Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd January 2022 Episode starts with Anurag rushing Kajol to the hospital and asking Nurse to call the doctor, as this is an emergency case. Dr. Sameer hears him and says it will be treated like emergency. He sees Anurag and identifies him. Anurag calls him Sameer and tells that Kajol fell in the water and needs emergency treatment. Arjun tells his clients to please allow him to go to have Chinese food.

The client says why did we come here, if we have to go to restaurant. Arjun says there was an emergency in the family. The other client threatens him and says other company is better, and says you have showed, how important we are to you. They leave. Arjun tries to stop them.

Anurag’s hands shake as he tries to give her injection. Dr. Sameer says I will give. Anurag says I will handle. He gives her injection. Sameer checks his pulse and says it is normal, but BP is a bit slow. Anurag asks why she is not gaining consciousness. Sameer says she will be fine if we give her saline, and tells that she will be fine.

Anurag says when she will take care of herself, and asks Sameer not to let her know about him. He goes. Kajol gains consciousness and faints again. Anurag asks Nurse to get her clothes changed as it is wet. Sameer asks him to relax and says even you are hurt and asks him to come.

Arjun scolds Naina for not cooking the food, else she would have order food from outside. Shreya comes there with Tai ji, Arundita and others. Naina blames Shreya for taking all the Servants to her Papa’s house. Shreya says we were not aware that Arjun’s clients are coming today. She says if you had requested, then I would have helped you. Naina asks if I will request you.

Dr. Sameer asks Anurag about Kajol. Anurag tells that she is his wife and tells about his love for her. Arundita says if you have so much ego then would have cooked food, yourself or would have requested Shreya for help. Arjun says you would have cooked dal, chawal etc.Naina says she tried, but couldn’t order. Arundita says you haven’t brought the Servants, but your parents must have taught you something.

Naina says I never cooked food at house. Shreya says Kajol was better than her, and says if she would have been here, then Arjun wouldn’t have been insulted.. Naina accuses Shreya for taking advantage. Shreya gets upset too. Arjun says I have suffered the loss, I have given you a chance, and you lost it. He says you wanted to go on honeymoon, says no more honeymoon for you and asks his mother to get her cooking classes.

Anurag tells Sameer that he is searching for the solution for his feelings and asks him to do a favor. Sameer calls Chandana and says she is in hospital. Chandana says we will be coming there and asks him to send address. Sameer tells Anurag that they might be coming and asks why is he hiding from Kajol and her family. Anurag recalls their conversation and says I can’t tell now and hopes she gets fine soon. Chandana and Lekha come there.

chandana worries for her. Lekha asks if she will be fine. Sameer says she is in best hands, thinks she is in Dr. Anurag Basu’s hands. He says she will be discharged tomorrow. Chandana says we will stay with her. Dr. Sameer says hospital authorities doesn’t let you stay here, and asks them to understand. Chandana and Lekha leave. Anurag thinks I will take care of Kajol fully. He sits holding her hand all night. Kajol gains consciousness and takes his name. Anurag gets up and goes out.

Kajol sees his face blurred and asks who is there? Anurag comes to Dr. Sameer and says Kajol gained consciousness. Sameer comes to Kajol and asks how are you? Kajol says she is fine and asks who was here? He says may be hospital staff. Kajol asks how did I come here? Dr. Sameer says you was drowned in the Ganga, was rescued and brought here. Kajol says Maa and Chachi might be worried for me. Dr. Sameer says they are in Ashram and had come to see you.

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Telecast Date:3rd January 2022
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