you for his sake. Jasmin says Papa ji… Khushbeer stares. She says uncle ji, can you taste this. Khushbeer says Gurpreet, Tejo would have made the soup for me, send it to my room. Jasmin thinks they will kick out Tejo tomorrow, who will save you now Tejo. Tejo says no Fateh, if Jasmin knows, then it will be a big drama. He says I will handle it, I have given you much sorrow, I can’t tolerate that you get embarrassed, please Tejo.

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