Udariyaan 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 23rd August 2022  Episode starts with Tejo getting Fateh’s call. She says pray that we make this baby reach her mum. She handles the baby. Fateh is on the way. Khushbeer talks to Biji and Bau ji. Gurpreet says I will make the prasad at home. She shows the dress for Nehmat.

Nimmo says go and ask Tejo why did she change, she always keeps the baby in the room. Gurpreet says Tejo is trying to become the baby’s mum. The baby cries. Tejo says baby just had milk. Gurpreet asks her to hug the baby and make her burp. She says Nehmat is lucky to get you.

Jasmin eats the food. Yash comes. He says sorry Jasmin, I know you are hurt, have a bath and wear these new clothes. She asks why. He says forget it, freshen up, mom is sleeping. She asks are you sure. He says yes, of course. She goes. Gurpreet says you kept baby in the room and bored her, we will play together.

She takes the baby. She sings Mere ghar aai…. Everyone smiles. Tejo also sings and hugs the baby. Simran slaps. Tejo thinks I thought to keep Nehmat away, but she is coming close to us, I wish Fateh finds her parents. Everyone talks of Nehmat. Tejo thinks Nemat can go away from us. Yash lights the candles.

Jasmin comes. He asks her to do makeup, or at least wear earrings, it suits her a lot. She thinks why is he behaving like this. She goes away. He says I m not stone hearted, you are my newly wedded bride, come on, this is Canada view, we will take a selfie, people should know you are happy in Canada,

mom makes me emotional, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, don’t you want your family to get happy seeing us, smile now, you look beautiful, please one selfie. She smiles. They take selfie. He says we look so beautiful together, get hot milk for me, we didn’t celebrate our marriage first night, I told you,

I want kids, once baby comes, mom won’t get angry on you. She goes. He thinks I will ruin you your way, like you talk sweetly and ruins others. He posts the pic. Lovely asks Satti and Rupy to see the pic, Jasmin looks so happy there.

Rupy says she can never stay happy. He curses her. Satti says she has given the baby to Tejo and Virk family, it was her childhood dream to go to Canada, she did a lot to fulfil it, now it got fulfilled, maybe she changes now. He says you still expect this from her, she will get senses when she gets someone cunning.

Yash gets close to Jasmin. She gets away. He asks what happened, don’t you want to do a wife’s duty. She says you are torturing me since you got me here. He says keep mom happy, we will start our family, trust me, don’t cry, I will fulfil all your dreams, really. He hugs her. Tejo takes care of Nehmat. Tera mera Rishta alag hai….

plays… She recalls the doctor’s words. She sends the voice message to Fateh. She asks him to check hospital records and take care. She asks the baby not to worry. She says I will be your mumma and Fateh will be your dad until we find your parents. Fateh is still on the way.

Its morning, the family talks to the baby and laugh. Tejo looks on. She thinks to go to the hospital and find her parents. Jasmin makes the food. She says I thought to enjoy here, but I m cutting vegetables here, how will I get saved, I can’t do cooking every day. Yash comes and hugs her. He says you know what I will do in anger, make food well. She thinks he will always be mean, he was acting good last night. She goes to stab Yash. He holds her hand.

Tejo comes to the hospital. She goes to ask someone about the deliveries on the day when Jasmin’s baby was born. He says sorry, I can’t give you any info. She lies to him. He checks the system and says its not possible, there is no record of that day. He goes to check. She says something is wrong. She sees the nurse.

Nurse says I will complain in the police, you will get jailed. Tejo says you don’t threaten me, if I get a proof, then you and doctor will go to jail. Nurse says she has no one. Tejo asks how was the baby born. Nurse says her mum died after the baby’s birth. Tejo is shocked.

Yash asks what were you doing. Jasmin says I was cutting vegs. He says I know you, see how my moves remind you your crime. He keeps her hand on the table and stabs the knife between her fingers. He counts her crimes, how she has ruined Fateh, Gippy and Tejo’s lives, she faked her pregnancy drama.

Her hand gets a cut. She screams. He pushes her and goes away. She cries. Tejo says I request you, we can’t live in guilt, the baby is nice, we love her, I m scared that if her family comes to take her, then what will we do, please tell me if you know anything about her dad. The nurse writes the details and asks her to go now. Tejo checks the chit.


Udariyaan 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo says come back Fateh, I know about Nehmat’s parents, her mum isn’t in the world, and her dad… Someone is seen in the jail. Jasmin checks the pregnancy kit and says I don’t want to become mum of Yash’s child, what shall I do now.

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Telecast Date:23rd August 2022
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