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Udariyaan 25th October 2022 Episode starts with Naaz saying Nehmat is single, she isn’t dating anyone right now. Advait asks shall we. Nehmat holds his hand. Aykam says life is strange, you love someone and she leaves you for someone else,

its tough, how did you tolerate. The man says I couldn’t tolerate, how could she cheat me, when I caught them red-handed, I killed them. Aykam looks at his senior. Advait and Nehmat dance. Naaz says change this song, I have to make a song request. The song changes. She says this is Nehmat and Aykam’s fav song, its perfect for this moment. Nehmat thinks of Aykam.

She sees Aykam in Advait and smiles. She gets shocked seeing Advait. Naaz makes a video. She says now Mallika will see Advait’s truth, her love boat will sink. The man asks shall I ask something, did you love someone, if yes, then always remember one thing, never leave her alone and let her go close to any stranger. Nehmat says sorry, I can’t dance with you. Advait thinks I know you are missing your Aykam, I have sent him far. Naaz asks are you okay.

Nehmat asks are you mad to ask me to dance with him. Naaz says sorry, he said he knows you, he is your best friend’s BF, if Mallika felt bad then… Nehmat says leave it. Naaz says its not right, if he is Mallika’s Bf, then why was he getting free with you, why did he say that he wants to dance with you. Nehmat says don’t know. Naaz says don’t think much, we won’t tell Mallika about this, she may think wrong. Nehmat recalls Mallika’s words.

Nehmat and Naaz are on the way. Inspector says good, you made him confess the crime, are you also in love. Aykam recalls Nehmat. Inspector says I felt so, you should be with her, good luck. Aykam leaves. Nehmat sees the ladies having Sargi for Karwachauth. She thinks I always keep the Karwachauth fast for Aykam, how shall I tell them this time.

She says I also want to keep the Karwachauth fast. Shelly says you got someone else so soon. Nehmat says no, I want to keep the fast for Aykam’s safety. Naaz and Satti ask Shelly to let Nehmat keep the fast. Naaz thinks she doesn’t know that I already got a better guy. She says I will also keep the fast this time. Shelly asks did you get anyone, what’s the reason. Naaz says no. Satti asks her to have sargi. Nehmat thinks for whom is she keeping this fast.

Nehmat talks to Mallika on call. Mallika says Advait said he doesn’t believe in the fasts but I told him that I will keep the Karwachauth fast for him after marriage, you kept the fast for Aykam. Nehmat says I have kept it, Aykam will know it if out love is true. Satti asks the girls to come, the moon is out.

The ladies perform the Karwachauth rituals. Mallika imagines Advait and smiles. lights go off. Satti says the moon has got hidden again. Nehmat says I m going on the terrace to pray and break my fast. Naaz says I have to show Mallika and Nehmat that I found a better guy than their BFs. She sees the moon, and calls someone. She says happy Karwachauth, I kept the fast for you, I will break the fast seeing the moon.

Nehmat prays for Aykam and cries. She sees the moon. Aykam comes there. They cry and wipe each other’s tears. He breaks her fast. She also breaks his fast. They hug. She asks how did you go without calling me, could you live like that. He says no, that’s why I m here, I called many times.

She says I didn’t get any calls, I swear I had called many times, your number was off. He says I went on a mission, my phone fell and broke, I had your pics and memories in it, I lost all the data. She says forget it, I don’t want to keep any complains, you have come, everything is fine.

He says yes, I can’t live without you, I want to be with you. She asks how. He says we will stay together, I can’t stay without you. They hug. She says even I can’t live without you, how will we made, your dad, my Nanu, that unknown enemy don’t want us to meet, will we lie and meet secretly.

He says no, we will stay together and see what happens, come with me. She asks where, you want me to elope. He says no, you are mine already, those who don’t have courage run, our love has much courage, I have Lord and blessings/Nehmat also, our love will give us courage, we will go to Rupy. She says no, he will get upset. He says you are with me, right, if we hide our love,

then our love will lose, what do you see in my eyes, love or fear of the world. She says love. He asks why shall I get afraid of you, its better to die than living without you. She says don’t talk of dying. He says then let me live and fight for our love, will you support me. She nods. He kisses her forehead.

The lights come. Shelly asks where is Nehmat. Naaz says I think she is on the terrace, I will call her. Naaz sees Aykam and says Aykam…. Everyone sees Nehmat and Aykam coming downstairs. Shelly says this Heer Ranjha jodi is here directly from the screen, Aykam wasn’t here, then how did he come.

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