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Udariyaan 22nd July 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin running away. Fateh shouts Jasmin. She stops. He says don’t make this mistake else I will burn the entire godown. She sees the kerosene spread all over the floor.

She says no, I m coming, what are you doing. He says I m making you feel which Tejo felt today. She asks what are you saying. He says whatever happened with Tejo, who did it, tell me. She says I don’t know, you should be happy, she got fine, she got her memory back. Fateh says she could have died today, tell me, who got her here.

She says I don’t know, think, I m carrying Virk family heir, Amrik’s child. He says I forgot everything, I want justice for Tejo, tell me, who got her here, who ignited the fire, I will burn everything and kill you, tell me. She says I don’t know anything.

He says so you won’t say this way. He goes to ignite the fire. She says yes, I got her here, not to kill her, but to make her fine, so that she gets her memory back. Fateh asks really, do you love her so much that you took a risk to burn her, do you think I m foolish, tell me the truth, else I will burn you alive. She runs. He runs after her.

She says yes, I got Tejo here and ignited the fire, I couldn’t see you giving her imp and love, she came back to snatch you from me, I got her here to burn her and make her totally mad. He gets angry. She says I told you the truth, will you go to the police, no one will believe you. He plays the recording in the phone.

He says your game over, when your truth comes out, people will hate you, then you will know the pain. She says stop, I couldn’t see. He says if you want to get saved, then go away from us, think what will happen if you act smart, jail doors will open for you. He leaves. Apne ruthe ne….plays…

She screams. Fateh comes to Tejo. He says look, your groom has come. She hugs him and says we will go home and have food, didn’t you get my shagun, jalebi. He imagines her. He cries and eats the food prepared by Tejo.

Bebe wakes up and sees Fateh. He asks are you hungry, I will make fresh phulka for you. He says no, Tejo made this food for me, this would be the best for me. He asks Bebe to give the jalebis to his wife tomorrow, its her shagun. She says fine. He says she doesn’t want to see my face, she says I want to kill her,

I won’t lose, I will get her back, I will wait for her, she will understand me some day, I will love her even if she hates me. Bebe cries. He says I got Gajra for her. He cries. She asks why is this happening with my children, end their sorrow and unite them.

Tejo comes home. Everyone showers flowers and welcomes her. Bebe does her aarti. Tejo walks in. Fateh looks on from far. Tejo recalls her moments in the house. Jasmin calls Yash. He asks how are you. She says I want to meet you right now. He says I m in Canada, I had called to inform you, anything urgent, what happened. She says I m not okay, bye. She says I m in this storeroom, I will see them later.

Tejo asks why this decoration. Bebe says you got fine and came home. Tejo asks how is your knee pain now. Bebe says I m fine. Tejo asks about Lovely’s root canal treatment. Harman jokes. Lovely thinks she worries a lot for me and I wanted to send her away. She says I m happy that you got fine.

Dilraj gives chocolates to Tejo and says you used to have all my chocolates. Tejo asks for his project. He says it was last year. Bebe asks Tejo to have jalebi, it’s the shagun. Tejo thinks I have lost my baby. She goes to the room and cries. Fateh thinks will Tejo remember anything seeing the Chakris and dream house. Tejo sees the room decorated. Jasmin says I wanted to do something and what happened,

I can’t go home, Gurpreet would take Tejo home as her bahu. She gets angry. Sweety comes and gets the food for her. She asks Jasmin not to make noise. She lies to her mum. Jasmin eats the food. Sweety asks what will you do now. Jasmin says I won’t lose, I have the insurance policy, the baby.


Udariyaan 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo asks how dare you kill my baby. She beats Fateh. Rupy says Angad Maan has done everything with you. Jasmin says he thinks I will get scared, no, I won’t lose

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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