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Udariyaan 19th October 2022 Episode starts with Mallika seeing Nehmat. She says I didn’t know Nehmat is here, sorry, I have to go and see her. Advit says it means they didn’t get separated. Mallika hugs Nehmat and asks what happened, when did you come, why are you crying. Nehmat says Aykam…

Mallika asks what, did you fight with him, I will ask him, how can he make my best friend cry. Aykam thinks of Nehmat. Nehmat says wait, Aykam and my breakup didn’t happen, I wanted to tell you the truth, we had to lie to everyone, don’t ask him anything, I broke his trust, he will get more upset if he knows that you know this. Aykam is lost. Nehmat says its my mistake to wear fake earrings and break his trust. Mallika asks what are you saying, your intention was good.

Aykam says I told her a lot, she got the family here, don’t know how she convinced them. He collides with Advit and says sorry, I was thinking of something. Advit says no problem, ASP Aykam Randhawa. Aykam asks do we know each other.

Advit says I m Advit Kapoor. Aykam says Advit Kapoor, son of Shamsher Kapoor, I have to keep an eye on everyone, you know about politics, really sorry, see you. He goes. Advit says one should do duty that doesn’t harm own self and others. Naaz comes and gives a kerchief to Advit. She asks him to clean his coat. He thanks her and goes. She smiles.

Nehmat and Mallika look for the earrings. Mallika asks did anyone take it from locker. Nehmat asks what do you mean, its robbed from my house, the thief would have taken mumma’s chain. Mallika asks whose bag is this. Nehmat says Naaz’s bag. Mallika checks Naaz’s bag. Nehmat asks her not to doubt Naaz.

Mallika asks what’s this, why did she need to get a professional portfolio, its from glamour photo studio, they demand much money. She sees the bill and says Naaz wants to do modelling, she has paid 40000rs fees. Nehmat asks how did she get this money. Mallika says earrings. Nehmat says no, Naaz can’t steal.

Mallika says I know her truth. Nehmat says no, I can’t blame Naaz for theft. Mallika says Aykam will get angry when he knows this, he loved Dadi a lot. Nehmat says I can’t believe this, don’t tell this to Aykam.

Mallika says fine, but I will ask Naaz. Naaz sees Aykam looking around. Aykam thinks where did Nehmat go. Naaz thinks I won’t let them patch up. Naaz says Mami, I will leave, Nehmat would be alone, you have dinner and come. She comes home.

She sees Mallika and Nehmat. She says thank God, you aren’t alone, I was worried for you. Mallika throws the pics. She says stop this fake concern. Nehmat asks did Mami or Nani give you the money, tell me, I lost Aykam’s Dadi’s earrings. Mallika says you got the money for portfolio by selling earrings, right.

Nehmat says if you did this, then tell me, that earrings was Aykam’s belief and my trust, tell me. Mallika says say it, you have stolen it. Naaz says yes, I have stolen it. Nehmat asks why, tell me. Naaz says I wanted to take revenge on you. Nehmat asks why. Naaz says you have always snatched my happiness.

She argues. She says you will also bear the pain of getting separated from your love. Nehmat says you are doing this for Varun’s sake, he is disgusting, he threw coffee at you that day, he insulted you, he doesn’t love you, I m your sister, I care for you, I love you. Naaz says enough of your lecture, you think you will give love to me as pity, I don’t want your love, I m not a kid, I can take care of myself, you stop thinking I m foolish.

Mallika gets angry. Naaz says I feel hurt when you interfere in my life, I wanted to explain this to you. Mallika asks how dare you say that, will you get saved. Naaz says you have no reason to talk between us. Mallika scolds her. Naaz says leave my hand. Mallika says I won’t leave. Naaz throws a glass of water at her. Mallika slaps her. They both fight.

Nehmat stops them. Mallika says I will kill you, Naaz. Nehmat asks why did you slap Naaz. Mallika says you should have slapped her, she was dating a wrong guy, she lied. Naaz says no, Varun loves me, he is possessive about me. Mallika says she has poison in her, she proved she is her mum’s daughter,

everyone knows about Jasmin, Jasmin was cunning, she wasn’t loyal to anyone, you are following her, she had also left her daughter and ran away. Naaz slaps her. Mallika says I won’t leave you. Naaz says stay in your limit, if you say anything about my mum, then I will not leave you, Jasmin is Nehmat’s mum too, Fateh and Tejo raised Nehmat, but she is also Jasmin’s blood, be careful, she can also show her colours, Nehmat can do this with you, she snatched Gautam’s alliance from you.

Nehmat slaps Naaz and scolds her. Naaz says you ask Mallika about this, Varun maybe wrong, but Aykam is more ahead, Aykam scolded Nehmat for earrings. Nehmat says I can’t hear anything about him. Naaz asks why, his love ended on one mistake, I have seen how Mallika is after Advit, he is also bad.

Mallika says I m warning you, don’t say anything about Advit. Naaz says a girl can know a guy’s wrong stare, I have seen Advit staring at Nehmat. Nehmat says you are crossing your limits. Mallika says I will get angry again. Naaz says I will prove that your BFs are wrong, think its my challenge. Nehmat says you won’t be able to separate Aykam and me in next 7 births, think of this as my challenge.

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