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Udariyaan 20th August 2022 Episode starts with Yash bringing Jasmin home. He says mom, I got your bahu home. His mom welcomes Jasmin. Jasmin likes the house. She gets happy. His mom says I will get some sweets. She goes. Yash says I m so happy to have you. Jasmin says you fulfilled my dream and got me to Canada, you are the best.

He taunts her. Jasmin gets confused hearing Yash and his mom. Gurpreet asks Tejo what happened, tell her. Tejo says I should tell Jasmin’s truth to Gurpreet.

Yash’s mom says I m just kidding, many girls don’t value love and just want to come to Canada, you aren’t such a girl, right. Jasmin says yes. She eats the laddoos. She goes to see the view from the balcony. His mom cries and asks him to show Canada to Yash.

Simran gets the baby. Gurpreet gives the baby to Tejo. Tejo gets emotional. Gurpreet asks are you worried that Jasmin left the baby. Jasmin gets angry and recalls her Canada dream. She takes a selfie. She says I will send my selfie to Bebe,

poor Tejo would be going mad thinking about the baby, I think Tejo won’t tell anyone about her, she cares for everyone’s happiness, I don’t care, I have come to the city of my dreams, Canada, I think Fateh and Tejo would be cursing that day when they got against us.

Gurpreet says the baby wasn’t fed by her mom, but I m glad that she has a mom like you, you will raise her, Jasmin did mistakes but she gave us a beautiful gift, Nehmat is your daughter, forgive Jasmin, Nehmat is a special girl and got special mom, she made Fateh and you parents, Jasmin’s dream also got fulfilled and we got Amrik’s sign,

we shouldn’t question Lord and just thank him for giving us so many happiness. She goes. Tejo says Nehmat, you are my biggest happiness, I m feeling so special, but I don’t deserve this, don’t know why did Jasmin do this with you, she separated you from your mom, forgive me.

Jasmin greets Yash’s mom. She says we are going to Vancouver, Yash told me that we will have breakfast there. His mom says but he said he will have parathas, you know making good parathas, what happened, don’t you know it. Jasmin says I know. Yash’s mom says its your first rasoi,

make the breakfast for us, you have to do the work here, Yash likes veg parathas and I like paneer parathas, make chutney also, any problem. Jasmin says no, we will make it together, you tell me and I will do. Yash’s mom says Yash said you can cook well, I have done a lot of cooking, I have sugar and I need breakfast on time, breakfast should come on the table in 15mins, good luck.

Jasmin gets angry. She says I m making parathas here, don’t know what’s in my fate. Yash asks did she agree. His mom cries. She says I want to slap her and ask her why did she provoke my son to commit suicide, he loved her, are we doing wrong with her. He says no, Lord chose us to punish her for her sins. He hugs his mom.

Fateh talks to the baby. Tejo comes and asks him to have breakfast. She thinks how to tell him. Fateh says this toy is of Amrik, you play with this now. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. She says this isn’t Amrik’s daughter. Fateh looks at her. He asks what are you saying. Tejo says I m trying to say this since a long time, this isn’t Amrik and Jasmin’s daughter. She tells him everything. He is shocked.

They cry. She says this baby, don’t know who are her parents, like we are happy to get her, her parents would be crying. He says I will kill Jasmin. She asks him to think of the baby’s family. She says we don’t know anything about her mom and dad. He says we will find her parents. She says everyone got attached with the baby.

He says we should tell them the truth. She says no, they are so happy after a long time, we will find the baby’s parents first, I went to the hospital and police station also. He says I will visit all the hospitals and find out.

She asks shall we call Yash. Yash likes the parathas. Jasmin says I will change and come, we will go on shopping, buy the heels for me. His mom asks where are you going. Jasmin says for shopping. She asks who will do the cleaning. Jasmin says how can I, Yash knows I can’t do it. He says this is Canada, we have to do our own work. His mum says you had to come to Canada, this is your life here.

Fateh says phone isn’t connecting, Jasmin won’t give the right number. Tejo says maybe she is still on the flight, if I talk to her once, then I will get the baby’s parents details. Jasmin says sorry, I didn’t come to become a maid. She takes Yash aside and says I didn’t come here for this work. He holds her hand and says I know you well and also your dreams, you ruined many lives. His mom says one of them was my son, Manish.

Jasmin asks what are you saying, who Manish. Yash asks didn’t you identify till now. He takes her to Manish’s pic and pushes her on the floor. Jasmin sees Manish’s pic. Tejo thinks Lord will punish Jasmin for the sin.


Udariyaan 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :A girl says Canada. Jasmin says its not easy to go there. The girl says everything is easy when there is money and power. Tejo and Jasmin are seen with their daughters.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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