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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 8th October 2021 Episode starts with Anurag coming to the NGO. He thinks he messaged her to come here. He practices to tell her that her voice is good and her smile is more good than that. A girl asks did you say something? Dr. Anurag says no and checks the net. He reads the liners to woo girls and thinks it is filmy. He thinks why she didn’t come till now, I shall call her and ask where is she?

Kajol is seen falling on the side of the road and her purse, tiffin box, and phone was on other side of the road. Pishimaa calls Rajesh and asks Kajol why she is not picking the call. Rajesh says she must have gone to a client. Pishimaa says she could have picked the call and asks him to give her message to her. Rajesh thinks where did she go? Pishimaa gets Padma’s call and asks her if she got saree, and then asks if Kajol didn’t reach you. She says she said that she will give you by afternoon.

Pishimaa gets worried for Kajol. Shyam asks what did Rajesh say? Pishimaa says he said that she must have went to meet client. A woman steals money from Kajol’s purse and her mobile. Anurag thinks she neither came nor she messaged something. He gets upset and comes home. Dr. Abhishek asks if Dr. Agarwal came from Doctor committee. Dr. Anurag recalls and says yes. Dr. Abhishek asks can’t you talk with manners and etiquette. He says I don’t believe in award function.

Dr. Abhishek says you shall not tell everyone if you have problem with me. Anurag goes to his room and thinks when I asked her, she didn’t refuse and I have cancelled my meetings and went to meet her, he thinks why did she do this, this is not acceptable. He calls her and the number comes as switched off. He looks at his mother’s photo frame and diary. He thinks she respects Maa and music, and when I asked her to teach music to kids, she ignored me. He thinks I shall go to her office and asks her. He goes to the printing press and calls Kajol. Rajesh says Di haven’t come to office.

Dr. Anurag says I will wait and will meet her. Rajesh says her phone is off. Dr. Anurag says she must have went to meet client. Rajesh says she didn’t go to meet any client. He says her family members are calling me again and again, but I didn’t tell them anything. Dr. Anurag says we shall personally go to every client and check for her. He asks for her photograph. Rajesh gives her photo. Anurag says ok and asks him not to give tension to family. Pishimaa asks Anu to keep trying Kajol’s phone.

She worries for her and prays for her safety. Naina says you are dragging this Kajol’s topic. Pishimaa asks her to concentrate on her diet. Rekha says she must be busy in meeting. Pishimaa says my heart is shaking up. Rekha asks her not to worry, else her BP will increase.

Arjun comes there. Apu says you. Pishimaa says now you and your family shall not come here, Kajol said that she don’t want to have any relation with you, then why did you come here. Dr. Anurag searches for Kajol and asks Rajesh to inform her family members, while he will go to PS and lodge the complaint. He looks at Kajol’s pic and says where are you? Pishimaa asks Arjun to go and says we are already in tension.

Arjun asks what happened? Pishimaa asks him to go. Chandana comes there and stops Arjun. She asks were you going without meeting Maa and asks Naina to bring tea and snacks for him. She asks Shyam if Kajol came and tells that she troubles everyone. Rajesh comes there. Pishimaa asks Rajesh where is Kajol? Where did she go? Rajesh says she didn’t come to office since morning, and she didn’t go to any meeting. He says even I am worried for her. Chandana asks where did she go then?

Rajesh says don’t know. Apu says she took me to bank and told that she has to meet a client. She went in taxi. Rajesh says she is missing. Arjun says she must have taken an off and went to library or café. Anu cries and hugs Pishimaa. Naina asks why everyone panics, and says she must be in some café or restaurant with someone and enjoying, and we are worrying here. Pishimaa says she is not Naina, but Kajol. She doesn’t go to restaurant and drink 300 Rs coffee. Chandana says I am also worried for her and tells that don’t know what is going in her mind. Pishimaa asks what happened to you.

If kajol roams here and there unneccessarily. Chandana says I know her very well. Shyam asks shall we file case. Arjun says police don’t file FIR until 24 hours passed. Anurag talks to someone and says I came to know that missing report don’t get filed before 24 hours, but she is a young girl and her father died some days ago. He hears news about the accident of truck and auto and both of them died on spot.

He thinks if Kajol….Sharmila asks what happened? Dr. Anurag says everyone is worried, Kajol didn’t reach office, and goes through this road. Sharmila says nothing wrong can happen with her. Dr. Anurag calls Rajesh and tells about the news, that a girl met with an accident on the road. Rajesh asks Shyam to play the news channel. Shyam asks Apu to play the news. Anu and Chandrika get worry. Naina says first hear the news. They hear the news that the driver and the girl died on spot.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2021
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