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Udariyaan 31st October 2022 Episode starts with Advait rescuing Nehmat and Aykam. The factory blasts. Aykam hugs her. hey leave in the car. Aykam asks how did you know about us. Advait makes an excuse. He asks who were they, were they the same men who attacked you that day. Nehmat says I also think so.

Advait asks is there any enmity, I can help you, after all we are friends now. Aykam says some people have a problem with us, we didn’t think that they will try to kill us. Advait says strange. Nehmat says my family died in an accident 16 years ago, it was someone’s conspiracy. Aykam says I tried to reopen the case and this started. Nehmat says now I m sure that my parents were murdered,

it wasn’t an accident. Aykam says its imp for us to know who planned it. Advait asks do you have any doubt on someone. She says no. Aykam says I had seen that goon, I have to reach the person he is working for. Advait says they look dangerous. Aykam says yes, but we have to know it. Advait says you both could have died today, sorry to say, this is foolishness. Nehmat says we can’t stay without each other, I won’t sit quiet. Aykam says yes.

Advait brings them to Nehmat’s house. Aykam thanks Advait. He says if you didn’t come on time, then anything could have happened, don’t tell this to Mallika. Nehmat asks what will we tell at home. Aykam says we will say anything, that an accident happened. Shamsher asks Advait why did you do that. Advait says this new crime won’t leave us, this election is imp for you. Shamsher asks will you tell me what is imp, you know what she wants. Scene shifts to Toronto. A lady is seen.

She calls Shamsher. Shamsher asks what shall I answer her now. He answers the call. He says happy Diwali. She says happy Diwali, are you happening what I told you. He says yes. She says I have come to Canada years ago, I don’t know Aykam and Nehmat to find out about the case. He says I know if this case reopens, then we both will be in trouble, tell me, what’s your connection with them that you wanted to kill them. She asks him to stay happy with the election funds,

give her love to Advait. She ends the call. She says Nehmat has to cry now. Shamsher says if she didn’t get Canada PR to you, then you would have gone to jail. Advait says we also helped her. Shamsher says she will not send us party funds. Advait says don’t worry, don’t kill them, they won’t investigate now, Mallika keeps me informed, I know what I m doing. Shamsher says Mallika can make this possible,

I know what to do now. He smiles. Advait asks what do you want to do now. Shamsher’s wife comes and asks them to come inside the house, Diwali party is going on. Shamsher says we are taking Advait’s alliance for Mallika. Advait is shocked. Shamsher says Advait is hanging out with her, we will print the wedding cards. She says he didn’t show me her face. He says they are good people, we will go tomorrow with his alliance.

Advait asks what’s all this, I don’t like Mallika, marriage is a commitment. Shamsher says she is Aykam’s sister and Nehmat’s best friend, this marriage should happen to separate Nehmat and Aykam. Naaz says Nikhil left the party and came here, where did Aykam and you go. Nehmat recalls the accident. She makes an excuse. Naaz asks her to pray for her at Gurudwara. Naaz thinks of Advait. She asks what happened to you. Nehmat says nothing.

Naaz asks did this happen with you, you think of someone and see someone else’s face. Nehmat says ever. Naaz says you just have one face in your eyes. Nehmat says yes, I don’t see anyone except Aykam. Its morning, Nehmat wakes up and sees Advait and her pic. Mallika says Aykam’s pic is also here.

Nehmat asks what happened. Mallika says I have to frame these pics, you three are imp people of my life, breaking news, Advait and his parents came home to talk about alliance, guess what, its my roka tomorrow. They hug and dance. Nehmat says I m so happy for you. Mallika says go and get ready first. Naaz looks on. She asks is this true, congrats for your roka. Mallika says let it be, I don’t trust you.

Naaz asks why are you saying this, I don’t have anything wrong for you in my heart. Mallika asks Nehmat to come downstairs. Naaz says Nehmat, I kept your tea here. Nehmat gets Aykam’s call. She says I m getting ready. He asks are you fine. She says no, who are they, why do they want to see us separated.

He says we will see what to do later. Nehmat says I excited for Mallika and Advait’s roka. Aykam’s pic falls down. Rupy blesses Mallika. He says Naaz and Nehmat will come in your roka. Mallika says no, you all have to come. Shelly says you also talk about your marriage. Naaz says Nikhil is ahead of Advait in every department.

Advait asks Nikhil to get up. Nikhil wakes up. Advait says its my roka tomorrow with Mallika. Nikhil hugs him and asks when did this happen. Advait says you and mom have to handle everything. Nikhil says everything will be done. Advait says you do timepass with girls, Naaz is Mallika’s friend, don’t do anything wrong. Nikhil says I will marry Naaz.

Advait asks really, does she know you are always free. His mum comes and asks Nikhil to come and have food. Advait says you are spoiling him. Naaz says Nikhil is his mum’s fav, Advait is his dad’s puppet, Mallika will not rule after I go there. Shelly says I think Advait is his dad’s right hand, you save your place, I don’t think Mallika will make you her Devrani. Naaz thinks Mallika will save her place now, I have to use my trump card.


Udariyaan 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Naaz says sorry Nehmat, I have to use you. Baba says Nehmat’s marriage will happen soon. Aykam says I told you, we will marry soon. Baba says just her marriage will happen soon.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
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