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Udariyaan 29th August 2022 Episode starts with Rupy seeing Jasmin come. She cries and hugs him. He recalls Tejo’s words. He doesn’t hug Jasmin. He says Jasmin isn’t my daughter. Jasmin gets shocked.

Tejo asks what, didn’t dad come home. Satti says his number isn’t reachable. Tejo says don’t worry, he will come. Jasmin apologizes to Rupy, holding his leg. She says Yash didn’t love me, he took me to Canada to take revenge, he and his mum badly treated me, please forgive me. He says you have put your happy pics on internet, was it fake.

She says yes, Yash used to posts the fake pics, they snatched my phone and locked me in storeroom, I couldn’t escape, finally I went to Gurudwara and got help by this NGO. She says I hold your feet, please don’t leave me.

He says I don’t trust you, you have hurt us so many times that our hearts have become of stone, I can’t take you back in Fateh and Tejo’s lives, they are happy, if you came back thinking everyone will accept you, then you are wrong. She says give me one last chance, I didn’t come to ruin anyone’s life. He says forgive me, just Tejo is my daughter now.

Tejo is with Fateh. He asks for a goodnight kiss. She laughs. She sees the book and recalls his words. Jasmin asks where will I go, take me home. Rupy says I m not your dad. A girl says Nanu and stops him. Jasmin says she is Naaz, my daughter and your granddaughter. Rupy cries and holds Naaz. Tejo says we all love Nehmat,

she will understand that heart relations are stronger than blood relations. Fateh says you finally understood it. She says we should tell the truth to the family. He says you want to tell the family that Nehmat isn’t Amrik’s daughter, but criminal Harvinder’s daughter. Rupy says I m not your Nanu, I just know your mom, I have no relation with her.

Jasmin says please once for her sake. He says I will make arrangements for your house and food, don’t expect anything else. Naaz says I m feeling very hungry. Jasmin cries and hugs her. Rupy cries.

Jasmin says I have nothing, how shall I give you anything. Tejo says family should know whose daughter is Nehmat. Fateh says no, they will judge her after knowing her dad is a murderer, then what will we do.

He explains her. She says I will never doubt Nehmat. He says I know. She says I have removed all bitterness for Jasmin, she made me feel motherhood. He says yes, it doesn’t matter who got her into this world.

Jasmin says just wait, I will get some food. The lady says Rupy has sent this food and money for you. Jasmin thanks Rupy. She cries seeing Naaz eating the food. Rupy looks on and cries.

Tejo feeds the milk to Nehmat. Nehmat says I wished to get a sister. Tejo says I know, because mumma knows everything. Rupy comes home and cries. He says I m not happy and upset with her return, I won’t let her do anything wrong, its good if she stays away, I regret for Naaz, its not her mistake.

Nehmat shows the same gifts and says Lord has given me a sign that I will get my sister, I will give this to her. Tejo thinks if Jasmin had a daughter, then our girls would have been sisters. She asks Nehmat to always be a good person, caring and loving. She hugs Nehmat. Jasmin says I wish I was a good person and could give you a good life. She makes Naaz sleep. Satti opens the door.

She asks Rupy why is he sitting outside the house. He says nothing, I went to meet my friend, why are you asking. She stops him and says I m your wife, I understand what you say and what you don’t, there is something you are hiding, tell me. He says everything is fine.

Its morning, Fateh asks Tejo to explain Nehmat. She says you tell her that you are going out for 2 days. He says its not easy, training camp is imp. She says you are scared of your daughter. Gurpreet says he isn’t our Fateh since he became a dad.

They laugh. Nehmat and Mallika have a talk. Mallika says my brother has come back, we three will study in the same school, you can also play with him, he is super active, he plays football so well. A boy calls Mallika and hits the football.

Nehmat catches it and asks who has hit the ball. Some boys come to get the football. Naaz says aloo parathas for me, and butter too. Jasmin says yes, we will have it. She feds Naaz. Naaz says its very tasty. Jasmin says we will always stay here. Naaz sees a family. She says you said we also have a family,

their house would be big, when will we go there. Jasmin recalls. She thinks I m unlucky to stay here. Nehmat and the boy argue. She asks him to take the football from her. She runs. The boy Aykam catches her. Nehmat falls down and makes him fall. Mallika asks them to listen. They both fight.

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