Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th November 2021 Episode starts with Arjun and Shreya reaching the NGO. Shreya says you didn’t look at me and haven’t told how am I looking? He gets Naina’s call and tells her that they have reached NGO and will leave in sometime. Shreya thinks I will see, how you don’t look at me.

She gets her pallu stuck and asks Ayaan to free it. Arjun looks at her. He then asks Naina, where is Kajol? Naina says she went for office work. Amrita thinks I hope Kajol di have come here. She asks Arjun to come. Arjun thinks Kajol must have made an excuse and went. They come inside and greet Sharmila. Sharmila asks when did you come from Rajasthan. Ayaan says just 2 days back.

Sharmila asks why others haven’t come. Ayaan says they were busy. Anurag comes there and sees Arjun. Sharmila asks them to do darshan. Shreya says Kajol is not here. Arjun says she will be found. Priyanka praises Anurag infront of Kajol, and says I know him since years. She says it is very tragic, whatever happened with you on marriage day. She says he has a heart of gold and makes his patient feel good. Kajol says Anurag takes care of NGO children too.

Priyanka says some people take advantage of him. Kajol says Anurag knows who is taking his advantage. Priyanka says that’s why I am here, and says she is his special friend. Ayaan says we will leave. Sharmila asks them to have prasad and says it is bhog time now. Ayaan says I will have bhog and leave.

He hugs Sharmila. Naina calls Arjun again. Arjun goes to side, and hears the kids talking about Kajol didi. He asks where is she? The girl points her finger at Kajol. Arjun sees Kajol and Anurag standing infront of the Durga Mata idol. He tells Naina that she will not believe, what I am seeing. He says I shall do live telecast, and makes the video call. He shows her Kajol with Anurag and says she made an excuse and reached puja mandal. She came here without telling anyone.

Naina is furious and thanks Arjun. Arjun says I will talk to you later and ends the call. He says it will be fun to see Kajol Mukherjee burning and says whose house is of glasses, shall not throw stones on others. Naina says we all thought that you went for office work, but you went for puja, though Maa said that we will not celebrate puja this year. She says I will ruin your fake character.

Anurag prays to Goddess to keep Kajol happy always. Sharmila tells that Kajol is having many qualities, and such girl is rare to find. She hopes and prays to Goddess to unite Kajol and Anurag. Ayaan says Kajol is praying with all her devotion. Shreya thinks why her family is not here. Arjun says she is here celebrating and everyone is mourning at home.

Shreya says fake character. Ayaan says they are mourning, can’t do puja, but can fixed the marriage. He says others’ heart shall be clear, before seeing anyone’s truth. Amrita says ofcourse. Naina thinks Maa went to Purohit and thinks let her come. She thinks to tell Kajol’s truth to Pishimaa and says now she will know her true face. She calls Pishimaa. She calls Arjun. Arjun says I want to talk to urgent and private. He asks what are you doing, you want to tell Kajol’s thing to Pishimaa.

He says she will distract and make some excuse. He asks Naina to tell Chandana directly. Naina says I will expose Didi infront of Maa. Pishimaa comes to her and asks what happened? Naina says my dupatta was missing. Pishimaa goes. Naina thinks you will know later. Pishimaa thinks to ask Kajol to reach home fast, and says there shall be no drama at home after she spends good time at puja.

Kajol tells Pandit ji that she will leave now. Pandit ji thanks Kajol for all the help. Kajol says it is my good luck that I can work for Maa. She prays for her family. Anurag is praying. Priyanka looks at her. Kajol gets Pishimaa’s call and says she is coming home with bhog for everyone. The girl asks her to come back tomorrow. Kajol asks them to sleep early. Anurag comes to Kajol and thanks her. He offers to drop her home. Priyanka says how aunty will handle the guests. Kajol says yes, you shall stay here, I will take taxi. Priyanka asks Anurag to come. Abhishek asks Ayaan to bring Arundita, Kaushik and Tai ji tomorrow.

Kajol comes home with Bhog in her hand. Naina asks Kajol where did you go, wearing this new saree. Kajol says I went to NGO puja, Pishimaa had talked to Maa and I wear the saree given by Baba. Naina takes prasad from her hand and asks her to go and change, before Maa comes. Kajol thinks Naina is talking with so much love today. Naina asks her to go. Kajol goes. Naina thinks I won’t let any problem happen to you, I have to collect problems for you tomorrow, just wait and watch. She asks Apu to take the bhog and says may be some client gave. Pishimaa hears her. She thinks I don’t need to lie in the name of Devimaa and takes the bhog.

Kajol tells Pishimaa that she had done puja like baba taught her, as she felt as if Baba was with her. She tells that Dr. Anurag helped her in making bhog and was behaving good. She says he is really good, but I couldn’t understand him. Pishimaa says I saw you happy after many days, and says your happiness gets bad sight soon. Kajol asks what happened? Anu comes there and says there is a good news.

She says she is selected for nations. Kajol congrats her and says we shall celebrate. She says I will make your favorite cake, and will change first. Anu says I am selected for nationals, but training fees is much, 15 lakhs. Kajol says it is much. Pishimaa says you have reached till here, and that’s enough.

Kajol asks her to find out, if they can pay the amount in installments and asks her not to worry, as she will not get her hardwork wasted. Anu thanks her with a hug. Kajol asks her to tell everyone that badi didi is making cake for her. Pishimaa thinks don’t know from where she gets so much courage. Naina hears them and says you make cake, but I won’t let anyone eat it and will not let you become devi.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2021
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