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Udariyaan 22nd August 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin seeing Manish’s pic and recalling the past. She says I can’t marry you, if you can’t take me to Canada. He says I will die without you. She says I don’t care, go and die if you want. FB ends.

Yash says you asked him to die, he really died, he really loved you. His mum says you trapped him for your fake dreams and then you took his life when he couldn’t fulfil your dream. Buzo asks Fateh and Jasmin why are they sad. He shows Jasmin’s pic and says Jasmin got married.

Simran says I don’t understand her, she has no pain and feelings. Fateh asks them not to talk of Jasmin, she didn’t keep any relation. Jasmin asks why would I do this, I didn’t want to marry Manish, why are you blaming me.

Yash says you were his dream, you rejected him when he didn’t get a visa, he left the world for you, he lived you. Jasmin says try to understand. His mum slaps Jasmin and says you ruined our lives, you broke my son’s dreams, see how I ruin your dreams. Tejo says everyone is getting attached with the baby, I will keep the baby with me.

She asks Buzo and Simran to go and sleep. Simran says we will go, that’s like a good mummy. They go. Fateh says I didn’t know that Jasmin will do this. Tejo says we have no other way, I trust Lord, who would do what is right for us. They cry seeing the baby. Tera mera rishta…plays… Its morning,

Tejo gets the baby to everyone. Everyone is happy. Biji says we will keep a havan tomorrow, Tejo and Fateh will sit, they are her parents. Bau ji asks Fateh to have tea. Fateh says I have to go early for some imp work in college. Police comes home and asks for Jasmin Sandhu. Tejo holds Fateh’s hand and says Nehmat… Inspector asks did Jasmin give birth to any baby three days back.

Khushbeer says yes, that’s the girl Nehmat, who are these people. Inspector says they are the parents of a 3-4 day old baby, we are finding the baby, just show the baby to them. Biji says this is our baby. Inspector asks them to just show the baby’s face.

Tejo cries. The lady sees the baby’s face. She says my Pari was just like this, but she didn’t had the mole on her neck. She cries and runs outside. Her husband leaves. Inspector says sorry to trouble, pray that they get their daughter. Biji prays. Fateh says we should also find the baby’s parents. Tejo says I will also go to hospitals and check.

Yash’s mum throws the roti at Jasmin and scolds her. Yash asks Jasmin to just go inside and not dare to talk. Jasmin says I can’t stay here, I have to do something to go back home. She takes her food. Yash and his mum stop her. Jasmin says I m hungry. They give her some rotis and onion. Jasmin refuses to eat it.

Yash says you are criminal minded, this house is jail and this is jail food. They go. Jasmin says its enough. She packs the bag and says I m going, I will see how you stop me, I will get you jailed, Manish didn’t die because of me.

She pushes Yash’s mum. Yash says don’t worry, she won’t get saved, she has curses of many, she will come back. Simran comes to Tejo and asks what’s happening. Tejo says I m trying to make her sleep, I had to go to college and sign some imp papers. Simran says we will handle her.

Tejo comes to the hospital and stops the doctor. She asks about the baby’s real parents. Doctor takes her aside. She says go and ask your sister. Tejo says you know Jasmin wasn’t pregnant, you helped her. Doctor says she did that with the help of a nurse. Jasmin comes back to Yash, shivering.

He asks did you see Canada and come, what happened, how did you come back. She asks for her passport. He asks don’t you have it. She says don’t do acting, I know you took the passport and money. He says you think we will let you go. He scolds her. Doctor says your family wanted a baby, they are happy, stop digging the past.

Tejo says you have made a baby away from her parents, how much money did Jasmin pay for your crime. Doctor says you think it’s a crime, call the police, they can’t prove anything, they will put the baby in an orphanage, how would you feel. Jasmin cries and says I beg you, let me go home. Yash says you are going to suffer, your crying is giving me peace, you have to stay here with us until we want.

His mum says you have to do what we tell you. Jasmin cries. Tejo asks how shall I raise someone’s child, make me meet her parents, I won’t tell the police. Doctor says no one is finding her. Tejo says her parents would be finding her. Doctor says that baby doesn’t have anyone. Tejo asks how can you say this with surety.

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Telecast Date:22nd August 2022
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