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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 8th December 2021 Episode starts with Dr. Anurag driving the car and thinking of Kajol’s words that it is over between them. He stops the car and thinks at once, I thought that I got my true love, but you ended everything in one moment, and haven’t told me about the reason. He thinks why will you do this with me, and thinks whatever happened has happened between last night and today, and thinks he will enquire and find out the truth.

Kajol recalls Anurag’s love proposal and Priyanka’s claim. She is about to put her hand in the cutter, but Rajesh stops her and asks where is her concentration. Kajol says she has to go home as today is Naina’s marriage. Priyanka thinks Anurag must have gone to meet Kajol and thinks if she takes my name then?

She thinks middle class girls can change tracks at anytime. Chandana worries for Kajol and says don’t know what is in her destiny. Pishimaa says first Arjun and then Anurag. She says I can’t believe that he was about to betray Dr. Priyanka. Chandana asks why a mother to go to plead to others’ door step with her daughter. Pishimaa asks why do such people come in Kajol’s life. Chandana says whatever she shall move on.

Dida asks Pushpa to pack her bag and says I can’t stay here. She sees where is Pushpa. Other Servant says she is unwell. Sharmila comes there. Dida says I have to leave from here and shall not drink water of this house. Sharmila says we shall not force our decision on children and let them take their own decision. Dida says I have seen Kajol, she will ruin his life. Sharmila says I know her, she is a good girl and asks don’t you trust me. She holds her hand and the temple rings falls on Dida’s leg. Dida shouts and calls her Servant.

Anurag comes to hospital devastated. Priyanka thinks it seems Kajol has done her work. Peon comes and tells about a patient. Anurag says there are other doctors too, who can handle. He then apologizes to peon and goes to do surgery. Rajesh comes to Kajol and tells that the money is recovered from the goons, and tells that this all happened due to Dr. Anurag.

Sharmila tells Dida that Kajol is a diamond. Arundita comes there with Tai ji. Arundita asks if our son Arjun is a coal. She tells that they came to invite them for Arjun’s wedding and asks about Anurag’s wedding. Anurag is about to begin the surgery and thinks of Kajol.

He couldn’t do the operation and tells other doctor that he will assign another heart surgeon to do this operation. Tai ji tells Dida that the girl is inauspicious and asked her to ask her mother, who told that Kajol has killed her father before her marriage. Dida asks Sharmila to hear. Arundita says how we can stop people from hitting their legs on the axe. Sharmila says when you have so much problem with her, then why are you getting Arjun married to her sister. Arundita says problem is in that girl, we don’t have bad thoughts to punish her family.

Priyanka hears Doctors telling that Anurag left the surgery incomplete. Dida tells that she is leaving today. Arundita and Tai ji insist her to wait till Arjun’s marriage. Dida praises them for respecting her.

Anurag thinks if all the feelings end and thinks to ask for the explanation. Priyanka comes there and asks him to say, what happened? She says I am your friend too. Anurag says I loved someone for the first time and she broke my heart. Priyanka thinks I couldn’t tell you, about my broken heart pieces seeing you yearning for someone else. He says I can’t do work this way. Priyanka thinks I chose your pain, as I know that I will be with you to heal his wounds. Anurag says I will go to her house and talk. Priyanka asks what will you do there, and tells that there are many guests at home for the marriage. Anurag asks how did you know about all this?

Kajol returns home. Guests ask what happened and feel that she is sad for her sister’s marriage. Kajol thinks I can fight with my pain. Chandana asks Kajol if she came. Kajol says I will bring tea for everyone. Chandana tells that Arjun’s family is about to come, and asks her to…Kajol says I will be in the room. Chandana says I can understand with whatever happened.

Rajesh comes home. Naina opens the door. Chandana asks Rajesh to sit. Naina asks Chandana, if Kajol shall show off how much she is working? Kajol cries in her room. Anurag comes there and calls her.

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Telecast Date:8th December 2021
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