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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 7th October 2021 Episode starts with Kajol thinking that Dr. Anurag was angry on phone and now music class. She thinks it is difficult to understand him and collides with Priyanka, says sorry Dr. Anurag. Priyanka thinks may be he gave his angry sample to her. Naina tells Arjun that she was stressed all day and you didn’t even call. He thinks it was my strategy, I can’t give you so much importance. He says he has so much work in office.

He says he talked to his family after them, Papa agreed, but Maa refused after Kajol insulting her. He says it is difficult to convince her. Naina says I was thinking of solution. Arjun says if our mothers would have talked and solved the issue. Naina says we shall make them meet and tells her plan. Arjun says wow, you are so cool and amazing. He says you are too intelligent, I love you. She says I love you too. He asks her not to tell anyone about their meeting, not even to Kajol. She says she is not foolish and says bye.

Dr. Anurag asks Sharmila what is happening in her TV show. Sharmila is surprised and says hero is taking heroine out today, but don’t know what will be heroine’s reaction. As the hero is silent and they always end up fighting. Dr. Anurag says that doesn’t mean that hero is bad. Sharmila says we are not habitual to your good mood and asks what happened? He says nothing, and feels that something good will happen.

Pishimaa gives tiffin to Kajol and says it has breakfast and lunch for you. Pishimaa says we are living life without Vishu too. She tells that Anu is refusing to fill the form. Kajol says if she is refusing to fill the form due to money, then asks her to fill the form, says she will arrange the money, and asks her not to miss the tournament. Pishimaa says she will make her fill the form. Kajol asks her to keep eye on Naina, says don’t know why Maa is supporting her.

Arjun asks Arundita to go to temple today. Arundita says it will be over, if I go to temple. Arjun asks her to pretend as if she went to temple and asks her to do some charity. Arundita says your dad and Tai ji agreed, but you want me to act infront of Chandana. Arjun says our acting shall look real.

Naina badmouths about Kajol infront of Anu and asks her not to fill form, as Kajol will not give the money. Apu comes and gives the money. Naina says she gave now, but will not give later. Naina gets Arjun’s call and thinks Kajol has lost Arjun, and thinks if she will ever get such guy. Dr. Anurag cancels his appointments to meet Kajol after 3:30 pm.

Arjun gets Shreya’s call. He tells Tai ji not to tell Ayaan and Shreya. As bhabhi will have her own take and bhaiyya will give his take. He says I will tell once the things move on a bit. He thinks he has perfect plan to defeat kajol.

Dr. Anurag gets ready to operate on a patient and smiles. Priyanka teases him. Chandana comes to the temple and prays to God that Kajol has bear her bad deeds, but don’t do anything wrong with Naina. She sees Arundita giving blankets in charity and goes to her. She apologizes to her on Kajol’s behalf. Arundita says your daughter has insulted us so much and goes. Chandana goes behind her.

Naina asks Arjun how did he convince his mother? He says I asked her to do charity, so that God gets happy. Chandana tells Arundita that Kajol will apologize to you publicly and says I will make her apologize. She asks her to come to the Shradh and says I will make her plead infront of you and will make her apologize to you all. She asks her to give them a chance to heal their wounds, and says that girl insulted us a lot and drowned her baba’s name and respect. She asks her to give her a chance to raise in their own sight.

Dr. Anurag comes home. Sharmila asks how did you come early today and asks him to have tea and pakodas. He says just tea, I have to go to NGO. Sharmila asks what is special date about today. Chandana says she will apologize to you. Arundita says but what about my son’s heart break. Dr. Anurag changes his clothes and says he is going to her NGO, with a new teacher, with a hope that no one else can teach her kids better than her. He comes out of his room. Sharmila says tea is ready. Dr. Anurag says he can’t drink now and tells that he will be late. Abhishek asks whom he is going to meet.

Arundita tells that many alliances come for Arjun, but he is very depressed and got fed up of relations. Chandana asks her to ask Arjun about Naina, and says she has manners of high society and she is more understanding. Arundita says we don’t have courage to bear insult again. Chandana says they are good friends, and Naina tries her best to make him come out of this pain. She asks her to make Naina as her bahu and says even Vishu wanted doli to go from our house, if not Kajol then Naina. She asks her to end the fight between the two families.

Anu says Badi Didi is not picking the call. Pishimaa says she went to meet the client. Anu says I want to thank her for giving money for the tournament. Shyam says she must be busy and she has shradh responsibility too. Rekha says she didn’t have food yesterday. Pishimaa says I will call her. Chandana pleads infront of her to accept Naina. Arundita recalls Arjun’s words and asks her not to fold hands.

She says I may agree, but if that Kajol agree for this alliance. Chandana asks who is she to agree, I am her mother and she has to agree to my sayings. Arundita says this is all very complicated, it is big decision, I can’t take this decision alone, I will talk to his Papa and Tai ji. She says I will try and get back to you. Chandana thanks her and says I will wait for your reply. Naina asks what do you think, did this will work? Arjun says may be, the way they were talking? He asks her to keep smiling face, as he has seen enough of Kajol’s crying face. Naina smiles. Chandana thinks Kajol has to apologize to Arjun’s family.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2021
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