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Udariyaan 13th October 2022 Episode starts with Naaz saying you don’t understand Rupy, why are you explaining me, I didn’t come between Aykam and you, why are you coming between Varun and me, I know why you are doing this, you don’t have love in your life, so you don’t want me to have it, you are jealous of me, its better, else you got the best in life, you don’t like that you are losing attention.

Nehmat says I won’t let you get in that guy’s control. Naaz asks will you tell me now, I will tell Rupy and Satti that you meet Aykam everyday and break their trust, you are teaching me right and wrong, you are wrong. She goes. Nehmat cries, and sneezes. Nehmat talks to Mallika on video call. Aykam looks on.

Mallika asks did you check fever. Nehmat says yes, it was around 100. Aykam recalls making Nehmat have kada. He goes. Mallika says just Aykam can make you fine. Nehmat says we had a breakup. Mallika says this is called breakup sickness. Nehmat says I caught cold. She recalls Aykam’s words. She sees his pic and says I have told you, I just had you, who took care of me, I miss you Aykam.

Mera ishq tu hai…plays.. Aykam is on the way. He thinks how long will I stay away from Nehmat, I can’t live without you. She asks when will we meet, I need to talk to you, Naaz also went on a wrong path. Naaz says Varun, sorry, I love you, don’t you love me. He says of course, I do, I won’t tolerate Nehmat.

She says I explained her, she don’t come between us. Aykam comes home. He thinks I have to meet you tomorrow, Nehmat. He climbs up and reaches the terrace. Naaz says sorry, I love you, I can do anything for you. Aykam comes there. He goes inside the window. Rupy asks how is Nehmat.

Satti says Nehmat is fine now, we used to call Aykam whenever she fell ill. He says don’t take her name. Varun disconnects the call. He messages Naaz…. forget me if you don’t worry for my respect. She says Nehmat this is happening because of you, you ruined my life, I will ruin your life and tell the truth to Rupy.

Aykam enters Nehmat’s room. She is sleeping. He sees her sleeping, hugging his pic. She wakes up and says you. He says yes. She asks what are you doing here. He says when I got to know you are not well, I couldn’t wait, I thought to go to Gurudwara and then thought to meet my God, you are my God. She smiles. They hug. Naaz is outside the door. Rupy says I will go and see Nehmat.

Some vase falls. Naaz thinks this sound came from Nehmat’s room but she was sleeping. She comes in. Aykam hides under the bed. Nehmat asks Naaz what happened, why did you switch on the light. Naaz thinks of that sound. Rupy asks how are you now. Naaz asks did anything fell down. Nehmat says no.

Naaz says I felt someone was here. Nehmat says no, I was sleeping, I didn’t hear any sound. She sees the showpiece/ vase fallen and picks it. Aykam closes his eyes. Naaz asks how did it fall. Nehmat says I don’t know. Rupy says it might have fallen by wind, window is open, shut it. He gives medicines to Nehmat. He asks Naaz to sleep. Nehmat says I have viral, you will also catch it if you sleep here.

He says yes, go and sleep with Satti. Naaz asks why do I feel like Aykam has come, Nehmat is ill, it can’t happen that he doesn’t come to see her. Rupy asks Nehmat to sleep, she will be fine by morning. They leave. Nehmat asks Aykam to go away, he should have not come. He says ask my heart, if I should have come or not, ask your heart, this won’t happen that I don’t see you when you are not well.

Advit and Mallika talk on call. She laughs and says you talk cutely. He asks how is your best friend, who can stop lovers, maybe they are still meeting. She says no, I was so happy before, but now… He asks are you sure they are not meeting. She says yes, Nehmat is so sick, Aykam didn’t go to meet her, tell me your hobbies. He says ladies first. He thinks it means Aykam and Nehmat got separated.

Aykam says the weather is so good. Nehmat asks how long will we meet this way, I hate myself when I hate Rupy and Satti. He asks are we doing this for ourselves, no, for our families, we have to find out who attacked you, I can’t take risk with your safety. She asks what about your safety. He says I can’t get away from that case,

which means getting away from you. He does poetry. She says I can’t lose you, I want you always, promise me, you will stay away from that case, they are dangerous, I can die, but I can’t tolerate if anything happens to you, I have to catch mum and dad’s culprit, but you can be that price, mum and dad left, I just have you, if anything happens to you, then I will die, Aykam. They hug.

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