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Udariyaan 17th August 2022 Episode starts with Fateh coming to Aman’s place. He breaks opens the door. Tejo sees Fateh and hugs him. Fateh says shoot. Aman says give me the papers, else I will shoot. Fateh scolds him. He beats up Aman.

Tejo says stop Fateh, law will punish him. Police comes and arrests Aman. Tejo says I have the proof of Aman’s crimes. Inspector asks her to get it to the police station. Back at home, Buzo hugs Fateh. He thanks Fateh for doing a friend and brother’s duty.

Simran hugs Tejo and thanks them. Tejo says no one can make Candy away from you. Jasmin says they both have handled Aman, if they know my truth, then they will not leave me. She goes to the room. She says I have to ask Yash to take me to Canada soon.

Tejo says Aman is taken to jail, he can’t come out, Aman’s dad’s entire property is on Candy’s name. Biji says its Krishna’s birthday, he has brought happiness in our lives, everyone thank Kanha ji.

Jasmin calls Yash. She says I got my passport ready, take it and get my visa, I m feeling strange to lie to the family, if we delay, then it will be a big problem. Yash thinks I wanted this that you beg me. He moves the phone away and says I will kill you by your poison. She asks are you listening.

He says yes, I will take you with me soon. Yash says Manish, my brother, I will take your death’s revenge on Jasmin. Everyone prays in the aarti. Gurpreet says next year, the baby will also pull the swing. Jasmin acts unwell. Tejo looks at her. She prays for their happiness.

Its morning, Fateh sees Tejo sleeping. He wakes her up with love. He says we will go somewhere. She asks what will we tell everyone. He says we are husband and wife, just come, I will think where to go when I get free from your sight. She says you are being romantic today. He says yes, it’s a new journey of our love, there will be just love. He takes her on his bike. Kesariya…plays…. They spend time in the fields.

Nimmo and Gurpreet take care of Jasmin. Gurpreet says I wish this last month also passes soon. Days pass. Fateh and Tejo are seen enjoying their time. Tejo rides his bike. Fateh and Tejo take a lift. They get under the rains. Tejo enjoys the rain. He lifts her in arms. Gurpreet asks Jasmin to eat the laddoo.

She says just 15-20 days are left now. Fateh and Tejo enter some house. She asks whose room is it. Fateh says don’t know, its ours now. She says I find everything beautiful now, it looks like a dream, you filled love in our lives, I will never believe it, I love you. He says I love you too, these two months we spent are most precious. He gets close to her. She runs. Hum hai is pal yahan….plays… She stands under the shower. Fateh comes to her. They get intimate.

Yash comes to meet Jasmin. He asks are you alright. She opens the door for him. He says your mum in law said you aren’t well, what happened. She says nothing, come inside. She removes the fake baby belt. She says thank God, I don’t have to act in front of you, its tough to carry this belt.

Yash says I know you had a miscarriage, but I want kids after marriage, are you ready. She says of course. He says I thought of names also, Manisha if it’s a girl and Manish if it’s a boy. She says Manish… you love this name a lot. He says yes. She says we won’t keep Manish name. He asks why are you tensed, did you know any guy named Manish. She says no, I don’t like the name.

Fateh comes home. He asks Tejo to come to college at lunch time. She says I m going with everyone to pray for Jasmin’s delivery.

Jasmin talks to the nurse. Fateh says Jasmin shouldn’t stay here after the delivery. Tejo says we have to think well, we can’t make the baby away from mum. He says don’t get emotional. She says I will use emotions in exposing Jasmin, I promise. Jasmin asks what, did we get a visa, yes. She jumps happily. She says why are we wasting time, we will wait, I will do the packing, come and pick me. Gurpreet comes and says Jasmin. She gets the food.

She says we all are going, shall I stay back. Jasmin says no, you should go and pray for my delivery. Gurpreet asks her to take rest. She goes. Jasmin shuts the door. She removes the belt. Gurpreet says Jasmin won’t have any problem, I forgot to make the soup. Tejo says I will make it. She goes to Jasmin. She gets the belt. She sees Jasmin. Jasmin gets shocked. Tejo is shocked to see her flat belly.

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