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Udariyaan 11th October 2022  Episode starts with Aykam running out. Renuka says maybe he got a call from academy. Aykam calls Nehmat and worries. Nehmat gets her phone. She sees the goons around. Aykam leaves. Satti says Naaz, Nehmat didn’t come with you. Naaz says Nehmat would be with Aykam.

Shelly says they broke up. Naaz says sorry, I think she went to meet Mallika, she looked worried, I wish Nehmat’s breakup is fake and she is with Aykam. Satti says I forgot, Nehmat said she will be late, she went for work. She asks Naaz to go and freshen up. Naaz thinks I know everything, Jai won’t let Nehmat and Aykam meet.

Nehmat thinks to call Aykam. Jai says call Aykam, I don’t want him to meet that girl. Advit sees Nehmat and asks what are you doing here. She says we have to go from here. He sees the goons. They hide.

He says they are goons, they can do anything, agree to them, don’t show bravery. Nehmat cries. Aykam is on the way. Rabba….plays… He says she didn’t reach home, she isn’t answering, I hope everything is fine. Advit and Nehmat are on the way. He asks did you write anything against them in college magazine.

She says I didn’t know them. She answers Aykam’s call. He asks where are you, I m searching for you, are you fine. She says I m fine, don’t worry. He asks where are you. She says I will message. She messages him. She says drop me to the market. Advit says sure, I can drop you home. She says no, they will worry seeing me like this. He asks can we go to hospital. She says no thanks, just drop me to the market. He looks at her.

She gets down the car. She walks barefoot and cries. Advit leaves. Aykam comes there and runs to her. She cries. He hugs her. He lifts her and takes her. Shamsher asks why did you go there, I don’t want you to get into any scandal.

Advit says if we can’t scare anything to control, we can win trust to do so, she thinks I m her protector, she won’t come in Vineet’s control, she can become a trouble for you. Nehmat says if Advit didn’t come on time, then what would have happened. Aykam says don’t say this, sorry, this won’t happen again.

He asks did they say anything, why they want to separate us. She says no, but they know that we still meet, did uncle do this. He says no, he can’t even think of this. She says the way he told Rupy about us, its clear that he can do anything to separate us, there would be some reason. He says I didn’t know this matter will get so serious. She asks what are you hiding, do you know something. He says yes, really sorry,

I wanted to tell you, its related to Fateh and Tejo’s accident case, I had a doubt and asked dad, he didn’t tell me, then he told me that we should get separated, I feel there is some connection. She asks what’s the relation. Shamsher says its better if the case is under wraps, so I reached this position, you have to keep image neat and clean. Advit says don’t worry, my plan B is always ready. Shamsher says good.

Nehmat says I will help you in solving this case. Aykam says no, I can’t lose you. She says its about my mum and dad. He says no, they are dangerous, you are my life, I can’t put you in risk, until we know who they are, we won’t meet each other, why are you crying, look at me, whenever you miss me, keep your hand close to your heart, you will always find me there. Mera ishq tu hai… plays..

They hug. Advit thinks I will make Nehmat and Aykam away in my way. Nehmat sees Fateh and Tejo’s pic. She cries. Rupy looks on and says I know she is missing Aykam, but no, I won’t fall weak. He goes. Mallika comes and asks why didn’t you come to college. Nehmat says I wasn’t well. Mallika says come with me, I know you are missing Aykam, meet him. Nehmat says no, tell me, what did you talk to Advit.

Mallika asks what shall I tell you. Advit says its better to have friendship with Nehmat’s over excited friend, Mallika. Mallika says I got his message, he is calling me to meet. Nehmat says I want him to love you as much as you wanted. Mallika says the best story is of you and Aykam, I have a date, I need to look good, wish me luck. She goes.

She collides with Naaz. She says stupid and leaves. Naaz asks why did Mallika come here. Shelly asks how will Nehmat manage this. Naaz thinks I will ask Renuka to stop Mallika. Jai calls someone and says I have to meet you right now. He leaves. Aykam says I will find out, who is he going to meet. He follows Jai.

He sees Jai meeting the goon. The goon asks why does your son meet Nehmat. Jai says no need to threaten her, I beg you, stop this drama, I will explain them, stay away. Goon says make them away, Aykam is interfering a lot, explain him, else I will close his matter. Jai leaves. Aykam thinks some powerful man is doing this, I will find out who are they. He follows the goon’s car. He hides and sees the goon meeting someone. Shamsher is inside the car with Advit. Aykam tries to see.

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