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Udariyaan 25th July 2022 Episode starts with Tejo saying I m sorry for beating you. Fateh says you have seen what was shown to you. She says I should have known it, forgive me, I know you didn’t kill our baby, I m really sorry.

She cries. He holds her hands and wipes her tears. He says Jasmin told me that you want to meet me, so I went there, when I reached there, I saw the girl. She says I felt you and Jasmin did that, I was surrounded by fire, and I saw you two together outside.

He says we were finding you, we were trying to put off the fire, we didn’t hear your voice. She asks did Jasmin come to save me there. He says yes, she disliked Angad, she wanted to save you. She cries. She says there is no use of all this, we have lost our baby.

He says when I knew that you were pregnant that time, I was shattered, I cursed myself, trust me, I couldn’t even cry, I was exposing Angad and lost Amrik. He cries and says forgive me, we lost our Amrik because of us. He says don’t say sorry, its not your mistake, we have to forget all this, you came back to me, I can forget my every sorrow, I know what you are for me, promise me, you will become the old Tejo.

She says its difficult, but I will try. Satti calls him out and says your parents have come. Khushbeer hugs Tejo and says I got my daughter back. Tejo says sorry mummy ji, you lost Amrik because of me, I can understand the pain of losing a child. She hugs Gurpreet and cries.

Gurpreet asks her to keep courage. Khushbeer says your recovery has healed all our wounds, you and Fateh make a new start now. He says Fateh, your mum has come to take you back. Gurpreet says yes, come back home. Fateh says you came today when Tejo got her memory back. She says no, I had made up my mind before.

Khushbeer says she realized her mistake. Gurpreet says Tejo is still my daughter, forgive me. Fateh says if this was true, then I would have not left the house. Khushbeer asks him to forget it, we came to take our son and bahu back. He apologizes to Rupy.

Rupy asks who am I to refuse, the children will take the decision. Gurpreet says Tejo, ask Fateh to take you home, a girl’s real house is her Sasural, come home. Tejo asks what, I don’t understand anything, when did Fateh and I get married, our first marriage got broken. Satti says it happened one week ago.

Gurpreet says Fateh made you wear this mangalsutra and sindoor. Tejo says I don’t remember anything, when I didn’t remember myself, how can this marriage happen. She removes the mangalsutra and gives it to Fateh. She says sorry, but I can’t accept this marriage. Everyone worries.

Tejo says I can’t accept the marriage about which I don’t remember anything, I know the marriage which broke much time before, I won’t leave my house. Fateh cries. Nimmo says she had troubled us even when she was mad, now she is creating a new trouble, Jasmin said right, this marriage will get void when Tejo gets fine, is she taking revenge on us. Gurpreet says I know,

I did wrong with you, so you are doing this, don’t punish Fateh, I know you don’t remember anything, but we are here to testify, he married you to take care of you, everyone did your Grah pravesh. Tejo says I don’t remember anything, I remember the fire incident, I just remember whatever happened before, this marriage is a lie for me. Khushbeer and everyone explain her.

Fateh shouts and asks everyone to not trouble Tejo. Gurpreet says you both are married, take her home, I will make everything fine. He says its fine if she doesn’t accept this marriage, I want for the time when her heart and soul tell her that we have united, and I m her husband, until then even I don’t accept this marriage, for me, my love and relation, it’s a worship, we don’t need a stamp of marriage, if Tejo loves me, then she will accept this relation, I will wait even if I have to wait for seven births.

He says Tejo, no one will force you, do what you are comfortable with, I will keep this mangalsutra with me, you can come and ask me for this if you want, else its fine, I will always keep this close to my heart, you stay happy and live well, we missed you a lot. He apologizes to Rupy. He says I know you will take care of Tejo, can I come here like before. Rupy nods. Fateh says we are best friends, right, remember this. Tejo nods. Fateh says I don’t want anything else. He leaves with his family. Tejo hugs Rupy and cries.

Fateh comes to Jasmin. He pours kerosene on her. She wakes up. He pours more kerosene and is about to ignite the fire. She shouts no, Fateh. Sweety and her mum come. Her mum scolds Sweety and asks Jasmin to leave. Jasmin says give me some time. She cries and thinks to return this pain to Fateh.

Tejo recalls everyone’s words. Fateh recalls their moments. She says why don’t I remember anything, did Fateh and I get married. Fateh says I don’t want a wish to get you or fear of losing you. She asks why was he helpless to marry me against the families’ wish. He says you live in my soul, just death can make us apart.

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