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Udariyaan 15th July 2022 Episode starts Tejo answering Satti’s call. Satti asks how are you. Tejo says Fateh and I are painting our new house. Satti asks what. Tejo says our small lovely house. Fateh says Tejo is right, I have left my house.

They worry. Jasmin hears this. Fateh says we live in a different house. Jasmin says so this happened, its great. Rupy says its wrong, how did you manage alone. Fateh says don’t worry, I m with Tejo, I will take care of her, I will call you later. Jasmin leaves. Satti says how will Fateh manage everything alone.

Tejo dances. Aaye Zindagi…plays…. She does mischief. He stops her. They have funny moments and laugh. They make a nameboard, Fatejo ka Ghar. She jumps happily. They fall back on the cot. He makes the food.

She adds much water in the flour. Fateh laughs. She asks him to do it fast. He says roti is ready. She says this roti looks like a black cat’s face, rats will get scared seeing it. He says I will make a good roti, and your stomach rats will dance. Gurpreet says Fateh would be hungry.

Simran says even Tejo would be hungry, she can’t even have outside food, how would Fateh manage, I will call Buzo. Gurpreet recalls her challenge. She cries and says what did I do, I created troubles for my son. Nimmo says don’t fall weak, his needs will get him back, stay firm.

Jasmin comes to some club. She thinks Yash called me here, but where is he. She sees a guy singing Tareefein song on the stage. He comes in front of Jasmin and dances. She smiles. everyone claps.

She says Yash. He says yes, Yash Bajwa. She says Jasmin. He says nice to meet you, I wanted to show you my real self, I m a businessman but wanted to show my real side, its fun to do a Punjabi rap, once more? She says no, actually I m feeling hungry. He says come, we will have food.

Satti comes to meet Tejo and smiles seeing the board. Tejo hugs her and says its our dream house. Satti says its good, we know Fateh you have no job, so I got the food, we will send the food for you every day. Fateh says no need, we need your blessings, we have to prove our love to mummy, take this with you. She says but Tejo is hungry. Tejo says no, I m also not hungry.

Satti says you don’t make this challenge a big thing that it becomes a hurdle, we are there for you. She leaves. Tejo asks what will we have now. Fateh asks her to come. He asks will you have noodles. She says yes. Yash says Punjabi taste is unique. Jasmin says I hope you know about my past.

He says I never had interest in history, you have a lovely smile, I have a small gift for you. She says no need. He asks her to just see it. She sees the watch. He says watch so that you always meet me on time. She says you are so handsome and rich, you may get any girl easily, I m a widow and pregnant also.

He asks aren’t pregnant women good, and one doesn’t become widow by heir wish, I think different, your smile suits you, maintain this. Fateh says you used to make noodles, we used to have it on the terrace, then you taught me also. Tejo says I don’t remember. Yash drops Jasmin home. Satti comes home.

She sees Jasmin and you told about this guy, we would have met him too. Jasmin says he got a call for the meeting, he left, he gave me a diamond studded watch, he will be the best. Satti says costly gifts won’t certify that he is a nice guy. Jasmin says I found a nice guy who loves my sister, my value will get high now with these costly gifts.

She goes. Satti says I feel she is walking on the path of destruction again. Fateh gets the food for Tejo. He gets a call from the college. He answers. The man says your leaves are over. Fateh says I want some time. The man says sorry, you have to join from tomorrow. Buzo and Simran come to meet them.

Fateh hugs them. Simran asks how long will this go on. Fateh asks Tejo to go and play with Kamal and Billo. He says we are managing. She says I can see that, I know college has given you an ultimatum, how will you take care of Fateh without job, Buzo and I will take care of her, you go to college.

He says Buzo’s mum isn’t well, she needs you, I refused to Satti also, I can’t leave Tejo alone. She says I know a girl, she can take care of Tejo, I will send her number. He says it will be good, take care. Buzo and Simran leave.

Lovely and Abhiraj see the watch. He says it will cost around 4-5 lakhs, he knows about your pregnancy, even then he gave such a costly gift. Jasmin says all men aren’t same. She scolds him and asks him not to interfere. He asks Lovely to give her some food. He goes. She says I just need Fateh.

After three days, Fateh introduces the girl Sunita and asks her to take care of Tejo. He asks Tejo to stay here. Jasmin looks on. Fateh asks will you manage. Sunita says she is my responsibility, don’t worry.

He says don’t light fire, and keep the door shut, call me if there is any problem. Sunita asks him to go for the job. Fateh gives a phone to Tejo and says you can talk to me any time. Jasmin says so this is their dream house. She thinks see how this house breaks like a dream.


Udariyaan 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo beats the plate and cries. The neighbors complain to Fateh and scold him.

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Telecast Date:15th July 2022
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