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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th January 2022 Sameer tells Kajol, you are fine. Kajol asks, how did you get my mother’s number and all? Sameer looks at Anurag. Anurag signs him not to tell the truth. Sameer says, Aashram people filed missing complaint for you, so I got the number from there.

Kajol thanks him for all the help. A nurse informs Sameer that there is a call for him. Sameer tells Kajol to rest and leaves. Kajol is having headache/feeling dizzy. Anurag watches her. He then goes somewhere.

Meanwhile, Kajol gets ready to leave. Anurag is on his phone. Kajol comes out of the room and is feeling dizzy. Anurag sees her and she’s about to fall. Anurag runs towards her. Sameer saves Kajol from falling and asks why did she get up? Anurag walks back. Kajol tells Sameer, I was going to Aashram. I need your help. Please tell me the bill amount. I don’t have my purse. I will go to Aashram and get the money.

Sameer says, your bill is already settled. Kajol asks who settled it? Anurag again signs Sameer not to tell the truth. Sameer says, they get a lot of donation. Kajol says, but that’s for needy people. I don’t want you to use that funds for me. Sameer changes the topic and says, a cyclone is going to come. It’s not safe for you to leave in this condition. Kajol objects, but he sends her in the room.

Naina tries to talk to Arjun, but he tells her to leave him alone. She says, you will stay upset for lifetime or what? I already told you the truth. You used to say sorry so quickly before marriage. Now you are so changed. Arjun’s mother comes there with a file for Arjun. She gives it to him and tells Naina that there is a difference between boyfriend and husband. A husband has a lot of responsibility.

Arjun starts walking to leave. Naina stops him and tells him not to go like this, else she will stay sad the whole day as well. Arjun asks, has no one taught you at home that you don’t stop people from back when they are going somewhere? Now my whole day will go bad. blo*dy nonsense. He leaves. Naina cries. Shreya comes. She says, poor new bahu. Love disappeared from love story. Naina wipes her tears and says, what do you think that you won? I know very well that you’re behind all this. Don’t try to mess with me. You will have to pay for spoiling the dinner party.

Cyclone starts. There is a warning in Aashram not to come outside. Chandana gets worried for Kajol.

Anurag asks Sameer how is Kajol now. Sameer says, she’s fine. You can go and check yourself. He says, I can’t go in front of her. I don’t want to take a risk. Sameer tells him to at least check his hospital and suggest him some improvements. He takes him to show around. Kajol thinks that she must go to Aashram.

She looks outside and says, the storm has not started. I will be able to reach. She comes outside and requests a taxi driver to take her to the Aashram. He says, if we get stuck in middle, then there will be a problem. She requests him. He says, fine. She looks at Anurag. She walks towards him, but a car comes in the way and then Anurag disappears. She thinks it was just her imagination and leaves.

Naina says to herself that no one can mess with me, not even you, Arjun. Now watch what I do. She starts packing her bag. Until you don’t come and beg to me to come back, I won’t return.

Sameer and Anurag come back inside the hospital. Sameer checks on Kajol and informs Anurag that she is not there. Sameer asks the security guard why he let her go. Anurag says, I must go behind her. Sameer says, it’s not safe. Anurag says, if it’s not safe for him, then imagine for Kajol. She hasn’t eaten anything. She is sick. Sameer tells him to take his car at least.

Kajol gets stuck into the traffic due to land slide. The driver suggests her to return, but she says no. Anurag comes there. He thinks that Kajol might be stuck in the traffic. It starts raining. Kajol asks the driver for his phone to inform Chandana, but there is no network. The driver tells her that he doesn’t think that the traffic will clear for 24 hours. Anurag gets off the car and searches for Kajol.

She hears his voice, but thinks that it’s her imagination. She sees a girl crying. She goes to her. The girl says that she is not able to find her parents. Kajol takes the girl on a side, under a tree. Anurag checks all the cars, but can’t find Kajol. The girl’s mother is also finding her. She tells Anurag to help her to find her daughter.

Anurag asks her daughter’s name. She says, Tanu. He says, I will find her. The mother hears Tanu’s voice and says, she must be somewhere here. Tanu’s mother finds her. She thanks Kajol. Anurag can’t see Kajol as she’s behind a tree. Kajol’s dupatta flies and goes on Anurag’s face. He moves it and gets happy and relieved to see Kajol. He walks to her. They both look at each other.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2022
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