Udariyaan 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 20th October 2022 Episode starts with Nehmat giving some jewellery and asking for the earrings. Mallika says its Tejo’s earrings. Nehmat says even she would have done this. The jeweller asks are you Tejo’s daughter. Nehmat says yes.

The man says Tejo bought these earrings and helped my dad, she helped me in my education too, we have many favors of her, take this. Nehmat thanks him. She says we got saved because of mum, mum and dad always help me, don’t tell Aykam, I will tell him.

Aykam calls Nehmat. She takes the call and cries recalling his words. He says thanks for answering my call, sorry to talk like that. She says I will talk to you when we meet and I will give the earrings too. Shelly talks to Naaz. Nehmat goes to Naaz. Naaz says I miss mum a lot. Shelly asks what happened to you.

Naaz says just leave me alone. Shelly says I will keep food and go. Naaz says don’t tell anyone to Rupy and Satti, they are already worried because of Nehmat. Shelly goes. Naaz sees Jasmin’s pic and cries. She asks am I so bad, you have always loved me, I want to talk your path, but I have made a big mistake,

I ruined it all in anger, I have stolen a thing, I stained Nehmat and my relation, I want to die. Nehmat gets shocked hearing this. Naaz says I can’t meet Nehmat’s eyes. She gets up and goes to get a doll. She says its Nehmat’s fav doll, I want to return this to Nehmat today. She keeps it on the bed.

She records an audio message for Nehmat. Nehmat comes inside and asks where are you going. Naaz says market to buy books, I have my exam. Nehmat says you are lying again. Naaz says let me go. Nehmat says just stop it, you are going to commit suicide, what happened to you. Naaz asks what shall I do. Nehmat says I heard everything, don’t become so weak Naaz, life gives us two choices always. Naaz says I m weak. Nehmat says promise me, you won’t meet Varun again. Naaz promises her.

She hugs Nehmat and thinks Nehmat is so innocent. She recalls seeing Nehmat on call with Aykam and hearing their talks. Naaz thinks I have to show that my choice can be right too. Advit says yes dad, I have come to the airport to pick Nikhil. Nikhil comes and holds him, saying Veere. He jumps in front and hugs him. He says I missed you a lot, how are you, how are mum and dad. Advit says let me say,

I missed you a lot, its good you came back. Nehmat says whoever you choose, make sure he respects you, Aykam and my relation is hurt, I broke his trust and he angrily disrespected me, I will apologize to him and he will also apologize. She feeds Naaz. Naaz says but what will he think about me, fine, tell him the truth, Mallika will tell him anyhow. Nehmat says I won’t tell him and hugs Naaz. Naaz thinks we will see how much Aykam trusts you.

Its morning, Nehmat meets Aykam. He gives her a sorry card and says sorry. He gives red roses. She asks him to take his words back. He says sorry, I told all that in anger. She says I made a mistake, sorry. They hug. She gives the earrings. He says no, you keep it, you are my would be wife. She says keep it till I become your wife. He makes her wear the earrings.

He compliments her. He asks from where did you get these earrings. She recalls Naaz’s words. Mallika reads the horoscope and says its terrible for Nehmat. Nehmat says I got it, its okay, when are you joining. Aykam says tomorrow, tell me where did you get the earrings. She says I got it. He asks what are you hiding. She says no. He asks her to say.

She says I don’t want to say. He says its imp that you say truth. Mallika reads further, and recalls Naaz’s challenge. She says Aykam and Nehmat’s relation is strong. She prays for them. Nehmat says you are after one thing. Aykam asks shouldn’t I know it, why are you hiding it, Nehmat.

Nehmat thinks I can’t tell you about Naaz and make her fall in your sight. Aykam asks Nehmat to just say it. She says there is nothing. He gets upset. He says I m just asking you, from where did you get the earrings. She says I can’t tell you. He leaves. She cries. Laakh to karle koshish…. Plays… She walks on the road.


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Telecast Date:20th October 2022
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