Udariyaan 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 28th July 2022 Episode starts with Tejo asking why didn’t you come home, everyone is worried for you. Jasmin recalls Fateh’s words. Tejo says come home with me. Jasmin says leave my hand, I can’t go home with you.

Tejo asks why are you saying this. Jasmin says this happened because of me, why shall I go home with you, leave me on my state, you called me a bad sister, I know you still hate me, you think I tried to kill you, why shall I go with you, I will go away from your lives forever. She smiles.

Tejo says no, it was a misunderstanding, mum and dad told me everything, Angad did wrong, you and Fateh didn’t do anything, don’t punish yourself, you and your baby need everyone, come home with me.

Jasmin says no, you are good, you think everyone is good, I have done much wrong with you, I can’t go home with you, this should happen with me, Amrik left me, Sweety’s mum ousted me, I don’t care anyone’s love and care, I have slept on the road, I had to steal and feed myself, I have no problem in living such a life.

Tejo cries. Jasmin says I have done such mistakes, leave me, go home. Tejo says no. Jasmin says no one accepted me as Amrik’s wife, now nobody accepts me as his widow, go home, my baby will just get hatred in this world, I will abort this baby. She runs smilingly. Tejo stops her and slaps.

Tejo hugs her. She says you want to abort this baby, ask me the pain of losing a child. She cries. She promises the baby that everyone will love him. Jasmin thinks baby is useful to me. They hug. Jasmin thinks Fateh can’t do anything to me.

Fateh asks what, Jasmin came home. Rupy says yes, Tejo got her home. Tejo feeds the food to Jasmin. Satti and Bebe get glad. Rupy says Tejo is going mad after Jasmin, since she got to know that Jasmin is pregnant, go and meet her.

Satti prays that the happiness always stays. Fateh thinks Jasmin is still a threat for Tejo. Tejo asks Jasmin does the baby kick. Jasmin says yes, sometimes. Tejo says tell me when the baby kicks next time, I also want to feel. Jasmin sees Fateh. She asks for warm water. Tejo goes.

Fateh comes inside the room. Jasmin says welcome, what happened, why are you seeing like this, I m no less than the 8th wonder, I will do what you ask me to not do. He shuts the door. He scolds her. She asks him to go and tell everyone what she did. She says you know Tejo just got fine, maybe she didn’t get normal, if she gets so much stress again….

My baby has got happiness for her, I m sure that you won’t snatch her happiness, if you tell Tejo and she gets a new shock, then this time she will be gone. He says shut up. She asks him to vent out his frustration.

She says I feel like laughing, we have so many relations. She counts. She says you aren’t able to become a good husband because of me, you wanted to keep me away from Tejo, she got me here. He leaves and recalls her words. He throws a flower pot. He says I have to stay alert, Tejo and Amrik’s baby are in her control.

Buzo calls Fateh and asks him to come home. Fateh worries. Simran asks did you call Fateh here, why. Buzo says since you told about the call, I m tensed, I will tell this to Fateh. She says there are already many problems in his life. He says I know, but its about our Candy, I don’t want to take any risk.

She says like I don’t care for him, I have cleaned that toy well, so that there is no chemical on it to harm Candy, you always tell things to Fateh, I don’t want him to know it, don’t tell anything to Fateh. He says fine, I won’t say, tell me what did that guy say. She says I don’t know him, he knows Candy well, is he keeping an eye on Candy. Buzo says we have to be with Candy all the time, I called both numbers, its off, that guy is clever, he is changing numbers, make me talk to him when he calls again, don’t worry. He hugs her.

Fateh comes and asks why did you look so worried. Buzo says nothing. Fateh says I came running, tell me what is it. Simran says he is tensed about Gurpreet, mum asked Jasmin to move on, she is restless about the baby, Tejo didn’t tell you if she is with you or not. Fateh says this is troubling me also, I have no answer. He thinks to find an answer.

Jasmin recalls Fateh’s words. Satti gets the food. Jasmin shouts and pushes. The food plate falls. Principal apologizes to Tejo. She says we are glad that you came to join. Tejo says thanks, I would have done something good that I could come back, its okay I understand you appointed someone else in my place. Principal says we will give the place you deserve. Fateh comes to meet Tejo. He thinks to give her some space. He sees Tejo and turns. Kesariya….plays…


Udariyaan 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo shouts Fateh and runs to hug him. She says I got to know everything. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. She says I want to go to our home.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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