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Udariyaan 18th August 2022 Episode starts with Tejo saying you weren’t pregnant. Jasmin says no, I was pregnant, I went in a party and got hurt, I had a miscarriage and didn’t have courage to tell the family. Tejo says such a big lie, I have always forgiven you,

not this time, I will tell your truth to everyone. Jasmin goes after her and takes her phone. Tejo slaps her and asks do you have any shame, why do you want to cheat the family, you are going to marry Yash, why are you doing this drama with them.

Jasmin slaps Tejo and says its enough of your drama, you and Fateh can never expose me, this family will always be thankful to me, I will see how you tell them. She holds Tejo’s leg and stops her. They both fight. Tejo scolds her. She says I will tell them your truth. Jasmin says you can’t tell them, leave me. Tejo and Jasmin argue and fight. She says I will tell your truth to them. Jasmin hits on her head. Tejo faints down.

Jasmin says you think you will win over me easily, never in this birth. She takes the landline with her. She runs out of the house. She calls Yash. Yash laughs. She says why doesn’t he answer my call. She hires an auto and goes to the clinic.

She says Yash can cheat me in the final time, I have to reach the hospital first. Yash says I know why you are calling me, I won’t answer, you should know how it feels when you feel scared.

Tejo gets conscious. She holds her head. She looks for her phone. She says even landline is missing, I should go to Fateh soon, don’t know what will Jasmin do. Jasmin calls Gurpreet and asks her to come to nursing home fast. Gurpreet says give phone to Tejo. Nurse says there is no one with her, come fast, she is in pain. Bau ji comes home.

He asks are you at home, why did Jasmin go to hospital alone. Tejo asks what. He says yes, Jasmin got labor pains, go. She asks him to take rest. She says I will go and tell them the truth.

She comes to the hospital and asks for Jasmin. She sees everyone and thinks they got to know Jasmin’s truth. She gets shocked seeing the baby. Gurpreet and everyone are happy to get the baby. Gurpreet says it’s a baby girl. Satti says you have become Maasi. Gurpreet says baby is just like Amrik. Everyone smiles.

Satti gives the baby to Tejo. Tejo cries. Satti says baby started smiling in Tejo’s lap. Nimmo says the baby doesn’t look like Jasmin and Amrik. Tejo thinks whose daughter is this, what did Jasmin do. Doctor comes and says Jasmin had c section, operation was complicated, she is in recovery pain.

Tejo thinks what is she saying. Doctor lies to them. Tejo thinks is she fooling us. Doctor says baby is lucky to get love from everyone. Khushbeer says Tejo, did you inform Fateh, I will call him. Tejo asks where is recovery room. She goes. Nurse stops her. Tejo says I m patient’s sister. Nurse says doctor is inside. Tejo waits outside and thinks don’t know why did Jasmin do this. Jasmin does the makeup.

She says I m going in international flight, I will do makeup, make me wear the coat fast. She wears the coat. She says I know you are a doctor, you can help me. She asks how do I look, don’t I look ready to go to Canada, my dream will get fulfilled, I will get rid of these problems. Doctor says I have risked my career to help you, don’t fool me.

Jasmin says I will help you, I know you want money for your mum’s treatment. She pays the money. Tejo thinks don’t know whose baby she got, I m sure doctor and nurse are involved. She calls Fateh. He says congrats, Amrik’s daughter has come, I have become Tau ji, I m coming. He can’t hear her.

Jasmin says I hope you will keep your mouth shut, make sure that everyone believes that the baby is mine. Doctor says don’t worry about that. Jasmin says you don’t know Tejo, she is my sister, she will go to any extent to find out.

Doctor says I took a big risk, I have a fool proof plan, don’t worry. Jasmin says I think she will handle it, I will call Yash, he may cheat me and run away. She calls Yash. She says why is he not answering. Tejo asks what happened to Jasmin. Doctor asks who are you to ask me, just go, it’s a restricted area.

Tejo says I know Jasmin wasn’t pregnant, how much money did she pay you. Doctor says you are blaming me. Tejo says I will prove this and then you will know the big price you are paying, you are a doctor, you should be ashamed, I will expose Jasmin and even you. Doctor says get a proof and then talk to me.

She scolds Tejo. Gurpreet and everyone come. She asks how is Jasmin, can we meet her. Doctor says you can meet her after few hours. Rupy asks doctor to have sweets. Doctor says it was my duty, you can take the baby home, Jasmin will need time to recover. Satti says baby will need mum’s feeding.

Doctor says Jasmin can’t feed the baby, take the baby home and feed the formula milk. She goes. They all have sweets. Tejo thinks everyone is happy, I should tell them the truth before it gets late. Fateh comes and says congrats. He sees the baby.

Udaariyaan…plays… Fateh takes the baby and jokes. Tejo says I want to talk to you, Fateh. He plays with the baby. She thinks what to do, I have to tell them that this baby isn’t of Jasmin, but of someone else.


Udariyaan 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo says Jasmin left Moga, she left a letter for us. She reads the letter for them. Gurpreet cries. Tejo says Fateh, this isn’t Amrik’s daughter. Fateh is shocked.

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Telecast Date:18th August 2022
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